We have received the following information regarding GA user fees from Alliance for Aviation Across America.

We are circling the wagons to fight the latest, and WORST version of the user fee. The House GA Caucus is Rallying the Troops to sign on to a letter to President Obama, be we need your help-your Members need to hear from YOU because they are being approached by many groups right now on a wide variety of issues. We need to make sure they understand how valuable the GA community is to our country. Please take a second and reach out to your Congressman/woman and ask that he or she voices their concern for the future of GA. This needs to happen ASAP. We anticipate decisions on these issues to occur in the very near future. You can reach them directly with an automated letter on our website www.aviationacrossamerica.org as well. I have attached a letter that is being sent by the GA Caucus to the super-committee asking them to protect our industry at all costs. Please take a look at it if you have a moment. If you have any questions I am certainly here to help. Thank you again for your assistance. I have relied heavily on you all lately, and it has been truly humbling to see everyone donate their time to fight for general aviation.

Josh Grossman
Alliance for Aviation Across America
(310) 383-1771 (direct)
(202) 478-0875 (fax)