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President: Paul Broome

Vice-President: Vacant

Secretary: Pam Ratliff

Treasurer: Marty Young

Directors: Jim Root, Penrod Turk, Patrick Hubbard, Earlene McClure,

Jeff Page, June Williams and Past Presidents.

Editor: June Williams April 2002



Steve Baker

Steve Baker

I always look forward to FAA Appreciation Night as I am reminded of the professionals with whom I was privileged to work for almost 12 years. Gary Fox introduced our March speaker with the remark that our mid-west pilots have an excellent rapport with FAA, citing the cooperation of air traffic controllers and the great attendance at Aviation Safety-Education Seminars. Steve Baker began his remarks with a comment on how nice it was that we opened our meetings with an invocation by Theda Benningfield and the Pledge of Allegiance to our beloved flag and all it represents. Presently Quality Assurance and Training Specialist for air traffic controllers for the Kansas City area airports, Steve's 25 years of FAA service includes tours as support staff and manager of Downtown Airport Tower. He also spent 10 years controlling USAF traffic. Steve explained that the "four corner post" concept provides for inbound and outbound routes. This helps segregate traffic so that standard traffic patterns can be coordinated with KC Center with a minimum of verbiage. For this reason, "over the top" routing will be provided for crossing the Class B airspace, as flying over MCI is the safest route. Ask for 3,500 or 4,500. He urged us to talk to the controllers for routing help and to admit we are new or unfamiliar with an area. Departing the area, ask for 6,000 or below and request higher when turned over to Center. When requesting flight following, Steve says a brief transmission of call sign, location and request is adequate. Expect to receive four numerals to squawk. All expert advice from an expert with a sense of humor! And, if you think controllers talk too fast when they are real busy, try saying "thanks, great job" when you get a frequency change. You'll be met with a period of stunned silence, followed by a real slow, " `preciate it, s'long!"

Al St. Germain

Put This On Your Calendar!

Flyout Committee Chair: Sarah McKinley

NOTE: When you see RSVP, Sarah MUST know to arrange transportation to the restaurant. Anybody desiring to be on Sarah's e-mail list, please let her know.

April 13, Saturday - Gaston, Ark. (turf runway), restaurant on field (this is for everyone who keeps saying lets go to Gaston). A very nice place to eat. Landing 11:00 A.M. Will check runway conditions the day before. Also Gaston, Arkansas does have a motel-hotel with very nice accommodations, except if you cancel your reservations at the last minute they will charge you for the first night. You will have to cancel two weeks before, that doesn't help us and the weather.

April 14, Sunday - Missouri Pilots State Board Meeting, Columbia, MO.

April 21, Sunday - Stockton, Mo. Airport, Orleans Trail Restaurant, sits on a high hill above the lake, (an old fashion breakfast buffet and a beautiful view). Landing at 9:00 A.M. RSVP to Sarah for transportation

May 3, 4 & 5, Friday, Saturday & Sunday - Missouri Pilots Association 48th Annual Convention: Hosted by South Central Chapter, Wast Plains, MO. I wouldn't miss that float trip, Old Mill Lunch, the Road Kill Dinner with blue grass music for anything. Mac and I have been down to Bill's Ranch and what a wonderful host he is. That was my first ride in a Model A. (Needing a ride to the Convention or have space avabile Please Call Sarah McKinley for the information.

May 18 - Excelsior Springs Airport will have their annual fly-in breakfast and/or lunch.

May 25 & 26, Saturday & Sunday - Amana, IA (German Village) Landing @ 10:00 A.M. Grass Strip. German Restaurants, Crafts, Woolen Mill, a cajun festival will be going on. Four Rooms have been reserved, you must make your own Reservation by April 25th. Phone 1-877-331-0828 - $58.90 + Tax (doubles) the only motel in town. (Alternate Cedar Rapids Airpost)

June 22 & 23, Saturday & Sunday - Minden, Neb. Pioneer Village Museum and motel. A overnight or fly back. (This museum is a fantastic place to see and will take a full day.) The old town square is about three blocks away and has an old opera house). I have blocked 10 non-smoking rooms, $35.00 (single), or $40.00 (double) plus tax. You need to make your own reservations before June 1th by calling 1-800-445-4447. You can cancel the morning of the fourth without penalty.

Please RSVP to Sarah McKinley Phone: 816-320-3462 or E-Mail:
Also the morning of fly-out you can call: 816-781-7194 Roosterville Airport. Airborne Communications is 122.75. Remember that our minimums are 3000 and 5.

Programs: Program Committee Chair: Herb Roberts

April 9, 2002 Safety Seminar at the DAV, 8787 Old Santa Fe Road. This Safety Seminar is co-sponsored by: The Kansas City Marine Aero Club and Kansas City Chapter of the Missouri Pilot Association. This will take the place of the May 15th Seminar at the EAA Hanger, Lee's Summit, Airport.

April 24, 2002 Stephanie Webb from the FAA, talking on AVED


April 24, 2002 - at DAV, 8787 Old Santa Fe Road. Reservations MUST BE MADE by SATURDAY, April 20, 2002, if not on the permanent reservation list. Special dietary needs can be accommodated at the time of the reservation.

Please call: June Williams After Noon at 816-224-3241 or E-Mail to make your reservations.

Our menu will be: Beef Brisket, Baked Potatoes with mixed vegetable, Salad and dessert.

Remember - Meeting time: Social from 6:00 to 6:30 P.M. Dinner at 6:30. Cost is $12.00 per person.


President: Pam Ratliff
Vice President: Pat Hubbard
Secretary: Rene Earle
Treasurer: June Williams

Board of Directors:
Marty Young, Erlene McClure, Jeff Page, Marvin Moore, Sarah McKinley. Wayne Lang

The Board would like to know if the members would be interested in getting their News Letter by E-Mail? Please Contact any Board Member. Also you can see our News Letter out on the Web. The Missouri Pilots Association Web Site:

MO-KAN Wings Contest - Remember - Get ready for next year. All non-pilot members should attend a safety meeting and have a WINGS card signed. These are needed for our inter-state rivalry with the Kansas Pilots Association (KPA). The KPA is very serious about this contest and won the trophy (furnished by Ed Duckworth) last year. All non-pilot members should send their signed wings card to Penrod Turk.

The State Wings Contest runs from April 1st thru March 31st each year. Let's make the WINGS year WINGS Safe. All it takes is one hour of air work, one hour of takeoffs and landings, one hour of instrument and a safety meeting. It is the responsibility of each chapter WINGS Chair to keep track of all their WINGS participants. So please keep Chapter Wings Officer, Penrod Turk, informed upon the completion of any phase. (4 West 112th Street, Kansas City, MO 64114-5304)

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FYI- Missouri State Senate Web Site: Missouri House Web Site:

MPA Board Meetings - This is a reminder that any member can attend our chapter board meetings . They are held on the first Tuesday of the month, excluding holidays, at Executive Beechcraft, Downtown Airport, at 7:00 P.M. We always welcome your advice and assistance, and the hospitality is great.

MPA State Board Meetings - Anyone can attend the State board meeting. Check the M.P.A. NEWS for meeting date and location. Make this your additional flyout.

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