April 2001

It goes without saying that March's meeting was one of the best and the largest in several years. Assistant professor Fred Schieszer's program concerning Amelia Earhart's disappearance was outstanding. I can't wait for his book to be finished. Since he is a long time member of the Kansas City Chapter, he has promised to notify MPA when his book is completed. His theories, documentation, research, photos and personal meetings have me convinced that Amelia lived a long life after her last flight.. I won't say too much in case you did not attend, but may hear him in the future. The length of the program (2 1/2 - 3 hours) is well worth your time. By the way, he mentioned that he does this during his breaks from Central State Missouri University. Thank you very much, Professor Schieszer! We should also thank Fred Harms (St. Louis FISDO) for obtaining Professor Schieszer for us. We had 169 guests and members for the delicious prime rib dinner with more joining us after the meal for just the program.

Professor Schieszer also told us that the collegiate flying team at CSMU is privately funded and has received support from MPA in the past. Something to think about if you would care to donate to a worthy, youthful aviation cause within the state.

We were glad to have guests from the St. Louis and Heartland MPA chapters, the Ninety Nines, St. Louis Flight Instructors, Aviation Museum and the FAA with us. There were several fixed base operator - owners there also. Thanks for coming and come again!

Many thanks to several hard working Gateway members that made the event run smoothly. Jean Murry' phone must have rung continuously as she took reservations over a month before the meeting. Louise and Tom Butler did a great job at the reception table, although it was hard, fast paced work. Also thanks to Jan Pocock who helped Lana with the sale of 50-50 tickets. The menu was one created especially for the evening and was great. The kitchen did a commendable job due to the fact that many reservations were accepted after the cut off time when the number was given to The Columns. My fault, but it was hard to say "no"..

Speaking of menus, a group of ladies met with The Columns management and made revisions to the wonderful menus we have been using since 1997. The new menu is the same price and has many of the same items, but has been changed to provide healthier meals and more variety. Thanks to Jean Murry, Jan Pocock, Mary Craden and Lana Maggart for taking the time to work on the issue.

During the April meeting, the nominating committee will present their slate of candidates for the May election of chapter officers and three expiring directors. Nominations will also be accepted from the floor at the April and May meetings.

Our first fly-out of the year was a smashing success! Fly-out chairman, Brian Brinker, had the company of eight airplanes and twenty Gateway members and guests show up in Mt. Vernon, IL, for a delicious buffet. There would have been one more plane and two more people, but during pre-flight I found a blown exhaust gasket right next to a primer line. Curt Richards of C-D Aircraft had me install a set of "blow out proof " gaskets. The "little" Tri-Pacer is now back on line for the next fly-out which will be to Gaston's Resort (3MO). The trip will be on Saturday, April 14, with a "rain date" of Saturday, April 21. Be sure to coordinate your plans with Brian Brinker and check for seat availability with him also. I hope to see at least as many as last month!

We should have a new supply of MPA ball caps at the next meeting. The newest order still has the MPA embroidered logo but it is on a royal blue, summer weight (half mesh) cap. The price is still $10 apiece. Shirts, jackets and name tags can still be ordered also.

I would like to say thank you to the many wonderful people that called, sent cards, flowers and visited me while I was in the hospital. It is overwhelming to know that there are so many great people within our chapter and within the state organization. After a light lunch, a brisk walk and cleaning our car, I had chest pains that anti-acids wouldn't clear up. A quick ambulance ride to St. John's Hospital verified that a heart attack was in progress. The great staff there put a stent in one artery (thru the wrist!) and released me after some rest and a treadmill test. As some of you know, the biggest hurdle is yet to come - the FAA Flight Surgeon. Another round of thanks to those who have offered to ride right seat with me. I genuinely appreciate the offers and will be calling you! This is another great reason to belong to the Gateway Chapter and to the Missouri Pilots Assoc. Some of the finest people Lana and I know are members of this organization. Thank you.

March has been a rough month for other Gateway members also. Ed Meyer's wife, Ginny, is recovering from surgery and told me she is doing well and hoping to be back in the malls soon! Our condolences to Patsy and Bob Raymond. Patsy's mother passed away March 25.

Our guest speaker for the April meeting will be Robert "Bob" Boelling, president of the St. Louis Aviation Museum. Bob also happens to be our newest member! He will tell us about the history of aviation in the St. Louis area. Please join us! For your dining pleasure we will have: Vegetable relish tray w/ranch dip, cream of mushroom soup, pork medallions w/gravy, Chicken Oscar (crab meat & white sauce), risotto, green beans almondine, rolls & margarine, zango (shell filled w/ cream cheese). The doors at The Columns open and the serving begins at 6:30 PM. The program starts at 7:30. Please make your reservations with Jean at 314-469-3541 by Monday evening, April 9th.

Gateway's FLYING Calendar of Events

Apr. 8 - Lunch and State Board meeting in Columbia at 1:00. All members welcome!

Apr. 11 - 6:30 PM - Gateway Chapter meets at The Columns in St. Charles.

Apr. 14 - Gateway joint fly-out to Gastons with SWMO & SCMO chapters (Saturday).
Rain date 4/21 (Saturday).

May 4, 5, 6 - MPA State Convention in Lee's Summit. All members welcome!

May 9 - - 6:30 PM - Gateway Chapter meets at The Columns in St. Charles. Mike Ramierez speaker.

May 12 - Gateway fly-out to the Kingdom City Chapter's pancake breakfast at Fulton.

May 12 - EAA Chapter 32 Young Eagles Flyout at Spirit Airport.

May 13 - Gateway fly-out to Reelfoot Lake. (Sunday)

Jun. 13 - Gateway Chapter's annual picnic. Location TBD.

Jun. 17 - Gateway fly-out to Kentucky Dam State Park. - Father's Day

Jul. 15 - Gateway fly-out to Sikeston - Lamberts Cafe.

Aug. 19 - Gateway fly-out to Decatur, IL.

Sep. 3 - Gateway fly-out to Mattoon, IL - Labor Day.

Sep. 22 - MPA State Air Derby. Starts in Grand Glaze.

Oct. 25 - 27 Gateway fly-out to Dayton, OH and the Air Force Museum.

Nov. 4 - Gateway fly-out to Jefferson City, MO

Dec. 16 - Gateway fly-out / drive/out to Kilroy's Restaurant at Smartt Field.


Contact Brian Brinker (314-647-1138) at least one day before trip to coordinate or to check on available seats. Times and places subject to change. 3000 feet and 5 miles minimums. Normal arrival time for lunch is 1:00 PM. Bad weather alternate is the noon Sunday barbecue at Creve Coeur Airport.

Chuck Maggart
Gateway President
(314) 731-0199

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