January 2002

Rick and Gen Albrecht just keep getting better with their music. They played and sang some excellent songs for our Christmas party at The Columns and led us in a sing along. The Chinese gift exchange, hosted by Bob Kraemer, started out rather docile, but picked up in intensity as the evening wore on. There were some really nice gifts and some were highly sought after. Regardless of what present you left with, it was fun getting it and breathtaking to hold on to. I wonder what Dr. Sill will do with the knife and cutting board set he managed to hold on to? Thank you, Bob for a great job of managing the confusion! The prime rib dinner and the fellowship were also excellent. Thanks to everyone that brought desserts and to those that participated in the gift exchange. If you are wondering, the Albrechts are also available to perform at private parties, church and other social events.

The December 9, Board meeting in Columbia was very informative and tasty! You can read about that in the MPA NEWS, but that day also had the best flying weather in a long time. As we climbed out from Smartt Field into a clear sky, you could see the plume from the Calloway Plant about seventy statute miles to the west and the air was smooth as glass all day. I have read where that type of visibility is common out west, and it was welcome here after a summer of hazy skies.

Gateway Chapter's fly-out/drive-out to Kilroy's restaurant at Smartt Field on Dec. 16, was a success. Fifteen members showed up to eat an excellent lunch on a rainy day. Lori knows how to prepare good food and the hangar flying with friends was great. Upon leaving Kilroy's, several of us adjourned to Al Lowe's hangar to look over his newest purchase, a 1942 Culver Cadet. It is a very nice plane now and will be even better as Al continues bringing it up to his high standards. All-in-all, it was a very good way to spend a rainy Sunday.

The trip to Kilroy's wraps up Gateway's fly-outs for this year, but our fly-out chairman, Brian Brinker, is already thinking about next years schedule. Give Brian a call (314-647-1138) if you have any ideas or requests for the next season starting in March.

While on the east side of the airport, I noticed work has started on the 38 unit T-hangar at Smartt Field. The asphalt has been put down for the hangar floor and apron and cement pilings are in place. I also understand the runway and taxiway extensions at Creve Coeur Airport are nearly complete. It is refreshing to see and hear about the airport improvements being made throughout the state; however we still have many airports in trouble and we continue to lose public use airports.

Item for Sale - Gateway member, Steve Pierce, has a 1956 Cessna 172 (straight back) for sale. 1290 SMOH, STOL kit, added baggage door and many goodies for $25,500. You can call Steve at 314-423-6853 or page him at 314-790-1769 for additional information.

Don't forget the St. Louis Flight Instructors, AIAA and the St. Louis FSDO will host the 27th Annual Super Safety Seminar on January 19, in the Anheuser-Bush Auditorium, lower level of Cook Hall at St. Louis University. Gateway's Dr. William Sill and Robert Linenweber will be two of the speakers. Call Fred Harms (1-800-322-8876) for details and driving directions. Free coffee and doughnuts will be provided (by the St. Louis Flight Instructors) at 8:00 AM and the program starts at 8:30. Reservations are not required.

Our safety tip of the month comes again from the St. Louis Flight Instructors Association and their president, Rick Albrecht. Although winter provides some smooth flying, good visibilities, and increased performance, be prepared for the unexpected. A forced landing off the airport or at an unattended airport will require warm clothing and winter survival equipment to avoid a disastrous outcome. Dress for the weather you will encounter if you have to spend a long time outside the cabin of your plane. Survival kits are a good idea also and can be purchased ready to use or you can make up your own to suit the terrain you will encounter. First aid kits, signaling devices, water, food, shelter and thermal blankets are some of the basic essentials. A cell phone might be handy too.

The speaker for Gateway's January 9, meeting will be Steven Long from the STL FSDO. When we spoke, Steve hadn't decided on a topic and it may or may not qualify for WINGS, but you can bet it will be informative since he is the Airworthiness Safety Manager. Whether you own or rent an aircraft, maintenance is very important. Please join us at The Columns, 711 Fairlane Drive in Saint Charles. (Click me to see a map)

The dinner menu will consist of: tossed salad, Italian bean soup, cannelloni, chicken modiga (grilled provolone cheese w/ white wine sauce), California vegetable medley, rolls and spumoni w/ shortbread cookie. Dinner is still $13 per person. The doors open at 6:00 PM, the serving line starts at 6:30 and the program begins at 7:30. As usual, dinner reservations are required and can be easily made by calling Jean Murry at 314-469-3541 by Monday evening, January 7, or better yet, call now - before you put this newsletter down. Please come, and bring your friends, for the food, fellowship, hangar flying and to learn from Steven Long.

Chuck Maggart
Gateway President
(314) 731-0199

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