December 2000

We wish to thank our speaker for November, Walt Hubert. Mr. Hubert lived, worked and traveled in Europe. He showed us the highlights of his travels and of general aviation over there. The presentation was interesting and featured slides of many historic and scenic sites including the garden of the artist Monet with views from which he painted some of his famous works. We also thank his friend and "mind jogger", Curt Lindauer. Incidentally, if Curt's last name sounds familiar it is because he owns a private airport near New Athens, IL that is shown on your sectional chart.

SUPER SAFETY SEMINAR Mark your new 2001 calendar on Saturday, January 20, for the Super Safety Seminar. This annual event is held in Boeing's building 33 auditorium at the intersection of Lindbergh Blvd. and J.S. McDonnell Blvd. Jim Byrnes mentioned that part of the line up will feature some of the Kansas City FAA representatives, a rep. from NOAA speaking about charts and maps and Bob Dickens from AOPA and MPA. The main speaker has not yet been announced, so stay tuned.

FLY-OUTS The chapter's annual Wright Patterson Museum fly-out was a success! Fly-out chairman, Brian Brinker, reports four planes and fourteen members made the trip. Smooth air and tailwinds both ways can't be beat! They checked out a few of the local restaurants during the three day trip. The museum has new displays and is planning another hangar for the 2003 celebration. Making the trip were Brian Brinker, Tom & Louise Butler, Bill and Ann Scheve, two of the Scheve's friends, Ken Green, Harold Booher, Fred Femmer, Steve Pierce, Spanky Walser, Mike Rankin and Steve Galati.

The next chapter fly-out / drive-out will be Sunday, December 17, in KILROYS at Smartt Field. We will assemble for lunch at 12:30. Lorrie is planning a Christmas ham buffet, so please join us! No reservations required!

As usual, we will not have formal fly-outs during January and February; however the fly-out chairman, Brian Brinker, and his group usually go somewhere nearly every Sunday and they encourage folks to join them. Give him a call at 314-647-1138. Brian will be working on next year's schedule and I encourage you to give him some input on places you would like to go. We will also try a Saturday fly-out since some of you have asked. We will see how the participation is and possibly do that more if it is well attended.

While not an official MPA fly-out, some of Gateway's members are also members of the Short Wing Piper Club (SWPC), including yours truly, my wife, Lana, and SWPC chapter president, Greg Kuklinski. On Sunday, October 29, we had a chance to fly to Greensfield (M71) and partake of pork steaks with all the trimmings. Also making the trip from Gateway were Tony & Rosemary Petruso and Carl Schaffner. Greensfield is about 25 NM west of Smartt Field near Moscow Mills. Some of you may remember the owner, Rich Green, from his days as the manager of Smartt Field awhile back. Rich has a real nice airport and there were some very friendly local pilots to check out the food and chat with. There is also the friendly airport dog, Ebony, with as many flying hours as some of us. The current east - west sod runway is about 3000 feet long and Rich is working on adding another 400'. Owning the quarry on the north side of the field helps when fill material is needed!

SAFETY TIP Our Safety Councilor and the president of the Greater St. Louis Flight Instructors Association, Rick Albrecht, has a Safety Tip for us this month. "Before each flight, always secure a through weather briefing and perform a through preflight to ensure a safe and enjoyable outcome to your flight." Those words are never more true than in winter with unpredictable flying weather and the weather related problems that can arise with your aircraft.

NEXT MEETING The December meeting will be our Christmas Party with live Christmas carols performed by Gary Sluhan and the second annual Chinese gift exchange (or rob your neighbor). The gift exchange is one of the more fun events of the year. If you would like to participate, please bring a wrapped gift worth about $10.00 and watch the confusion. Gag gifts and home made gifts are fine. Bill Nelson has agreed to host the madness - er exchange - again this year. Thank you, Bill! Also, if possible, please bring a dozen or so of your favorite Christmas cookies to share with everyone for our dessert! The rest of the menu will consist of: tossed salad, clam chowder, prime rib, baked red snapper, baked potato, green beans almondine and rolls.

Please join us at The Columns in St. Charles on Dec. 13, at 6:30 PM. Reservations required, of course, and can be phoned to Jean Murry at 314-469-3541 by Monday evening, Dec. 11.


Be sure to mark your calendar!

Dec. 10 - State Board meeting in Columbia at 1:00. All members welcome.

Dec. 13 - Gateway Chapter meets at The Columns at 6:30 for our Christmas Party.

Dec. 17 - Gateway chapter Fly-out / drive-out lunch at KILROY'S on Smartt Field at 12:30.

Jan. 10 - Gateway Chapter meets at The Columns at 6:30. The program will be by STL FISDO Steve Long about aircraft owner's responsibilities and owner performed maintenance.

Jan. 14 - State Board meeting in Columbia at 1:00. All members welcome.

Jan. 20 - Super Safety Seminar put on by the Greater St. Louis Flight Instructors Assoc. in Boeing's bldg. 33 at Lindbergh and McDonnell Blvd..

Chuck Maggart
Gateway President
(314) 731-0199

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