Herb departs as President in a blaze of glory!

Kansas City Chapter

Missouri Pilots Association

The flyer

John Whitford, Editor
jwhitford@prodigy.net April, 2000

President: Herb Roberts -Vice-president: Steve Crisp
Secretary: June Williams-Treasurer: Tim McDermott
Directors: Paul Broome, Dee Giedinghagen, Pam Ratliff, Al St. Germain, Penrod Turk, Danny Whiteaker, and Past Presidents.

President's Corner

This is the last month of my term as President of the Kansas City Chapter , MPA, and therefore, my last letter. I want the entire membership to know how much I appreciated the opportunity to hold this position. I appreciate the help and encouragement that I received from you and you made it a lot easier for me. I think we had some good times and accomplished some goals in the process. Our new chapter logo is nearing fruition and according to Al St Germain, should be ready for our approval shortly. We have been well represented in most MPA state functions which is a plus for the KC Chapter. We are actively involved in several local projects such as the Save RG fight, the upcoming race at Lees Summit Airport, the big event yearly at the Downtown Airport, and other civic functions. The monthly Chapter meetings have been great with great speakers and good food. And, let's not forget the flyout's that we have had. It is a shame that everyone cannot attend these events. There are a lot of individuals that I can personally thank for making it all work, but I'll just say, "Thanks to all of you". You are a great group of people that have helped make my life a lot more interesting. Let's keep up the good work with the next Board. Herb

MARION JAYNE AIR RACE-Lee's Summit Airport will be the host site for this year's Marion Jayne Air Race as well as the Lee's Summit 300. This year, instead of an extended cross-country route, the racers will depart from and return to LXT each day. Several groups, including the 99's, EAA, Mitchell Flying Club, and our chapter of the MPA, have agreed to be the "Day Boss" for a specific day of the week long event. MPA's day is Wednesday, June 7th. We need volunteers to serve in several capacities and will provide you more details in future editions of this newsletter. For now, mark you calendar for the 7th. This will be a great opportunity to meet fliers from across the U.S. and to positively impact the public image of aviation in Missouri and the MPA.

APRIL 26, 2000 - at DAV, 8787 Old Santa Fe Road. Reservations MUST BE MADE by SATURDAY, APRIL 22 ,2000, if not on the permanent reservation list. Our menu will be: Steak, Baked Potatoes, salad, corn, roll and butter, coffee/tea, and dessert. Special dietary needs can be accommodated at the time of the reservation. Please call René Earle at 891-7416 to make your reservation. Please leave a message on the answering machine.
Remember - Meeting time: Social from 6:00 to 6:30 P.M.. Dinner at 6:30. Cost is $12.00 per person.

This month's meeting will honor the FAA. Mr. Ed Duckworth of the Kansas City FSDO will present a Flying Safety Seminar that will be good for the Wings program. Also, everyone needs to be sure to make dinner reservations if not on the permanent reservation list. The cost is still $12.00. After the FAA portion, we will have the installation of new officers.

Put This On Your Calendar!

Programs: Program committee chair: Dee Giedinghagen

APRIL 26, 2000 - FAA Appreciation Night and Installation of Officers and Directors.

Flyouts: Flyout committee chair: Bob Williams

If the weather looks marginal, or if anyone needs a ride (Don't forget to share expenses) or has an extra seat, please call Bob at 224-3241. A Go/No Go decision will be made and information on "Ride Central" will be available. Unless otherwise indicated, all flyouts will be at noon. Remember that our minimums are 3000 and 5.

DON'T BE SHY! Seats were available for past flyouts.

If weather cancels a flyout, our alternate will be International House of Pancakes, 8932 Hillcrest Rd, (Benjamin Plaza) at 10:00 a.m.

I would like to setup a flyout e-mail response list to notify you of last minute flyout changes or cancellation. If you would send me a short message ( just say hi). I can copy your e-mail address to my address book then I can send you updates. I have learned how to Blind Carbon Copy this way your e-mail address will be confidential. My address is row2@qni.com You can use e-mail to let me know if you are planning to go on a flyout or not. Bob Williams

April 22 - Warsaw, MO (56M) 12:00
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In 1996 there were 1,907 General Aviation (GA) accidents. Of all these accidents, only 2 involved pilots who had participated in the WINGS program during the previous 12 months! Each accident had an average cost of $30,000 dollars. Just looking at this information, isn't it worth the 3 flying hours and a safety meeting to avoid a costly accident? Participate in the WINGS program. It's better than a BFR

MPA Board Meetings - This is a reminder that any member can attend our chapter board meetings. They are held on the first Tuesday of the month, excluding holidays, at Executive Beechcraft, Downtown Airport, at 7:00 P.M. We always welcome your advice and assistance, and the hospitality is great.

MPA State Board Meetings - Anyone can attend the State board meeting. Check the M.P.A. News for meeting date and location. Make this your additional flyout.

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