March 2000

For our Valentine's meeting, test pilot and Second District Congressional candidate Jack Jackson presented a fascinating program about two Russian aircraft he flew and about Russian living conditions. The Boeing Company (formerly McDonnell-Douglas) sent Jack to Russia to evaluate two of their aircraft and to gain insight into design features similar to ones being considered for a McDonnell entry into an aircraft competition. One aircraft was their equivalent to the AV8 Harrier, a Yak-38 and the other was a rough equivalent to our F-15, a Su-27. Jack's observations on the aircraft and test facilities highlights the different philosophies in their designs, manufacturing and test facilities. While not better or worse, they certainly were less formal and structured and suffered from lack of funding. One example of differing design philosophy was the Yak would automatically eject the pilot if the pitch or bank angles or yaw rates exceeded predetermined parameters in the hover mode. That is certainly incentive to fly with precision! He was also able to perform the "cobra" maneuver in the Su-27. He thought the Su-27 was a very nice flying fighter. His insights into living conditions in Russia were a reminder about the major cultural shock they are going through since the end of the cold war. A thirty dollar monthly pension and a three room apartment was deemed living very comfortably. His Russian hosts also presented Jack with a personal "tour guide" that seemed to know all the details of Jack's personal and family history. Now there is a service you don't get in most countries! Jack, thank you and your lovely wife, Arleen, for a very informative and interesting evening. The time passed much too quickly. Please visit with us again, anytime.

We managed to sneak in a quick business session at the February meeting. I want to thank the "highly paid professional models" that wore their new MPA shirts and jackets at the meeting so that all sixty-eight of us could see what we are offering for sale to all members of the MPA, statewide. If you are still debating what to wear to our fly-outs and picnic, think no more! If you need an order form, contact me.

Time sure passes quickly when you are having fun! Believe it or not, it was time to think about a nominating committee for our next election in April. The Gateway Board of Directors approved Jan Pocock, Walt Petring, Fred Femmer and Walter Gummersheimer for the task of creating a slate of officers and three board members for the April election.

The slate of candidates chosen by the nominating committee will be announced at the March meeting; however nominations may also be made from the floor at the March and April meetings. The elections will take place during the April meeting and the new officers and board members will be installed during the May meeting.

At the February meeting I thanked Tom Butler for manning our display at the January Super Safety Seminar and Harry Schulz for mailing our last newsletter while we were out of town basking in the ice storm in Alabama and Georgia. Thanks, guys! Also, thanks to Bob and Donna Crandell, president and first lady of the St. Louis chapter, for the contributions to our Silent Auction and attendance prizes. That really shows the spirit of cooperation that exists within our fine association.

Tony and Rosemary Petruso brought the chapter's library of videos and books to the meeting. It is a challenge to bring and display all those items and we appreciate it. If you want to visit our library more often, they keep it at their store, Overlord Military Collectibles at 3008 Woodson Road. Phone them at (314) 423-6644, Tuesday thru Saturday.

According to Larry McClure, preparations for our Silent Auction at the next meeting are well underway. We sincerely appreciate the positive response for donations. A list of contributors and items is included with this newsletter. Thank you to all who contributed! The chapter's treasury (meaning you) will be the beneficiary. The funds will be used for chapter activities such as the newsletter, speakers, contributions and annual picnic. The Silent Auction will be conducted during the March meeting, so remember to bring your checkbook!! There are some really interesting items that you might get for a reasonable price. Bids may be made prior to the program and for a short time afterwards.

The McClures sure are busy! Betty McClure has volunteered to be our Membership Person. With a chapter as large as ours (183 today's count), we are long overdue with having a person who can focus on greeting new members and help to retain those who let their memberships expire. It is a big job and we owe Betty a thank you for filling this beneficial position.

Speaking of the treasury, I am glad to report the startup funds needed for the shirts, hats and jackets have been repaid and we are beginning to show a net gain. The embroidery disk for the logo, which the vendor made, is Gateway property and its cost was included in the startup funding. Coming from an engineering background rather than a business one, I was a "little concerned" about the money at first! Thank you to everyone for supporting your chapter and the association.

NOTAM: after several years of stable prices at The Columns, an inevitable price increase of twenty-five cents per plate happened. After discussion among the members, a motion was passed that we increase our price to thirteen dollars ($13.00) per person beginning at the March meeting.

User Fees and the Aviation Trust Fund are resurfacing again. Unless we want a blatant tax increase on our privilege to fly, we must urge our Senators to support H.R. 1000, the House FAA Reauthorization Bill to unlock the Trust Fund, as it was passed by the House. Please write:

The Honorable John Ashcroft
The United States Senate
Washington DC 20510

The Honorable Christopher Bond
The United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510

If you go to the MPA's home page,, and click on the "HOT" button, you can read the full text of the AOPA Pilot Alert.

Who has done the most for general aviation? In conjunction with the annual Missouri Pilots Association convention in June, 2000; we are looking for MPA members who have contributed to the advancement of general aviation from July 1999 through the present. Documentation is needed, but anecdotes would be helpful also. Please include the person's name, address and phone number if known so that we can contact him or her.

We are also looking for input on radio, television, newspapers or magazine stories that have helped general aviation, within Missouri, from June 1999 through the present. Please provide all the information you can as to the identity of the media including who to contact, if possible. A copy of the article(s) or a summary of the radio or t.v. reports, and date, would be very helpful.

The information is needed as soon as possible, but no later than May 21, 2000. Please write or contact me; Chuck Maggart, 827 Lamplight Ln., Hazelwood, MO 63042, phone 314-731-0199 or send an e-mail by clicking on the envelope at the bottom of this page. Thank you.

Please join us for the Silent Auction and to hear our speaker, Bob Rockford, at The Columns on March 8. Bob is the man responsible for the W.W.I Replica Fly-In at Creve Coeur's Dauster Field every year. If you enjoy replica antique airplanes, antique cars and old costumes, you will enjoy his presentation. If you want to find out how he builds an airplane in one year, you don't want to miss this one!

To attend our March 8 meeting and Silent Auction at The Columns in St. Charles, please call Jean Murry at (314) 469-3541 by Monday night, March 6, at the latest. The St. Patrick's Day menu will feature: tossed salad, potato soup, corned beef and cabbage, baked sole w/ dill sauce, parslied potatoes, rolls and key lime pie. Don't delay, call now! Please join us when the doors open at 6:30 and for dinner at 7:15. The program begins around 8:00. Bring a friend !

President Chuck Maggart 314-731-0199
Vice President Bryan Brinker 314-647-1138
Secretary Tom Butler 314-838-8135
Treasurer Tony Petruso 314-423-6644

Board Members with terms expiring in May 2000:

Larry Mc Clure, Steven Pierce, Linda Mc Cullough

Board Members with terms expiring in May 2001:

Carl Schaffner, Doug Geldbach, Bob Moore

Board Members with terms expiring in May 2002:

Jean Murry, Don Moonen, Rosemary Petruso

The last chapter ex-president, Harry Schulz, is also a
board member for the duration of the current president.


(2) Limited Edition Aviation Prints, Joe Dobronski
(1) Civil War commemorative series stein, Toni & Rosemary Petruso
(1) Flight Physical, any class incl. EKG, Dr. Bill & Mrs. Bette Sill
(1) Museum membership and biplane ride, St. Louis Aviation Museum
(4) Sports Bag, St. Louis Chapter MPA
(1) Soft side brief case, St. Louis Chapter MPA
(2) IFR Hoods, Rick Albrecht
(1) Flight training tape, Rick Albrecht
(1) Cassette Recorder, Rick Albrecht
(2) Flashlights, Rick Albrecht
(1) ADF and OMNI Instructional Manual, Rick Albrecht
(1) Electronic Checklist, Rick Albrecht
(1) Chart caddy, Rick Albrecht
(1) IFR binder books (all USA), Rick Albrecht
(1) Flight case, Edie Brennan
(1) David Clark Headset, Edie Brennan
(2) Sigtronic portable intercoms, Edie Brennan
(1) Navtronic Flight Calculator, Edie Brennan
(1) Knee Pad flight desk, Edie Brennan
(1) IFR chart holder, Edie Brennan
(1) C150 Operators Manual, Edie Brennan
(1) E6B flight computer, Edie Brennan
(1) Navtronic Flight Computer, Edie Brennan
(2) Yoke clips, Edie Brennan
(1) Elec. stop watch, Edie Brennan
(2) Fuel sampling cups, Edie Brennan
(1) MPA windbreaker order, Tom & Louise Butler

We all owe these fine people a big "thank you" for supporting the Gateway chapter!


Mar. 8
Gateway Chapter meets at The Columns at 6:30. The speaker, Bob Rockford, will discuss the W.W.I replica fly-in. Also, we will have the Silent Auction - bring your piggy bank!

Mar. 12
MPA state board meeting in Columbia at 1:00.

Mar. 19
FLY-OUT to Mt. Vernon, IL - call Brian Brinker (314-647-1138) to fill a seat or for details.

Apr. 12
Gateway Chapter meets. The speaker, Dave Harvey, will show slides of the Great Southern Air Race. We will also elect the officers and three board members.

Apr. 16
FLY-OUT to Marion, IL

May 10
Gateway Chapter meets. The program will be a safety seminar given by Rick Albrecht. The new officers and board members will also be installed.

May 21
FLY-OUT to Reelfoot Lake.

Jun. 14
Gateway Chapter's annual PICNIC. Details forthcoming.

Jun. 18
FLY-OUT to Kentucky Dam State Park.

Jun. 23-25
MPA State Convention in St. Joseph.

Jul. 12
Gateway Chapter meets. The speaker will be our own Franc Flotron.

Jul. 16
FLY-Out to Sikeston, MO (Lamberts Restaurant).

Aug. 20
FLY-OUT to either Bloomington or Decatur, IL.

Sep. 4
Labor Day FLY-OUT to Mt. Pleasant, IA for the Old Thrashers Convention.

Oct. 27-29
FLY-OUT to USAF Museum in Dayton, OH. (3 days, 2 nights)

Nov. 19
FLY-OUT to Mattoon, IL.

Dec. 17
FLY-OUT / DRIVE-OUT breakfast to JB's Diner at Smartt Field.

Remember: if the enroute weather is bad, we go to Alton. If the local weather is bad, we meet at JB's Diner at Smartt Field. Dates and destinations are subject to change, so coordinate with our fly-out chairman, Brian Brinker at 314-647-1138.


Chuck Maggart
(after the Silent Auction)
Gateway President
(314) 731-0199

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