The Flyer

January 2004

President: Earlene McClure, Vice-President: Penrod Turk,
Secretary: Pam Ratliff, Treasurer: Marty Young

Directors: Sarah McKinley, Ed Baucom, Alan Monshausen,
Joe Boyles, John Halpin and Past Presidents
Editor: Penrod Turk

December 10, 2003 --- Our December meeting celebrated the Hanukkah/Christmas Season with a special dinner at Hannah's in Lee's Summit, ably arranged by Pam Ratliff (speaker) and Marty Young (dinner). We had a special treat in that Bill Nicks, Director of Parks and Recreation, Lenexa, impersonated Wilbur Wright, telling the story of the "Flyer" making its historic first flight on December 17, 1903.

Ironically, some of our members would attend a reenactment a few days later at Kitty Hawk. Dressed in the typical bicycle maker's uniform of tie and white shirt with rolled up sleeves and vest, Wilbur established his connection with Kansas City by mentioning his and Orville's good friend, Octave Chanute, who designed the Hannibal Bridge, first railroad crossing of the Mighty Mo in 1869. Wilbur narrowed the time frame of his talk from May 30, 1899, when they requested the latest information available from the Smithsonian, to the date of the first flight. They were advised to read a book by Octave Chanute, "Progress In Flying Machines" and to look him up.

They concentrated on how big the wings should be, how much power would be required and how to control the flight. Observing birds lead to "wing warping" to turn the aircraft. Getting an idea from a bicycle tube box, they built a glider to try the theory in 1899, but weather delayed tests until 1900 when success was achieved, gliding hundreds of feet.

In 1901, with a redesigned wing, flights over 1,000 feet were achieved. Still, they felt they needed to work with sound data, not making it up as they went along. Wilbur was somewhat discouraged on the way back to Dayton, declaring that men would not fly for another 1000 years, toning that down to 50 years! Experimenting with a wind tunnel, they improved on the data they had been using, and built a more successful 1902 model including a moveable rudder and wing warping operated by shifting the pilot's hips.

Convinced that this was it, they had an engine built by Charles E. Taylor, who worked in their shop, and experimented with props turned by bicycle chains. What else? On December 17, 1903, they made four successful flights, the first piloted by Orville, 120 feet lasting 12 seconds, the fourth by Wilbur, the longest, 852 feet. Unfortunately, the winds picked up and destroyed the Flyer, and it never flew again. Elated by their success, and recorded on film for posterity, Orville telegrammed Dayton, "Success, four flights Thursday morning, all against 21 mile wind, started from level with engine power alone, average speed through air 31 miles, longest 57 seconds, inform press, home Christmas, Orevelle Wright."

Of course we know that the flight was actually 59 seconds long, and that the telegraph operator spelled Orville wrong. But then, with one of man's greatest achievements, who cares about a spelling error! Great story teller, Bill! On a personal note, my father was 10 years old that historic day, and lived to watch man's first flight to the moon as well.

Al St. Germain


January 28, 2004 — at Airline History Museum for a catered dinner and tour. Flame Throwers will cater the meal at Airline History. It will be B-B Ribs,Beef, Ham and Turkey with B-B Beans, Potato Salad Cold Slaw etc. Social hour at 6:00 pm, dinner at 6:30pm. Please call: Earlene McClure at 816-452-2083 to make your reservations. Cost is $14.00 per person, including tour.

February 25, 2004 -- Our meeting on 2/25/04 will be held at the Doubletree Hotel (DWT) at 1301 Wyandotte at 6:30 PM. This is the former Holiday Inn. Wyandotte is a one way street going south. The gate to the parking lot will be either open or with an attendant. If attended tell him you are with the MPA, and you will be allowed to park without charge.

A sign in the lobby will direct you to the proper room. The chicken dinner is $12 tax and tip inclusive. RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE BY 9PM, SUNDAY 2/22 by calling Earlene at 452-2083 or Alan at 452-6019. Please provide your name and the number of reservations you are making. ‘No-shows’ will be billed.

Meeting Locations for March, April, May and June are:

March -- DAV
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May --- Hometown Buffet, formerly the Old Country Buffet
June --- Clarion at the Airport

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MO-KAN Wings Contest - Remember - Get ready for next year. All non-pilot members should attend a safety meeting and have a WINGS card signed. These are needed for our interstate rivalry with the Kansas Pilots Association (KPA). The KPA is very serious about this contest and won the trophy (furnished by Ed Duckworth) year before last. All non-pilot members should send their signed wings card to Penrod Turk.

WINGS - Congratulations to Jay Loutzenheiser for earning Phase VI, Gary Seesing, Phase I, and Bob Bradford, Phase II. Remember, send a copy of your letter or certificate to Penrod Turk, 4 West 112th Street, K.C., MO 64114.

The State Wings Contest runs from April 1st thru March 31st each year. Let's make the WINGS year WINGS Safe. All it takes is one hour of air work, one hour of takeoffs and landings, one hour of instrument and a safety meeting. It is the responsibility of each chapter WINGS Chair to keep track of all their WINGS participants. So please keep Chapter Wings Officer, Penrod Turk, informed upon the completion of any phase. (4 West 112th Street, Kansas City, MO 64114-5304)

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