March 2002

At the February meeting, Lisa Brown gave a very professional presentation about what led her into television reporting, the various styles the reporters use and their career paths. Lisa showed us samples of her aviation investigative reports that have been aired locally and nationally. If all that wasn't enough, she also showed us pictures of her Italian built gyrocopter. A very nice, sleek design that has appeared on magazine covers as well as won awards at Oshkosh before Lisa acquired it. Lisa also answered some good questions at the end of her show. I am glad we, in St. Louis, have someone with Lisa's knowledge and background to accurately report on aviation matters for the media. I hope we can convince Lisa to talk to us again since she has many interesting stories left to tell about her adventures.

The new MPA informational flyer with an application was introduced at the meeting. Ted Pierce of the Pony Express chapter really did a good job with them. They will continue to be available at the meetings and will replace the familiar white and blue envelope style applications although either style may be used until depletion.

The 2002 Gateway fly-out schedule has been released and is included in the Calendar of Events. The first fly-out of the new season will be March 17, to Mt. Vernon, IL. Meet there at noon. Since we fly from different airports, please contact our fly-out chairman, Brian Brinker, (314-647-1138) to let him know you are participating and to coordinate or if you want to check on any empty seats. Normally the requirements are three thousand feet and five miles. Please join us for the fly-outs! It's a good way to practice your skills and have fun at the same time.

Jim Byrnes has sold out of the second and final printing of his book and at the February 10, State Board meeting, he presented a final check from the proceeds. Jim has donated $500 to the MPA Educational Endowment Fund to help further the cause of aviation in the school systems of Missouri. Thank you very much for your generosity Jim! Our copies are truly collector's editions now.

Lana is the new MPA State Scholarship chairperson and has included the scholarship flyer in this newsletter. If you know of a teacher that might be interested in the annual scholarship, you might show them the flyer. As we know, the best way to gain new aviators is to interest the young people and a good way to do that is to educate their teachers about aviation.

Several months ago we began discussions about amending Gateway's bylaws to permit replacing an officer who resigns or is not able to fulfill his or her function. To change the bylaws, per Article VIII, a published notice of the proposed changes is required. I forgot to publish the proposal last month, so here it is! After a general discussion at the January meeting, it was suggested to amend Article V - Elections. I propose adding the following section:

"Section 2 - Special Elections. In the event an Officer of the chapter resigns or is unable to fulfill his or her duties a special election will be held, at an announced business meeting, to replace that officer. The candidates for the office must be chapter members for at least one year and may be nominated by any current chapter member. To be elected requires a simple majority vote of the members present. The officer's term will begin immediately and will continue in accordance with Article IV, section 1."

Article IV, section 1 simply states that he or she will hold office until the annual election is held in May. There will be a discussion and vote on the proposal at the March meeting. Note, there is a written procedure in place to replace B.O.D. members, this only pertains to officers.

Also at the March meeting, our Nominating Committee will be appointed and approved by the B.O.D. I hope to have contacted everyone by the meeting.

The Safety Tip of the month from the Greater St. Louis Flight Instructors president, Rick Albrecht, regards flying into Spring. Since some of our flying skills gather rust during the Winter, consider getting with your favorite instructor and brush up on your airmanship. Spring is a good time to polish those crosswind landings. While you are at it, consider working on your WINGS program. It won't hurt to have your dormant aircraft checked out by your mechanic either. Extremely cold weather can cause all sorts of leaks from hydraulic fluid to compass fluid to tire pressures. Corrosion can begin due to moisture and condensation even if your plane is hangared. You might also be amazed at the critters that have been found nesting in aircraft and hangars during the cold months. Play it safe flying into Spring!

Please join with us for our March 13, meeting at The Columns in St. Charles. Our guest speaker, Tom Saggau, will tell us about Angel Flight Central where emergency air transportation is provided to people in need, including non-medical emergencies, by pilots and ground crew who volunteer their time and services. Angel Flight Central is a new name and a reorganization of a group that performed a similar mission in the Midwest. They recently merged with Angel Flight to provide nation wide coverage.

The dinner menu will consist of: Mandarin orange salad, potato soup, corned beef & cabbage, baked sole with dill sauce, parslied potatoes, rolls and key lime pie. Dinner is still $13 per person. The doors open at 6:00 PM, the serving line starts at 6:30 and the program begins at 7:30. As usual, dinner reservations are required and can be easily made by calling Jean Murry at 314-469-3541 by Monday evening, March 11, or better yet, call now - before you put this newsletter down. Please come, and bring your friends, for the food, fellowship, hangar flying and to learn about Angel Flight Central.

Gateway Chapter's calendar of events

Mar. 10 - State Board meeting at the Columbia Airport at 1:00 PM. All MPA members welcome. Meet in the reopened restaurant at noon for lunch.

Mar. 13 - Gateway Chapter meets at The Columns at 6:00 PM. The speaker will be Tom Saggau with a presentation about Angel Flight. Nominating committee appointed.

Mar. 17 - Gateway Fly-out to Mt. Vernon, IL (MVN). Meet there at noon.

Apr. 10 - Gateway Chapter meets at The Columns at 6:00 PM. The speaker will be Seth Caperton from the Ozarks chapter talking about his tour as a B-17 pilot with the 8th Air Force during W.W. II. Officer and board slate presented.

Apr. 21 - Gateway Fly-out to Casey, IL (1H8). Meet there at noon.

May 3, 4, 5 - MPA STATE CONVENTION in West Plains. Everybody invited!

May 19 - Gateway Fly-out to Decatur, IL (DEC).

Jun. 12 - Gateway Chapter's Annual Picnic. Location TBD.

Jun. 15 - WACO fly-in at Creve Coeur Airport.

Jun. 16 - Gateway Fly-out to Gaston's Resort, AR (3M0).

Jul. 21 - Gateway Fly-out to Cadiz, KY, Lake Barkley State Park (1M9).

Aug. 18 - Gateway Fly-out to Jefferson City (JEF).

Sep. 15 - Gateway Fly-out to Sikeston, MO (SIK) "Home of the throwed rolls!"

Sep. 28 - MPA State Air Derby & Poker Run. Details forthcoming.

Oct. 25, 26, 27 - Gateway Fly-out to USAF Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB. Land at Morrain, OH (I73).

Nov. 9 - Saturday - Gateway Fly-out to Casey, IL (1H8) again (must be good food!)

Dec. 15 - Gateway Fly-out / Drive-out to Kilroy's at Smartt Field (SET).


For fly-outs contact Brian Brinker (314-647-1138) at least one day before the trip to coordinate or to check on available seats. Times and places subject to change. 3000 feet and 5 miles minimums. Normal arrival time for lunch is 12:00 noon. Bad weather alternate is the noon Sunday barbecue at Creve Coeur Airport.





The Missouri Pilots Association offers an annual $500 scholarship for a kindergarten through twelfth grade teacher to attend an aerospace education course. The scholarship, known as the Norman Lawnick Aerospace Education Scholarship, is for a teacher who would like to gain aviation knowledge to bring into the classroom. The Missouri Pilots Association believes the future of general aviation lies with the young students in these classrooms. Teachers, students and aviation will all benefit from this aviation study program.

The scholarship is not limited for use to any one college or university. Historically only Central Missouri State University (CMSU) at Warrensburg offers the program which is most applicable. CMSU has a strong aviation curriculum and operates their own airport and flight school.

The CMSU class is a basic aerospace information study that deals with the social, scientific, and technological importance of aviation and space with special application for teachers who desire to utilize such information in the elementary or secondary schools. No previous aviation knowledge is needed! The class is taught with field trips and utilizes a variety of guest speakers in the course.

Students in the AE class (PR&T 4060 Aerospace Education) can earn 3.0 semester hours of either graduate or undergraduate credit. The class of 2002 starts June 24, and concludes July 12. There will be no class July 4-5. Tuition costs for graduate credit is $555 and for undergraduate is $381. Models, field trips, transportation and graduation banquet will cost an additional $30. No text book is required. CMSU apartments rent for $17.06 per day and can be shared with a roommate if desired. Dr. John Horine is the class coordinator for CMSU and can be contacted at 660-543-4457 or e-mail to answer any questions.

Application for the course of study is separate from the application for the scholarship. To apply for the scholarship applicants need to provide brief information about themselves, their school assignment and their plan to bring aviation education in the classroom. All application letters are needed by May 1, 2002. Please mail your information to:

Mrs. Lana Maggart
Missouri Pilots Assoc. Scholarship Committee Chair
827 Lamplight Lane
Hazelwood, MO 63042-3449
phone: 314-731-0199

Chuck Maggart
Gateway President
(314) 731-0199

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