August 2001

Another fun and informative gathering of Gateway members and guests occurred on July 11! Despite a heavy vacation month, fifty-two people attended to hear the program and visit with friends at The Columns. Our excellent speaker was Sharon Smith, curator of the Missouri Historical Society, and her presentation was about the forthcoming Charles Lindbergh display that will open in May 2002, at the Missouri History Museum in Forest Park. Sharon showed slides of some of the exhibits and told interesting stories about many of the items. Sharon is also the person responsible for the 1904 Worlds Fair exhibit currently on display at the museum. The museum in Forest Park is very interesting and well worth the trip. After her talk, we presented Sharon with one more important artifact: a MPA hat! You may hear more from Sharon as she is actively researching for the coming exhibit.

BUSINESS - While at the recent MPA state convention, I was asked if the Gateway Chapter would consider hosting the 2003 state convention. Following a discussion and vote at our July meeting, 34 of 45 members voted to host the 2003 convention. 2003 will be eight years since the last convention (1995) we hosted under past president, Jim Byrnes. Since 2003 is the 100th anniversary of the historic first flight and the 50th anniversary of the founding of MPA, there should be material for a theme in there someplace. While we have sufficient time to prepare, please start thinking about how we can make the 2003 convention the best one ever and how YOU can help. "Many hands make light work". Incidentally, the 2002 convention will be in West Plains, however the dates have not been announced yet.

FLY-OUT - Brian Brinker's band of merry flyers had a successful fly-out to Lambert's Cafe at Sikeston on Sunday, July 15. Six airplanes and seventeen members and guests made the trip to the land of the "throwed rolls". The next Gateway fly-out will be Sunday, August 19, to Decatur, IL. Contact Brian (314-647-1138 or to coordinate or check on seat availability. Although Zenith's Open House at the Mexico airport (H41) is not an official Gateway fly-out, I am sure many Gateway members will be there. It is a good chance to see Zenith's manufacturing facility and their line of aircraft and kits. Food and drink are usually available on site. The date is August 25.

SAFETY - The St. Louis Flight Instructors Association's safety tip of the month concerns becoming proficient with your night flying. Rick Albrecht recommends working with your favorite instructor and performing as many take offs and landings as is necessary to become proficient. The three take offs and landings required by regs to be "current" don't necessarily make you proficient. The night work can be part of your WINGS program for this year.

NEWS - Some of you have been following the situation at Spirit of St. Louis Airport concerning the noise issue. It seems an anti-noise group has requested curfews and other restrictions to solve the noise issue. At a recent city council meeting, I was told that about one hundred supporters were there to complain and only four pilots showed up. A newspaper article recently said that two thousand signatures were obtained on an anti-noise petition. Any of the Gateway members that would like to show support for SUS can contact Chris Erkmann at 636-532-6076 or <>. Chris is the AOPA airport support network contact for SUS. He works closely with the airport and government officials and has spoken to several neighborhood groups to tell them what is being done to reduce aircraft noise. Chris was recently presented the Missouri Pilots Assoc. Aviation Award for his efforts. Several of our members base their aircraft at SUS and work there.

Lyle Bjerkestrand, manager of St. Charles County, Smartt Field has said all of the studies, bidding and planning are nearly done for the new thirty-eight unit hangar to be built at the north east corner of the airport. Construction should start any day now. You may have noticed that construction has also begun on EAA Chapter 32's new home on the west end of Smartt Field.

We have at least one new private pilot in the chapter. Our son-in-law, Sam Bell, passed his check ride on July 21 - congratulations, Sam! Sam's instructor is another Gateway and St. Louis Flight Instructor Assoc. member, Ed Meyer. Incidentally, the airplane was Jim Byrne's 41606. With all the flying activities going on this summer, the hangar flying sessions before and after the meeting will be well worth coming for.

Next meeting - We were sad to learn that our vice president, Tom Butler and his lovely wife, Louise will be leaving in August. They have resigned from their post-retirement jobs, bought a motor home and are going to hit the road and explore the country. They promised to stay around long enough, however, to make a presentation about their recent South African trip. They went to see the solar eclipse, and managed to do some micro-light flying while there. They stayed in some rather unique quarters on part of their trip; sort of a tree house to end all tree houses. Please join us on August 8, at 6:30 PM to follow their adventures and wish them farewell. The doors officially open and serving begins at 6:30 and the program starts at 7:30. We meet at The Columns, 711 Fairlane Dr., St. Charles.

For dinner reservations, please call Jean by Monday evening, August 6, at 314-469-3541. For your dinning pleasure there will be a fresh fruit tray, minestrone, pork loin w/red bell pepper sauce, fried catfish, rice pilaf, Italian green beans, rolls and short bread cookies.. Please join us and bring a friend!



Gateway Chapter's calendar of events

Aug. 8 - Gateway Chapter meets at The Columns at 6:30 PM. The Butlers will tell us about their South African trip.

Aug. 19 - Gateway fly-out to Decatur, IL.

Aug. 25 - Zenith Aircraft's Open House in Mexico, Mo.

Sep. 1 - 3 - St. Louis County Fair and Airshow.

Sep. 3 - Gateway fly-out to Mattoon, IL - Labor Day.

Sep. 12 - Gateway Chapter meets at The Columns at 6:30 PM.

Sep. 13 - AOPA Air Safety Found. - Fuel Awareness at Flo Valley Jr. College 7-9PM

Sep. 22 - MPA State Air Derby. Starts in Grand Glaze.

Sep. 29 - 30 - WWI Replica Fly in and auto concourse at Creve Coeur.

Oct. 10 - Gateway Chapter meets at The Columns at 6:30 PM.

Oct. 25 - 27 Gateway fly-out to Dayton, OH and the Air Force Museum.

Nov. 4 - Gateway fly-out to Jefferson City, MO

Nov. 14 - Gateway Chapter meets at The Columns at 6:30 PM.

Dec. 12 - Gateway Chapter's Christmas Party at The Columns at 6:30 PM.

Dec. 16 - Gateway fly-out / drive/out to Kilroy's Restaurant at Smartt Field.


Contact Brian Brinker (314-647-1138) at least one day before trip to coordinate or to check on available seats. Times and places subject to change. 3000 feet and 5 miles minimums. Normal arrival time for lunch is 12:30 PM. Bad weather alternate is the noon Sunday barbecue at Creve Coeur Airport.

Chuck Maggart
Gateway President
(314) 731-0199

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