Dear Chapter President,

It is time for the Missouri Pilots Association Convention. Which is scheduled for June 1st. 2013 at the Isle of Capri in Boonville, Mo. The year is special in the fact that it's our 60th. Anniversary. YES, the Missouri Pilots Association was started in the St. Louis area in 1953. The MPA Conventions over the years has always been an event that was looked forward to by all members. It was the event where all chapter members came to meet and greet each other.

BUT, lately members don't travel like they used to, so I'm asking chapter Presidents to please ask your chapter members if they can car pool to this years Special 60th. Anniversary Event. The prices have been reduced from past years and it is a GREAT location. Lots to do in the area of Boonville.

At your next Chapter meeting could you please ask your members if they would like to attend this years convention?

Thanks for your support,
Bob Crandell
V-P Missouri Pilots Association
Convention Chair
314-603-0204 cell.

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