February 2002

Gateway members kicked off another great year with our January gathering at The Columns. It was fun to start off the new year with our friends and our favorite subject - flying. To get us off on the right foot, Steven Long from the St. Louis FSDO spoke to us about the importance of having shoulder harnesses in our planes and of equal importance, using them. The statistics show that our chances of surviving a serious accident improve greatly when shoulder harnesses are worn. Steve also talked about the various ways the harnesses can be documented and approved if you add them to an aircraft built before they were required in 1978. If you have any questions about installing shoulder harness, call Steve or check out the FAA's website at <faa.gov/avr/news/harness/seatbelt.htm>. Since Steve's presentation qualified as a WINGS safety seminar, WINGS chairman, Carl Schaffner, collected about twenty forms from the member non-pilots in attendance to use towards keeping the MoKan trophy in Missouri. Everyone benefited from Steve Long's presentation.

While talking with Steve, we discovered, from checking Lana's scrapbook, that Steve also talked to us in January of 2001. I detect a pattern here. This also shows how the scrap books are a fun way to document what we have done the past 2 1/2 years. Lana has just started volume two and they are available for your viewing at the reception table every month.

Things are quiet on the fly-out front since Gateway doesn't schedule any events in January and February. Our fly-out chairman is soliciting input from the membership for the upcoming season, so call Brian Brinker with your suggestions.

The twenty-seventh annual Super Safety Seminar was held on January 19, at St. Louis University this year due to security concerns at Boeing. I would conservatively estimate there were over one hundred and fifty people in attendance despite the five inches of snow that fell the night before. The campus looked very pretty with the snow still covering the trees as we arrived around 8:00 AM. The listening session was a who's who of local and regional FAA officials and military representatives. Several good questions, suggestions and comments were made and responded to. Gateway member Dr. Bill Sill gave an excellent and humorous presentation about how not to prepare for your flight physical. Another Gateway member, Bob Linenweber of the FAA, presented a very informative and useful program about getting ready for a check ride. Good job, guys! Other speakers rounded out the five hour program that was hosted by Fred Harms of the STL FSDO. Many nice door prizes were awarded and free coffee and doughnuts were provided by the St. Louis Flight Instructors Association. Gateway's membership chairman, Lana, was also present with informational handouts for MPA and for Gateway. She handed out many applications while talking to the attendees. We were not able to use the new MPA brochures this time since they had just been printed on the other side of the state the afternoon before the seminar. There were many Gateway and St. Louis MPA members in attendance which shows the organizations commitment to safety. Here is a round of applause to all those that donated to and worked hard to put on the excellent seminar! Mr. Jim Byrnes, your coffee and doughnuts were delicious on a snowy morn!

Speaking of Fred Harms, as many of you have heard, Fred underwent major surgery right after the safety seminar. He doing well and should be home from the hospital when you read this. If any of you would like to send a card or note to him, Steve Long tells me the FSDO will get them to him. Send them to Fred Harms, St. Louis FSDO, 10801 Pear Tree Lane, Suite 200, St. Ann MO 63074. We really wish the best to Fred and hope to see him "up and about" very soon. Fred was to be our speaker at the February meeting and we hope to reschedule him in the future.

The safety tip of the month comes from the Greater St. Louis Flight Instructors Association and Rick Albrecht. A tip for cold weather operation involves cold weather engine starts. To avoid a fire danger, start your engine according to the manufacture's instructions. If your plane is too old to have such instructions, talk to your mechanic about the starting procedure. If your engine is hard to start, that may be a sign that something is not right. Have your engine looked at by your mechanic. Keep the engine and cowling clean so a possible fire won't have any combustibles available to burn. In case your engine does backfire when starting, keep turning the engine over to suck any fuel and fire back into the engine where it belongs. On updraft carburetors, using the throttle to activate the accelerator pump just dumps raw gas down into your air intake if the engine is not running. All you need now is one backfire while starting and you have an expensive barbecue pit, so keep a fire extinguisher handy.

At the March chapter meeting, the nominating committee will be selected. Please think about helping your chapter and volunteer for a position on the nominating committee. A list of the current officers and board members will be shown next month.

Speaking of members, there is some misunderstanding about who can be a member of MPA. Anyone with an interest in aviation within Missouri can be a member! When you join MPA, you are joining the state organization (the largest in the country) and you are normally affiliated with a local chapter if there is one in your area. In the state organization, pilots are members and non pilots are associate members. Associate members have the same rights as members except, they can not be on the state board of directors nor can they vote for them. Gateway's bylaws make no distinction between the two and every member is a full chapter member; pilot or not. Any member of Gateway may be elected to any chapter office or the board. The confusion has possibly kept some from joining MPA and I hope this helps clarify the issue. We are all ambassadors for MPA and we all should be on the lookout for potential members at our airports. Invite new friends to our meetings and fly-outs. Very soon there will be a new attractive brochure available for you to hand out.

A lovely lady, Lisa Brown, of television fame has graciously agreed to stand in for Fred at Gateway's February 13, meeting. Lisa, a private pilot, who many of us have seen for years on television news. She now has a private consulting firm and is a freelance journalist with some of her work appearing on KMOV, channel 4. Lisa has a video of some humorous bloopers from her t.v. days as well as some documentaries she has done on aviation related news items. It is encouraging to see a reporter that knows what she is talking about with regards to aviation news events. Lisa also has a very unique and award winning flying machine to tell us about. Please join us and bring your friends!

The dinner menu will consist of: tossed salad, cream of tomato soup, London broil, baked cod with lemon sauce, peas and mushrooms, vegetable rice pilaf, rolls and fruit custard tart. Dinner is still $13 per person. The doors open at 6:00 PM, the serving line starts at 6:30 and the program begins at 7:30. As usual, dinner reservations are required and can be easily made by calling Jean Murry at 314-469-3541 by Monday evening, February 10, or better yet, call now - before you put this newsletter down. Please come, and bring your friends, for the food, fellowship, hangar flying and to listen to Lisa Brown.


Gateway Chapter's calendar of events

Feb. 10 - State Board meeting at the Columbia Airport at 1:00 PM. All MPA members welcome. Meet in the reopened restaurant at noon for lunch.

Feb. 13 - Gateway Chapter meets at The Columns at 6:00 PM. The speaker will be Lisa Brown, television reporter and private pilot.

Mar. 10 - State Board meeting at the Columbia Airport at 1:00 PM. All MPA members welcome. Meet in the reopened restaurant at noon for lunch.

Mar. 13 - Gateway Chapter meets at The Columns at 6:00 PM. The speaker will be Bill Scheve with a presentation about Angel Flight. Nominating committee appointed.

Apr. 10 - Gateway Chapter meets at The Columns at 6:00 PM. The speaker will be Seth Caperton from the Ozarks chapter talking about his adventures as a B-17 pilot with the 8th Air Force during W.W. II. Officer and board slate presented.

Apr. 14 - State Board meeting at the Columbia Airport at 1:00 PM. All MPA members welcome. Meet in the restaurant at noon for lunch.

Chuck Maggart
Gateway President
(314) 731-0199

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