At our January meeting we were privileged to hear the Central Region Flight Instructor of the Year, Joe Dobronski, talk and show slides of some of the classic jets and other experimental aircraft he has flown since the 1940's. Joe's career spanned the dawn of the jet age when he and his fellow pilots were exploring and expanding the envelope of flight. As Joe pointed out, that type of flying did have its cost. Joe gave an very interesting presentation for those interested in the history of military and civil aviation and of McDonnell Aircraft Co. Some of the aircraft that Joe flew are now safely preserved in the Smithsonian and Air Force museums. You can learn more about this colorful person through his book A Sky Full Of Challenges. (Click Here to check out his web site) Joe also has a very good video that we hope to see sometime in the future. An excellent presentation, Joe; thank you and good luck with the National Flight Instructor's competition! Those of you who read Joe's book also noticed another of our members, Al Lowe, mention several times.

Rick Albrecht's guests, Mike and Becky Gatto (whom we hope will be members soon) showed a short video. While flying Rick's Archer on New Year's night, they were invited by Lambert Approach to be the first plane to land there this year. They had video of the area fireworks and the night landing at Lambert. Due to Y2K concerns, we can say that general aviation went where commercial aviation feared to tread. Mike commented that his major concern that night was people discharging firearms, but Rick confirmed that there are no new drain holes in his plane. Some of our other members were airborne on New Year's night also. Carl Schaffner rode with Tony and Rosemary Petruso in there "average sized" Tri-Pacer for the event. (ask them why it is average size).

The chapter received a nice thank you note from the Flight Instructors Assoc. for our contribution to the Super Safety Seminar to be held on January 22. Speaking of flight instructors, Jim Byrnes showed us the large plaque that was given to him by Tony and Rosemary Petruso with the Smartt Field Approach and a poem by Fred Harms etched into the brass plate. There are many fine people involved with aviation.

Many thanks to Larry and Betty McClure who took on the task of running our silent auction. The proceeds from the auction will go to the chapter's treasury to fund postage, supplies, some speakers and part of the annual picnic to name a few. Last word was to expect the auction at the March meeting. We are still looking for donations and they are tax deductible since we are a 501(c)3 organization. If you would consider a donation, please contact Larry and Betty at (314) 869-4260. I will publish a list of items and contributors in the March newsletter before the auction.See Larry and Betty's flyer enclosed with this newsletter.

At the December and January meetings we had samples of the shirts and a picture of the windbreakers that we are offering for sale with the state MPA logo. We also have some hats, with logo, presently on hand. Due to the few orders that were received,I may have to wait another month to submit the orders to the vendor. We are not near the minimum lot-size orders for some items. If you want a golf or denim shirt, hat or windbreaker, please fill out the yellow order form that came with last month's newsletter, enclose your check and mail it to me. I will bring the items to the meeting to hand out. If you can not attend, please call to make arrangements for getting your items (sorry, no mail order). As I mentioned, the tan caps with a red bill and logo are available now.

We welcome another new member to Gateway Chapter, Harry Pujji, owner of Creve Coeur Aviation. Welcome and we hope to see you at the meetings!

As you fill in your new year 2000 planners, remember the MPA State Convention to be held in St. Joseph June 23 thru 25. Besides being a nice cross country flight to meet and talk with interesting fellow Mo. Pilots, there are several museums in the area to visit. Rosecrans Airport is towered and has runways that can handle anything we fly. More details should be made available very soon.

Reservations. At our January meeting seven people arrived without reservations, or made reservations after the deadline, and The Columns ran out of some items on the menu. We can normally accommodate three or four extra folks, but please phone your reservations to Jean (or me) by Monday evening before the meeting. After the count is turned in early Tuesday morning, it is too late. I apologize to any of you who missed out on some of the food; I certainly don't want to discourage anyone from dropping in because there are times when appointments and business leave us unsure about attending the meeting. That is why we usually have enough food for a few extras. Why not call Jean now or as soon as you finish the newsletter! (If her answering machine breaks again, call me!) For now, I will just monitor the situation.

Our speaker for February will be Jack Jackson from the Boeing Company. Among many accomplishments, Jack has over 5,000 hours flying the AV8 Harrier as a test pilot for Boeing. He will be talking about his trip to Russia and the Russian aircraft he flew there. This should be very interesting, comrades! Come and bring your friends.

Please join us at The Columns in St. Charles on February 9, for our next meeting. The menu will consist of: tossed salad, cream of tomato soup, London broil, baked cod w/lemon sauce, peas & mushrooms, vegetable rice pilaf, hot rolls, and angel cake w/ raspberry sauce. The doors open at 6:30 p.m., salad and soup at 6:45, meal at 7:15 and program at 8:00. Make your reservations with Jean Murry (314-469-3541) by Monday evening, Feb. 7 and bring your friends!

Chuck Maggart
Gateway President
(314) 731-0199or



President Chuck Maggart 314-731-0199
Vice President Bryan Brinker 314-647-1138
Secretary Tom Butler 314-838-8135
Treasurer Tony Petruso 314-423-6644

Board Members with terms expiring in June 2000:
Larry McClure, Steven Pierce, Linda McCullough

Board Members with terms expiring in June 2001:
Carl Schaffner, Doug Geldbach, Bob Moore

Board Members with terms expiring in June 2002:
Jean Murry, Don Moonen, Rosemary Petruso

And FLY-OUT schedule

Feb. 9: Gateway chapter meets at The Columns at 6:30 p.m.
The speaker will be Jack Jackson.

Feb.13: MPA State Board meets in Columbia at 1:00.
All members are invited to join us.

Mar. 8: Gateway Chapter meets at The Columns at 6:30.

Mar.12: MPA state board meeting in Columbia at 1:00.

Mar.19: FLY-OUT to Mt. Vernon, IL

Apr.16: FLY-OUT to Marion, IL

May 21: FLY-OUT to Reelfoot Lake.

Jun.18: FLY-OUT to Kentucky Dam State Park.

Jun.23-25: MPA State Convention in St. Joseph.

Jul.16: FLY-Out to Sikeston, MO (Lamberts Restaurant).

Aug.20: FLY-OUT to either Bloomington or Decatur, IL.

Sep. 4: Labor Day FLY-OUT to Mt. Pleasant, IA
for the Old Thrashers Convention.

Oct.27-29: FLY-OUT to USAF Museum in Dayton, OH. (3 days, 2 nights)

Nov.19: FLY-OUT to Mattoon, IL.

Dec.17: FLY-OUT / DRIVE-OUT breakfast to JB's Diner at Smartt Field.

Remember: if the enroute weather is bad, we go to Alton. If the local weather is bad, we meet at JB's Diner at Smartt Field. Dates and destinations are subject to change, so coordinate with Brian Brinker (314-647-1138). More details as the time nears.

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