September 2001

After the August meeting Tom and Louise Butler rode off into the moonlight in their new motor home. Actually they got into their car and drove into traffic on I-70, but the former sounds better! At the chapter meeting they gave a very impressive presentation of their pictures from South Africa. They chose the best from fifty rolls of film! The scenery was beautiful, the animals impressive and the commentary was excellent. It must be interesting to sleep in a tree house (with built in lizards) and awaken to see large animals roaming around beneath you. (Sort of reminds me of a place I lived when in college). We really hate to see those two leave since they have been such good friends and supporters of MPA. They promised to return occasionally since they have family in the area.

Many of you remember former members Al and Susan Lowe. They are back into aviation having recently purchased a 1942 Culver Cadet. Since these planes are so rare, it will be interesting to see the Culver when it arrives. It's nice to see Al and Susan again.

The Gateway Chapter's flyout to Decatur, Ill. on August 19 was successful despite lower than predicted ceilings. The predicted 4500 ft. and scattered turned out to be 1200 ft. and overcast at arrival, however visibility was excellent. Four airplanes and ten members made the trip and enjoyed good food and lively discussions at the airport restaurant. Those making the trek were Brian Brinker, Bill Sill, Harold Booher, Spanky Walser, Don Moonen, Patsy Raymond, Bill Darnell, Steve Galati, Lana and Chuck Maggart. Thanks to Brian for riding right seat with me! Bill Darnell (a professional photographer) may display some of his pictures of the fly-out at the next meeting including some air-to-air shots. I wish to thank Bill for the copies he gave me. Lana's photos of the gathering will also be available at the meeting.

The next chapter fly-out has changed. Instead of the originally planned trip to Mattoon, Brian has changed to Meigs Field for Sept. 22 - 23 to show support for that embattled airport. This will be an RON trip with no specific agenda after arrival; however it shouldn't be hard to find something to do in Chicago Give Brian a call (314-647-1138) or e-mail him at to coordinate or check on empty seats. While on the subject, be sure to keep an eye on the planned Jeff City trip in November since their restaurant is currently closed. Brian may modify that trip also.

The Safety Tip of the month comes again from the St. Louis Flight Instructors Association and Rick Albrecht. Be sure to review all airport surface operations and airport diagrams to prevent the possibility of runway incursions. AOPA's website at has airport diagrams as well as do many commercial publications. When you are not sure, simply ask Ground Control for "progressive taxi instructions" and tell them you are not familiar with the airport. They will usually be more than glad to help you.

It seems that late summer is a very busy time with many local activities. The September calendar shows The St. Louis County Fair and Airshow will be held at Spirit of St. Louis Airport from September 1st - 3rd, our chapter meeting on September 12, AOPA's Air Safety Foundation's safety seminar on fuel awareness at Florissant Valley Community College on September 13, the CAF's Hangar Dance and the Forrest Park Balloon Race on September 15. The MPA Air Derby Poker Run will start at Grand Glaze on September 22 and the WW I Replica Fly-In and Auto Concourse will be held at Creve Coeur Airport on September 29 and 30. As for non-flying events, our family has picked apples in late September in Grafton for the past thirty plus years and there are many festivals and tours going on. It is a busy time and should provide some interesting topics for hangar flying at the next meeting! If you are new to the area or flying in from other parts, contact me or one of our members for more details on some of these events.

A caller from the St. Louis Flight Service Station told me about "Operation Takeoff" to be held September 15, from 9:00 until noon. The FSS will host a seminar concerning runway incursions, NOTAMS, weather briefings and you will get to meet with a FSS Specialist while he works. Reservations are not required; however if you would call Ron McKinnis at 314-890-7210, it would help them to know how many folks to expect.

I wish to thank member Bill Scheve, a commercial artist, that designed our Gateway Logo several years ago. Bill coordinated with a local printing company to create letterhead stationery for the chapter about a year ago. Now he and MPA webmaster Richard Baricko have recently made the logo available in a software format (jpg) that can be used by most computers. We are now able to use Bill's artwork for our return labels, newsletter banner and website. Thank you very much Bill and Richard. Now I can retire the crude copy I made that has been in use the last two years.

There have been some changes in personnel at the meetings and I wish to thank Mary Craden and Niva Schaffner for taking over as greeters and meal money coordinators at the door. A special thanks to Judy Woolsey also for taking over the 50-50 duty from Lana who is our new membership person. It takes many volunteers to make things run smoothly and I really appreciate everyone's help.


Our speaker for the September 12, meeting at The Columns will be Lowell Grissom, brother of the late astronaut Gus Grissom. He will talk about the early days of the space program and some of the people and events that made history. Our thanks to Jim Byrnes for obtaining Mr. Grissom's services. I understand that they were neighbors for many years. "Jim Byrnes just knows everybody!" The buffet dinner will consist of : tossed salad, beef barley soup, BBQ beef brisket, baked cod, O'Brien potatoes, peas and carrots, rolls and chocolate cake.

Reservations for dinner at The Columns should be made by calling Jean at 314-469-3541 no later than Monday evening, September 10. The price remains $13 per person, however you do not have to dine with us to attend the program. Please join us September 12, at 6:30 for dinner followed by the program at 7:30 and bring a friend!


Gateway Chapter's calendar of events

Sep. 1 - 3 - St. Louis County Fair and Airshow.

Sep. 9 - State Board meeting at the Columbia Airport at 1:00 PM. All members welcome. Bring your own lunch.

Sep. 12 - Gateway Chapter meets at The Columns at 6:30 PM. The speaker will be Lowell Grissom discussing the Mercury space missions and Liberty Bell 7.

Sep. 13 - AOPA Air Safety Found. - Fuel Awareness at Flo Valley Jr. College 7-9PM

Sep. 15 - The Confederate Air Force's Fall Hangar Dance at Smartt Field starts at 7:00PM. Call 636-250-4515.

Sep. 15 - The Great Forrest Park Balloon Race. Liftoff at 4:15 PM.

Sep. 15 - "Operation Take Off" at the Flight Service Building at Spirit Airport from 9:00 until noon. Call Ron McKinnis at 314-890-7210.

Sep. 15 - Soaring Open House at Highland Airport.

Sep. 15 - Airshow at West Plains Airport.

Sep. 22 - 23 - MPA State Air Derby. Starts in Grand Glaze.

Sep. 22 - 23 - Gateway Flyout to Meigs Field. Arrive at noon. (Revised)

Sep. 29 - 30 - WWI Replica Fly in and auto concourse at Creve Coeur.

Oct. 10 - Gateway Chapter meets at The Columns at 6:30 PM. Speakers will be Tony and Rosemary Petruso showing us the trip they made in their Tri-Pacer to Anchorage and the Artic Circle.

Oct. 14 - State Board meeting at the Columbia Airport at 1:00 PM. All members welcome. Bring your own lunch.

Oct. 25 - 27 Gateway fly-out to Dayton, OH and the Air Force Museum.

Nov. 4 - Gateway fly-out to Jefferson City, MO

Nov. 11 - State Board meeting at the Columbia Airport at 1:00 PM. All members welcome. Bring your own lunch.

Nov. 14 - Gateway Chapter meets at The Columns at 6:30 PM. Speaker is Hubert Looney of the Mo. Highway Patrol.

Dec. 9 - State Board meeting at the Columbia Airport at 1:00 PM. All members welcome. Bring your own lunch.

Dec. 12 - Gateway Chapter's Christmas Party at The Columns at 6:30 PM.

Dec. 16 - Gateway fly-out / drive-out to Kilroy's Restaurant at Smartt Field.


Contact Brian Brinker (314-647-1138) at least one day before fly-outs to coordinate or to check on available seats. Times and places subject to change. 3000 feet and 5 miles minimums. Normal arrival time for lunch is 12:00 noon. Bad weather alternate is the noon Sunday barbecue at Creve Coeur Airport.

Chuck Maggart
Gateway President
(314) 731-0199

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