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February 2010

OfficersPresident:   Gary Fox; Vice President:  Mitch Stafford;   Secretary: Jan Handley; Treasurer:   Terrie  Jo  Fox;   Directors: Ralph  Schmude,  Al St. Germain, Frank Taylor,  Penrod Turk,   Jeanné Willerth and  Past Presidents.  Chairpersons: Wings  Program :  open;  Safety:  Chris  St. Germain;  Membership: open; Meeting Arrangements: Terrie Jo Fox; Editor: Al St. Germain

PRESIDENTS MESSAGE - If you haven't seen "Amelia" yet, please do - it was great. I don't know if it is factual, but they hinted that she is credited with giving Eleanor Roosevelt her first plane ride - which she loved. We do know, from history, that Eleanor was instrumental in getting funding for the Tuskegee Airmen. I had the honor last month of being reunited with an old friend, Colonel Charles McGee, USAF, (Retired.) He was in Kansas City last month to give a talk at the Kansas City Library on Main Street. The occasion was a travelling art show featuring framed texts, pictures and paintings of the Tuskegee Airmen story. He substituted for a missing speaker at a military organization meeting the day before the library event. Being a veteran of 137 combat missions in WW W II as a P-47 and P-51 pilot escorting bombers to Germany, 100 missions in Korea and 173 tactical recon missions in F-4s in Vietnam, he holds the USAF record for greatest number of combat flights by any crewmember. He was CO of the 44th Flight Squadron, and in 1972 became the Base Commander of Richards-Gebaur. He is one of the few pilots to have flown in three wars, and is truly an icon of "the greatest generation." He celebrated his 90th birthday on December 7, 2009, and is one of the few original remaining members of the Tuskegee Airmen. *** If you haven't applied for your permanent plastic pilots license please do. See URGENT NOTICE on page two for details. *** A personal note of thanks to Ruth Stafford for sharing her memories. Her story is certainly about her shared love with Sheldon, and, as any 99er will say, "we are women who just love to fly." Thank you for a memorable meeting, Ruth!. Gary Fox.

FEBRUARY SPEAKERS - Ron Albertson, Designated Examiner, Flight Instructor and Professional Pilot and, Terry Blake, a friend and fellow examiner will make a dual presentation on Wednesday, February 24th. They will talk about experiences they encountered on check rides as well as many other exciting topics. Gary Fox.

DINNER RESERVATION INFORMATION - Our next regular meeting will begin with social time at 6:00, dinner at 6:30 sharp on Wednesday, February 24th, 2010 at the Disabled American Veterans, 8787 Old Santa Fe Road, KCMO. Take I-435 to 87th Street exit, (Missouri !!) go east on 87th Street 1.1 miles, turn right on Old Santa Fe Road, 0.2 miles to DAV on your left. OR, west from Blue Ridge Boulevard onto 87th Street, immediate left on Old Santa Fe Road, 0.2 miles to DAV on your left. Our menu will be Chicken Fried Steak, Mashed Potatoes/Mushroom Gravy, Vegetable, Salad, Rolls/Butter, Dessert, Coffee/Tea and Ice Cream. RESERVATIONS ARE A MUST, so please contact Terrie Jo by noon on Monday, February 22nd, 2010 by e-mail: or 795-7233. The cost is $12, including gratuity, and DAV reservations must be made and kept. Terrie Jo Fox.


Our incoming president, Mitch Stafford, introduced our January speaker with somewhat of a familiarity with her background…for good reason. Ruth Stafford is his grandmother, and he proudly introduced us to some of her facts and achievements in her long-time flying career beginning in 1954. She had flown shotgun with Sheldon, her husband of 58 years, helping with flight planning and navigation, keeping her thumb on the aircraft's present location. Sheldon had promised a gold watch for her birthday, but flying to Nevada she didn't get a feeling he had it with her. It was then he surprised her with a flying lesson with his cousin Jay as a gift. She said she didn't want to fly, and they didn't speak for two weeks. He said that "everyone in the front seat needs to know how to fly." She finally relented, and with 1,000 hours in the right seat, she seemed to enjoy the left seat more than she cared to admit. She got the bug, and now loves the sport…but, it was more like business for years. Along with Sheldon and a third Beechcraft, she made 52 solo flights across the Atlantic and into Europe and Africa delivering the new aircraft for a fee of $2,500. Admitting she loves to speak, when Mitch offered the opportunity, she "asked where and what time?" With the help of a slide presentation, she took us over the pond landing in Bangor, Goose Bay, Sondrestrom, (Bluie West) Ireland and other points east, always insisting on a tail wind. With aux tanks behind the pilot, the weight was not exactly in balance. In fact, a 2 X 4 was stuck under the tail until engine start. Flight planning and weather briefings were critical parts of the flights. Other slides included shots of Spain, the Azores, Iceland, Ivory Coast, and others. Flying over the dessert was done at night due to the heat, but whereas there was no activity on the ground during the day, at night the dessert was lighted by bonfires all over. She allowed time for questions on how was navigation accomplished? "Compass and watch, and when close enough to land, Non-Directional Beacons." What, no GPS!? Did you ever fall asleep while flying? "Yes, we actually took turns napping, with the napper leading the formation, aircraft carefully trimmed. If necessary, one of the other two aircraft following would wake the leader up to make corrections. Did you make position reports? "Yes, every 10 degrees, using High Frequency radio." Could you update your weather? "Yes, that was necessary as it changes rapidly. Ocean Station Vessels strategically placed on course could report weather at lower levels as knowing what was 10,000 and above reported by Jet aircraft wasn't of a whole lot of use." Where did you stay en route? "Mostly on the airport which eliminated the need for going through customs. We brought most of our own food." Ruth retired from ferrying aircraft in 1990 having accumulated 6,500 hours. She had earned her ATP in single and multi-engine land, CFI and II, single engine land and glider. She co-published and still sells "Senior Pilot Logbook." Ruth's support team includes Mitch's pilot-father Ron, and his two brothers, eight grandkids including Mitch and Brett, pilots, and 10 great-grand children still too young to carry on Sheldon's and Ruth'sl lgacy.Ruthadmitted she did get the gold watch having gone to the jewelry store next day and charged it to Sheldon! What great experiences, Ruth! Thanks for sharing them with us. Editor.

URGENT NOTICE!!! Paper Pilot Certificates expire March 31, 2010. Pilots cannot exercise the privileges
of their PAPER pilot certificates after March 31, 2010. Certificates issued under 14 CFR Parts 63 and 65 will expire March 31, 2013. FAR 61.19 (h) reads: "DURATION OF PILOTS CERTICATES. Except for a temporary certificate issued under 61.17 or a student pilot certificate issued under paragraph (b) of this section, the holder of a paper pilot certificate issued under this part may not exercise the privileges of that certificate after March 31, 2010." To obtain your new plastic pilot certificate, log onto web site: Fill out the form and pay the $2 charge with a credit card. It should arrive in the mail within two weeks. Terrie Jo Fox

NEW OFFICERS AND BOARD - As mentioned above, our elections will be held at the March meeting, Installation will be in April. The new board will take over in May. The Nominating Committee has recommended the following members for your consideration: President, Mitch Stafford; Vice-President, Tom Eagle; Secretary, Open; Treasurer, Terrie Jo Fox; Al St. Germain, Publisher of The Flyer. Board Members: Penrod Turk, Ralph Schmude; Jeanné Willerth, Frank Taylor, Al St. Germain and all past presidents. Nominations from the floor will be accepted. The nominations for Secretary and one director are open, so the slot is open for a volunteer or suggested person. Editor

POSSIBLE FLYOUT SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 21ST - Mitch Stafford is organizing a possible fly out to Papa Joe's Diner at Lincoln Municipal Airport about eight miles north of Warsaw. Lincoln (OR2) is 59 NM on bearing 120 degrees from Lee's Summit. Departure would be 11 AM. Mitch has landed there, and reports it is a very nice grass strip, 2940 ft. X 125 ft. Papa Joe's Diner is a cozy little local eatery about 200 yards from the airport. Need quick response to lock in this date or a later one. Please contact Mitch at 816-739-7011 or if you are able to fly or would like to catch a ride. It would be great to start the fly out program up again. Editor

February 21st, Possible date for fly out. See item above.
February 24th,
Membership Meeting, Ron Albertson and Terry Blake will share flying experiences with us.
March 2nd,
Chapter Board Meeting, 7 PM, Executive Beech Hangar, Downtown Airport. All members welcome.
March 24th,
Membership Meeting, Speaker to be announced. Request suggestions.

We have become aware of two websites that are great tools and fun that every pilot should check out and
(Editor's note: Many thanks to Mitch Stafford for this.)

Flight Plan is a great website with all of the information you would ever need in planning any length of trip (weather, sectional charts, winds aloft, fuel prices, approach plates and many more useful tools.) It is a free site that once you start using you'll use it for everything.

Fly2Lunch is a great website where you can find restaurants at airports around the country. You simply enter the three letter identifier of an airport and set a max distance away from that airport, and it will list all of the airports within that have restaurants. You can even break it down to on field, a short walk from the airport, and a short drive from the airport.

MPA CHAPTER BOARD MEETINGS - All chapter members are invited to attend board meetings.  They are normally held on the first Tuesday of the month, excluding holidays, at Executive Beechcraft, Downtown Airport, at 7 PM.  We always welcome your advice and assistance, and the coffee pot is on!

MPA STATE BOARD MEETINGS - Any MPA members may, and are invited and encouraged to, attend the state board meetings. Check the MPA News for meeting dates, times and locations. Gary Fox


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