JULY 2000

The stormy weather parted just in time to have a great annual picnic at Smartt Field. Seventy members, guests and their families arrived with their covered dishes. The weather cooperated by staying cool, cloudy and somewhat windy. Half of our fried and baked chicken arrived by air. Don and Jan Kramme braved a mean-looking sky in their Cherokee 180 to deliver the chicken from their home base at SUS. The other half of our chicken arrived in a flashy red sports car driven by Linda McCullough. Jean Murry and Jan Pocock arrived with the drinks and paper/plastic products and we were ready to eat a delicious picnic buffet. The clearing, cooler weather inspired a truly great performance by Rick and Gen Albrecht with their guitar and keyboard to cap off a really fun evening. You should have been there earlier in the day as Harry Schulz, Lana and I attempted to set up the tents in the gusting winds following the storm. You could tell the results since there were no tents at the picnic! Larry, Curly and Moe would have been proud of our attempts!

Many members again expressed their approval of having the picnic at an airport. Due to bad weather throughout most of the day, the arrivals by airplane were few, however we will probably try it again next year. Our thanks Lyle, Dale, Steve, Bud and the other hardworking folks at Smartt Field for their work and allowing us to again use their airport.

Speaking of airports, most of us are aware of the runway expansion and upgrades at Spirit of St. Louis (SUS). Also in the works are plans to extend the new runway at Creve Coeur (1H0). Creve Coeur's new runway, apron and buildings are really making that a fine airport. St. Charles County, Smartt Field (SET) is also planning to erect a thirty-six unit T-hangar this summer and plans to extend the north / south runway in the future. Our airports are still recovering from the affects of the great flood of '93 and they need your continued support and support of organizations like ours. We need to keep our eyes on the bill to exempt the airlines in the state from the jet fuel tax. That is some of the money helping to improve these facilities. We also hope to see the "tall structures" bill passed this coming session so that our airports will be protected from undue airspace encroachments. Talk, or write, to your representatives and senators.

Ya' shudda been there! The MPA State Convention in St. Joseph was a success! Twelve members attended from Gateway and I believe we had the largest number after the host chapter. Two more members would have been there, but Tom and Louise Butler were very busy becoming grandparents for the first time. Congratulations! The Pony Express Chapter really worked hard to ensure a successful and fun-filled convention. Our thanks to president Shirley Lewis and the hard working members of the Pony Express Chapter. Brian Wiler, from MoDOT brought us up to speed on Missouri airports with future and current projects and plans. Randy Robinson from the K.C. FISDO gave a safety seminar on human factors. Other excellent programs and speakers rounded out the event as well as many, many door prizes.

Gateway Chapter came home with a third place award for the WINGS competition. Not too bad for a chapter our size since it is based on the percentage of total members - not just pilots. Yours truly was elected second v.p. and a state director. Sadly the MoKan trophy was won by the Kansas Pilots Association this year. They beat out the MPA by only three percent! I know we can beat that this year! Our time for touring St. Joseph was limited, but I would like to return to finish seeing the historic town. There is quite a bit to do there. The pancake breakfast at Rosecrans on Sunday gave us a chance to really examine their excellent airport. The airport manager, John Cox, spoke at the convention and showed up Sunday to say farewell. Next year we can all do it again at the MPA State Convention in Kansas City; however I am going to budget an extra day or two for more sightseeing.

Meanwhile, back in our own town, the St. Louis Chapter of the Ninety-Nines reminds us of their Cross-Country Air Race at Smartt Field on Saturday, July 22. They are looking for entrants with 140 to 600 h.p. stock airplanes. Contact Esther Grupenhagen at 636-528-4446 and see their web site at <www.ST-LOUIS-99.com>.

Flight instructors, mark your calendars. You are invited to attend a seminar at the FAA's St. Louis office on July 6, from 8:00 AM until 3:00 PM. One of the topics will be about preparing your students for the check ride.

At The Columns, beginning at the July meeting, we will try something slightly different. Along with the soup and salad bar opening at 6:30 PM, the buffet line will also be open for the main meal. You may eat and hanger fly as you wish until the program starts at 8:00 PM.

Our guest and speaker for the July 12, meeting will be Gateway member and State Senator, Franc Flotron, representing the 7th District which includes most of west St. Louis county. As many of you are aware, Franc is currently a candidate for Congress; however he assured us he will talk about our favorite subject: flying! To join us at The Columns, please make your reservations with Jean Murry at 314-469-3541 by July 10. The doors will open and the buffet begins at 6:30 PM. The program begins at 8:00. The menu will consist of: tossed salad, gazpacho, BBQ chicken breasts, sliced roast beef in BBQ sauce, au gratin potatoes, confetti corn, rolls and strawberry shortcake. Please come and bring a guest!


Be sure to mark your calendar!


Jul. 6 - FAA Flight Instructors Seminar at the FAA Office

from 8:00 AM until 3:00 PM.

Jul. 9 - State Board meeting in Columbia at 1:00. All members welcome.

Jul. 12 - Gateway Chapter meets at The Columns. The speaker will be our member, Senator Franc Flotron.

Jul. 16 - FLY-Out to Sikeston, MO (Lamberts Restaurant).

Jul. 22 - Greater St. Louis Chapter Ninety-Nines Cross-Country Air Race at Smartt Field.

Aug. 9 - Gateway Chapter meets at The Columns at 6:30.

Aug. 13 - State Board meeting in Columbia at 1:00. All members welcome.

Aug. 20 - FLY-OUT to either Bloomington or Decatur, IL.

Sep. 4 - Labor Day fly-out to Mt. Pleasant, IA for the Old

Thrashers Convention

Oct. 27 - 29 - Fly-out to Dayton for the U.S.A.F. Museum at Wright-Patterson A.F.B. (3 days, 2 nights)

Nov. 19 - Fly-out to Mattoon, IL (home of the Elephant Ear)

Dec. 17 - Fly-out / drive/out breakfast at ????


Call Brian Brinker at 314-647-1138 for information. Dates and destinations subject to change. Bad weather alternate is the noon barbecue at Creve Coeur Airport.

It is interesting the way that different people look at their log books:

"The times were in figures, the dull specifics which were supposed to record nothing more than the passage of intervals in our lives, and serve as official recognition that a certain amount of experience and consequent wisdom had dribbled into our aerial selves. The numerals, in summation, represents much more than this. For they said our marrows had been both frozen and melted, our quotients of courage drained and replenished and our ability to act in fear proven. The numerals established as solid citizens of the skies---though not yet to be considered as true aristocrats. Although the numerals stated that we knew how to remove ourselves and others out of our natural element, in all seasons and in all circumstances and conditions, and return the lot safely to earth.

And they also made an important announcement: Our luck was exceedingly good."

-----Ernest K. Gann

Chuck Maggart
Gateway President
(314) 731-0199

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