For the year 2012, we will be awarding an educational scholarship, which is a program designed for elementary school teachers who would like to gain aviation knowledge to bring into their classrooms! Through one teacher, many students will be reached. Teachers, students and aviation will all benefit from this program.
While not originally limited to one college or university, in practice only Central Missouri State University (CMSU) in Warrensburg offers the program most desired. CMSU has a great interest in aviation; the University operates its own airport and flight school, and offers an Aerospace Education course for two weeks during the summer. The dates for the current year's course are June 11 to June 22, 2012.

The summer course at CMSU is a broad orientation to the aviation and space fields. Specifically designed for school teachers, the course provides the opportunity to learn about the economic, social, political and technical implications of aviation and space. The class includes a variety of speakers, field trips and activities. Tuition for undergraduate students is $463; for graduate students, it is $583.50.

The Missouri Pilot's Association Scholarship fund is prepared to underwrite tuition. There is a possibility of financial assistance for housing. Information is being sent to about 200 schools in Missouri. These will be going to elementary schools because course content in middle and high schools is specifically defined. If you know of an elementary teacher who might desire to attend this upcoming summer program and want that person considered for our Year 2012 scholarship, do one or two things.

1) Submit their name and school mailing address to the committee chair, or
2) Have them apply directly to the Education committee chair:

Pat Lawnick-Ritchie
12 Thistledown Dr.
Columbia, MO 65203-1250
Telephone 573-445-4863

Application by letter or e-mail to the MPA education committee, sent to the address above. Applicants should provide brief information about themselves, their school assignment and their desires with regard to bringing aviation into the classroom. Course enrollment and tuition is done separately with the college where they will be attending their course of study; DEADLINE for applications is April 30, 2012.

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