February 2001

It was nice to see our friends again at the January Gateway meeting! Since we had to cancel our December meeting, due to the weather, we had a lot of catching up to do. Steven Long, Airworthiness Safety Program Mgr. from the STL FSDO, gave a very informative talk and slide show about the owner's and renter's responsibilities towards aircraft maintenance. Most of us should know by now that the owner is ultimately responsible for the records and AD compliance. A good point Steve brought out was the renter's responsibility to verify that the rental plane's records, inspections and ADs are also in good order. While asking to see the logs and checking the AD compliance records of the plane is strongly recommended, verbally asking the owner or a responsible party about 100 hour inspections and AD compliance is considered the bare minimum to determining airworthiness. Minor and major alterations and repairs were also discussed as well as the correct way to make log book entries by the owner and mechanics. "All applicable ADs complied with" and "repaired in accordance with 43.13.1B" won't cut it. He also touched on Field Approvals and AD compliance on Experimental aircraft. We really appreciate Steve's presentation and he will be glad to answer any of your questions if you call him at 1-800-322-8876 ext. 4830. Thank you, Steve, and please visit with the Gateway chapter again!

With the many non pilots in attendance for Steve Long's seminar, we should have a large number of WINGS forms to apply towards the MoKan trophy this year. Chapter WINGS chairman, Carl Schaffner, can report on the exact number by the February meeting.

GIFT EXCHANGE - The forty-eight members present voted to hold our Chinese Gift Exchange at the February 14, meeting. Please hold onto and bring those wrapped gifts worth around ten dollars to the February meeting. Bill Nelson agreed to facilitate the exchange again this year. Since there will not be a speaker, we will not be as rushed and the fun can last longer! It was also decided that we will not bring cookies and desserts since The Columns provides dessert at the February meeting.

Fly-out chairman, Brian Brinker, announced the new fly-out schedule for 2001. He scheduled two Saturday dates for those of you that have asked. If Saturdays are popular, we can do more of them in the future. The April 14 trip to Gastons will be a joint meeting with the Southwest Mo. Chapter. Since Bill Marx from the South Central Chapter was also a guest, we invited them to join with us at Gaston's. The new schedule will be shown in the Calendar of Events.

A correction to the December newsletter, I accidentally omitted Bob Meder's name from the list of those that flew to Dayton and the Air Force Museum although he is clearly in one of the pictures. Sorry, Bob. One additional note, Brian is planning a chapter fly-out to Meigs (CGX) in 2002 as a show of support to that besieged airport.

Local Airports - During a discussion of the Airport Support Network (an AOPA sponsored activity), we heard about the problems at Spirit including talk of a curfew and runway restrictions. Also mentioned is the potential sale of St. Charles Municipal Airport (3SQ). "Muni" is a privately owned, public use airport. We can not afford to loose or allow restrictions to either facility. We have lost many airports in the St. Louis region over the years. Joining or forming a support group for your airport is becoming important to help preserve the dwindling number of airports available to us.

MPA Shirt - There is still one new, large, tan, denim shirt with MPA logo for sale. the first $35 takes it! Contact me if you are interested.

Safety Tip of the Month - The St. Louis Flight Instructors' tip of the month comes from Rick Albrecht. If you have not flown much during the winter, Rick would suggest a flight with your favorite instructor to eliminate the rust. An alternative would be to fly three hours with an instructor to get your WINGS for the year. This not only benefits you, but also helps the Gateway Chapter's chances to win the state competition and the state organization's bid to win the MoKan trophy back from the Kansas Pilots Association.

Legislation - AOPA and MPA are hosting a reception for our state legislators in Jefferson City. With two major aviation bills to be acted upon this year, it will help our interests to become acquainted with our legislators and show them our support for the bills. Reservations are requested and can be made with Bob Dickens (417-777-5966 or bdickens@ipa.net). Unfortunately the reception is on the same night as our February meeting, so you will have to choose. If you don't attend the reception, a letter to your state senator and representative will still help. The two major bills now are HB436 and its companion bill, SB324. These bills, if passed over stiff opposition, will create the Mo. Airport Protection Act. You can read about them by logging on to the MPA web page (www.mopilots.org) or by contacting Larry Harmon (417-866-0919) or contact me.

2001 State Convention - I just received the registration forms for the 2001 State Convention to be held May 4, 5 and 6, in Lee's Summit by the KC Chapter. This year there will be a trophy awarded for the chapter with the largest percentage of members present (except the host chapter). We really had fun at last year's convention in St. Joseph. Besides interesting speakers, many door prizes, making new friends and visiting old ones, we also took several tours. The pancake breakfast at the airport is also a highlight. Please mark your calendars and plan to join us for the convention. I will have the registration forms at our February meeting.

Flying Companion Seminar - For those that can not attend the State MPA Convention in Kansas City, there is a local alternative. On May 5th the St. Louis Ninety Nines will host a Flying Companion Seminar at the new Automated Flight Service Station at Spirit Airport. The time is 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM with lunch included. This will be similar to the old Pinch hitters courses and will include how an airplane flys, flight instruments and what they are for, radio and navigation aid use, maps, charts and flight planning, AFSS presentation, weather and weather briefing, and much more. Enrollment is limited to twenty ladies, so call now! Call Barbara Wilper at 314-731-6863.

The February 14 (Valentines Day, fellows) meeting will be the second annual Chinese Gift Exchange. If you wish to participate, please bring one wrapped gift worth about ten dollars and place it on the table that will be provided. Be sure to get a number at the reception table. Later in the evening as the gifts are exchanged, be sure to open the gift you take in front of everyone. That will increase the interest! The menu will consist of tossed salad, cream of tomato soup, London broil, baked cod w/lemon sauce, peas and mushrooms, vegetable rice pilaf, hot rolls and angel cake w/raspberry sauce.

Please join us at The Columns in St. Charles for our February 14, meeting. The doors open and the buffet starts at 6:30. The business session and Chinese Gift Exchange will begin at 7:30. Reservations are required (for the meal) and can be made by calling Jean Murry at 314-469-3541 by Monday evening, Feb. 12. Please call early and bring a friend!

March 14th

Be sure to mark you calendar for March 14th. Click on the picture for details.

Gateway's FLYING Calendar of Events

Feb. 11 - State Board meeting in Columbia at 1:00. All members welcome.

Feb. 14 - Gateway meets at The Columns at 6:30. Chinese Gift Exchange.

Mar. 11 - State Board meeting in Columbia at 1:00. All members welcome.

Mar. 14 - Gateway meets at The Columns. Speaker Fred Schieszer will discuss the disappearance of Amelia Earhart.

Mar. 18 - Gateway fly-out to Mt. Vernon, IL.

Apr. 14 - Gateway joint fly-out to Gastons with SWMO & SCMO chapters (Saturday). Rain date 4/21 (Saturday).

May 4, 5, 6 - MPA State Convention in Lee's Summit. All members welcome!

May 12 - Gateway fly-out to Reelfoot Lake. (Saturday)

Jun. 13 - Gateway Chapter's annual picnic. Location TBD.

Jun. 17 - Gateway fly-out to Kentucky Dam State Park. - Father's Day

Jul. 15 - Gateway fly-out to Sikeston - Lamberts Cafe.

Aug. 19 - Gateway fly-out to Decatur, IL.

Sep. 3 - Gateway fly-out to Mattoon, IL - Labor Day.

Oct. 25 - 27 Gateway fly-out to Dayton, OH and the Air Force Museum.

Nov. 4 - Gateway fly-out to Jefferson City, MO

Dec. 16 - Gateway fly-out / drive/out to Kilroy's Restaurant at Smartt Field.

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Gateway President
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