November 2001

As advertised, Tony and Rosemary Petruso's October program about their Alaskan adventure in their Piper Tri-Pacer was quite interesting and scenic. A good turnout of the chapter was there along with several guests. The required publications alone should have filled their plane with the charts, survival manuals, airport directories, Canadian directories, etc. They also had to take survival gear as well as their cameras, clothing, computer and extras that make a home away from home more comfortable. The Tri-Pacer didn't have an inch of cargo room to spare. Thanks to a good plane and good planning, they didn't have any significant trouble during their 85 hours of flying. Of course there were some minor weather delays, but they stayed close to schedule. Thank you Tony and Rosemary for the very interesting presentation. Some of the other MPA chapters might want to talk to you!

We were glad to have the MPA State President and First Lady Dan and Rosemary Gilbert visit with us in October. Dan had a few kind words of encouragement for us and we appreciate their drive from West Plains just to be with us.

Please welcome four new members to Gateway! Rich and Marge Green, owners of Greensfield airport (M71), and Dan and Jennifer Deshon who are expecting the first addition to their family in a few months. We look forward to seeing you all at the meetings!

The September 22 Gateway fly-out to Meigs Field had to be canceled due to the ban on flying. Brian Brinker wanted to show support for that embattled airport and they definitely need it. The Chapter fly-out to the Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB in October had four members and a guest. The next Gateway fly-out, on November 4, to Jeff City, appears to be canceled at this time since the restaurant is closed. You need to check with Brian (314-647-1138) on this one. Also remember the December 16, fly-out / drive-out to Kilroy's Restaurant at Smartt Field.

At the next meeting there will be some new 2001-2002 Missouri Aeronautical Charts available for you thanks to Lyle Bjerkestrand, Manager of St. Charles County Smartt Field. Thank you, Lyle!

Even chapter presidents have birthdays and this one was really nice. My family treated me to lunch at Kilroy's restaurant at Smartt Field. Lorie not only fed us homestyle, but put candles on our blackberry cobbler. Now that was service! Afterwards we flew and gave our grandson his first airplane ride. It doesn't get much better than that!

For those of us based under some of the class B airspaces, it is really great to be able to get our planes back into the air again! As I mentioned before, I took our 2 3/4 year old grandson, Cameron, along with his Dad, Steve, and his Uncle Sam flying in our "little" Tri-Pacer. He loved it! As we began taxing out to the runway he was saying "go faster grandpa!" A few minutes later, we did! It was a nice evening for his first flight and Cameron is ready to go again. The Fall colors have really been beautiful from the air this year.

While I am writing about flying, I want to thank Carl Schaffner for the IFR trip in his Tri-Pacer to the State Board meeting in Columbia last month. The meeting was one day before the VFR ban in the enhanced class B airspace was lifted and almost the only way to fly there was IFR. Although it was a beautiful VFR day, he did log some actual instrument time due to the cloud height. Talk about performance! Due to the strong winds and thermals, we climbed away from COU at 1100 fpm and showed up to a 40 mph tailwind coming back. Thank you for the ride, Carl! That must be the difference in an "average" Tri-Pacer and a "little" one!

The MPA State Board monitors applications for tall structures that are being built near airports. A 250 foot tower is purposed in Orchard Farm, near Smartt Field, but with a height of 696 ft. MSL, it should not pose a threat to navigation. The board also learned that the 2002 MPA Convention will be held on May 3, 4 and 5, in West Plains, so mark your calendars. I really hope a lot of you will attend and help our chapter get ideas for the convention we host in 2003.

This month's Safety Tip from the St. Louis Flight Instructor's President, Rick Albrecht, concerns fuel management. Consider fuel quantity as "time in the tanks". Know your aircraft's fuel burn and allow for the required reserves plus an extra margin. The reserve must be in addition to unusable fuel in the tanks. The required reserve for day time VFR is thirty minutes, however allowing enough fuel for a one hour reserve is far better.

Our November 14, gathering will feature Hubert Looney of the Mo. Highway Patrol who is also a pilot for Wings Of Hope. Please join us at The Columns in St. Charles at 6:00 PM when the doors open. The Thanksgiving feast will be served at 6:30 and the program will start at 7:30. The menu will consist of tossed salad, vegetable soup, turkey and dressing, broiled scrod w/lemon sauce, sweet potatoes, buttered zucchini and winter squash mix, rolls and cheesecake pumpkin pie. Although you do not have to dine with us to enjoy the program, RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED FOR THE MEAL. Call Jean at 314-469-3541 by Monday evening, November 12. Please come and bring your friends!

Chuck Maggart
Gateway President
(314) 731-0199

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