November 2002

We really enjoyed Jim and Carolyn Morris, from Lake Of The Ozarks Chapter, visiting with us at the October meeting. Jim had everyone in stitches telling about his exploits with the Navy and Ozark Airlines. You will have to ask him about how one pilot trained the flight attendant to let them know when the cabin door was closed and locked. Jim and Carolyn operate a flight school at Grand Glaze Airport (K15), so be sure to stop in and say hello the next time you are in the vicinity. Thank you, Jim and Carolyn, for coming and sharing your experiences with us!

We had a "high powered" meeting in October since we had the State President, Bob Crandell, the 1st VP, Carolyn Morris and the 2nd VP (me) with us. Another guest was Tracy Smith, the new director of St. Charles County Smartt Field. Tracy introduced himself and gave us a brief outline of future plans for the airport including a runway extension, a new third runway and identification signs for the taxiways. The new hangars at the north end of the field are in litigation now due to problems with the original contractor and it is not known when they will be ready for occupancy. We appreciate the information and hope Tracy will continue to visit with us!

Gateway will have a Silent Auction at our January meeting to help raise funds for the Convention. If you have any items you would consider donating, please contact Flo Wyatt at 314-878-8453, her day work number, or 314-839-9788, evenings, and let her know. All items are tax deductible. I want to thank Flo for her efforts with the pizza sales. A BIG "thank you" to the seven people selling pizzas! Just think how much better we could do if more members would sell them next time!

The fly-out to Wright-Patterson AFB has been changed to
November 1, 2 & 3. Lets hope the good weather returns and we can tell you how it went at the November meeting. Due to the many rain outs this year, we will have to make some type of back up plan for next season. Fly-out chairman, Brian Brinker, or I will be glad to hear your suggestions. Following the WPAFB trip, the next chapter fly-out will be Saturday, November 9, to Casey, IL (1H8). Be sure to contact Fly-out Chairman, Brian Brinker (314-647-1138) on this one since our arrival times must be coordinated for transportation to the off airport restaurant. I hear the restaurant is quite good.

Congratulations to member Al Lowe for getting his medical reinstated! Several of us met at Al and Susan's hangar for a celebration which ended at Kilroy's with a delicious chicken dinner. I notice that the yellow Culver Cadet is getting a lot more air time these days! Speaking of the Culver, you can read a pilot report on a Culver in the November issue of AOPA PILOT.

Also in the November issue of AOPA PILOT, (I love these blends!), you can also read about another of our members, Bob Kraemer. Getting to Know "Mimi", on page 133, is about a pilot, his wife and instructor that flew from Indiana to get a ride in Bob's Stearman. It is a fun story, so check it out! We are lucky since we don't have to travel that far. My daughters and their husbands gave me a ride in Bob's plane for a Father's Day present about three years ago. I've got to do that again only this time with the video camera.

The Safety Tip of the month comes to us from our friends, the Greater St. Louis Flight Instructors Association and it concerns cold weather flying. Since we are deep into Fall, this is a good time to have your carb heat, mufflers, shrouds and hoses inspected for efficiency and to avoid carbon monoxide in the cabin. It also becomes particularly important to obtain a weather briefing before heading out.

Also at this time, the preflight inspections require extra diligence. Beware of frost on the airplane's surfaces and be sure to remove it before flying. More than one pilot has learned the hard way that airplanes don't lift very well, if at all, when they are covered with frost. Be sure to inspect your pitot tube heater on preflights again. Be alert for ice build ups in the hinges and for water that could freeze in those areas. Check for ice in the fuel and fuel lines. Your favorite mechanic can recommend approved additives to remove water from the fuel in your plane. We all know about the advantages of pre-heating the engine, but how about heating those expensive instruments? Cold weather flying requires extra preparation, but it also provides some of the clearest skies and best performance for our planes.

The next convention planning meeting will be at our home, 827 Lamplight Ln., on Thursday, November 7, at 7:00 PM. We are still working on the meeting agenda and entertainment. I hope all the chapter officers, board and committee members will be there to help with the planning, provide needed input. Your attendance also makes coordination among participants much smoother and faster.

Our guest for the November 13, meeting will be Col Jon Kelk, Operations Group Commander of the 131 FW MoANG at Lambert Field. Col Kelk will share some of the history of the unit with us and tell us about their current mission.

Please join us at The Columns in St. Charles. The dinner menu will consist of:
tossed salad, vegetable soup, turkey and dressing, broiled scrod with lemon sauce, sweet potatoes, buttered zucchini & winter squash mix, rolls and cheesecake pumpkin pie. Dinner is still $13 per person. Social time begins at 6:00 PM, the serving line opens at 6:30 and the program begins at 7:30. Dinner reservations are required and can be easily made by calling Jean Murry at 314-469-3541 by Monday evening, November 11, or better yet, call now - before you put this newsletter down. Please come and bring your friends for the food, fellowship and hangar flying.

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Gateway President
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