June Williams, Editor
jrw@planetkc.com July 2001

The Flyer

President: Vacant / Vice-President: Paul Broome / Secretary: Pam Ratliff / Treasurer: Marty Young /
Directors: Jim Root, Penrod Turk, Patrick Hubbard, Earlene McClure, Jeff Page, June Williams and Past Presidents.

Congratulations to Theda Beningfield on her induction into
The International Forest of Friendship.

KC Chapter Board Meeting - June 5, 2001: There was an announcement that Rich Staley had resigned as President of the Kansas City Chapter, MPA. Interested in helping our chapter out, please contact Gary Fox, Herb Roberts or Penrod Turk.

The featured speaker for June was Judge Anthony Romano of District 26 of the Jackson County District Court. A short list of some of his credits includes degrees from Rockhurst and UMKC Law School, 23 years of practice in civil and criminal law, prosecutor for Jackson County and an attorney in the Missouri Attorney General's Office. In introducing Judge Romano, Herb Roberts said judges are addressed as "your honor," but in his case, he fully deserves the title! Judge Romano picked out four cases that were interesting, frustrating and oddball for him, but proved humorous to an appreciative audience. One involved ordering a dog to be removed from a deposition room, another concerned a dispute over interest of 52 cents and eight cents balance on a loan judgment, and one in which a murder occurred and all got off Scott- free. The last was about an argument over single or dual channel radios in a C-150 which could have been replaced at a fraction of the cost of the attorney fees. If you missed the talk, Penrod Turk has the tape, and it would be well worth listening to for a few laughs.

Al St. Germain

Missouri State Senate Web Site: http://www.senate.state.mo.us

Missouri House Web Site: http://www.house.state.mo.us/home.htm

Put This On Your Calendar!

The Christmas MPA Dinner is not far away. The reservation date is made for December 12th at V's Italiano Ristorante, 40 Hwy, Independence MO.


July 25, 2001 - at DAV, 8787 Old Santa Fe Road. Reservations MUST BE MADE by SATURDAY, July 21, 2001, if not on the permanent reservation list. Our menu will be: Poormans Steak, Baked Potato, Green Beans, Salad and dessert. Special dietary needs can be accommodated at the time of the reservation.

Please call : JUNE WILLIAMS AFTER NOON AT 816-224-3241 to make your reservations.
Remember - Meeting time: Social from 6:00 to 6:30 P.M.. Dinner at 6:30. Cost is $12.00 per person.


Programs: Program committee chair: Herb Roberts

July 25 - Mr. Jay Henning of the Kansas CAP will present an interesting program of how the CAP searches for overdue aircraft. Mr. Henning is a member of the KC Marine Aero Club and gave this same presentation to the Aero Club. It is very interesting and he tells of a couple of specific searches.

August 22 - Our speaker for August is Mr. Wilmot "Dusty" Rhodes. Mr. Rhodes will talk about an aircraft launch system he was acquainted with called the Brodie system. I believe this system was tried during or just after the second world war.

Flyouts: Flyout Committee Chair: Sarah McKinley

NOTE: When you see RSVP, Sarah MUST know to arrange transportation to the restaurant.

July 7 (Sat) - Grand Glaze Airport, Osage Beach, MO Landing @ 10:00 am Kenilworth House Restaurant and Shopping at Mall.
July 14 (Sat) - Wayne, NE Landing @ 9:00 am "Annual Chicken Show Fly-in" Omelet Feed, Parades, Food, Fun, Transportation to Bressler Park Chicken Contests Show RSVP www.chickenshow.com
July 15 (Sun) - Council Bluffs, IA Landing @ 9:00am (Lunch at 11:30 am) (Elvis Show at 2:00 pm) "Fifth Annual Images of Elvis" Bluffs River Casino. RSVP for transportation
July 21 (Sat) - Stockton, MO - Landing @ 8:30am, Breakfast at Bongo Bistro, Shopping RSVP for transportation
July 28 (Sat) - Topeka Billard, KS Landing @ 8:30 Breakfast
August 4, Saturday - Beatrice, NE @ 9:00. Car to Wilbur, NE for Czech Festival. Czech food, dancing, Wilbur wiener eating contest, accordion jamboree, parade @2:00.

The following are hot weather fly-ins. (Early in the day)

August 5 Sunday - St. Joseph, MO, 8:30 for breakfast.
August 11 & 12 Sat & Sun - Aviation Expo @ Kansas City Downtown Airport. Visit MPA Booth.
August 18 Saturday - Miami County Kansas for breakfast@ 8:00.
August 25 Saturday - Lincoln, MO. Landing at 8:30 for breakfast.
August 26 Sunday - Greenfield, IA Fly-in breakfast. Annual Wings, wheels and Whistles. Airport museum on the field.
September 2 Sunday - Bolivar, MO for breakfast. Landing @ 8:30
September 8 Saturday - Airport Days at Ft. Scott, KS.
September 9 Sunday - Maryville, MO. Pancake fly-in breakfast 7:00 - 12:00.
September 15 Saturday - MPA South Central Chapter Air Show at West Plains, MO
September 15 Saturday - Clay Co. Regional Airport. Fly-in breakfast 8:00 - 12:00.
September 15 Saturday - Kirksville, MO Airport Days.
September 22 Saturday - MPA Poker Run starting at Osage Beach,Grand Glaize Airport. Please see the MPA NEWS for details. (July issue page 12 & 13.)
September 29 Saturday - Centerville, IA Pancake Days. Landing at 10:00, parade at 1:00 (bring chairs). Lots of fun activities. Free pancakes until noon.
September 30 Sunday - Cottonwood Falls, KS, Chase County International Airport. Emma Chase Café. Fly-in breakfast. Land at 8:00.

Please RSVP to Sarah McKinley @ 816-320-3462 or E-Mail Herb@ Herb9649@yahoo.com
Also the morning of fly-out you can call 816-781-7194 out of Roosterville Airport.
Airborne Communications is 122.75. Remember that our minimums are 3000 and 5.

At Miami Co. Airport "We B Smokin" B.B.Q. Restaurant is open Mon-Thur: 11:00am-8:00pm,
Fri: 11:00am-9:00pm, Sat: 6:00am-9:00pm, Sun:. 6:00am-2:00pm (Breakfast only) 913-755-0175

W hy
I nstruction
N ever
G oes
S outh
In the last 3 years there were NO accidents involving a WINGS participant. Just looking at this information, isn't it worth the 3 flying hours and a safety meeting to avoid a costly accident? Participate in the WINGS program. It's better than a BFR.

MO-KAN Wings Contest - Remember - Get ready for next year. All non-pilot members should attend a safety meeting and have a WINGS card signed. These are needed for our inter-state rivalry with the Kansas Pilots Association (KPA). The KPA is very serious about this contest and won the trophy (furnished by Ed Duckworth) last year. All non-pilot members should send their signed wings card to Penrod Turk.

The State Wings Contest runs from April 1st thru March 31st each year. Let's make the WINGS year WINGS Safe. All it takes is one hour of air work, one hour of takeoffs and landings, one hour of instrument and a safety meeting. It is the responsibility of each chapter WINGS Chair to keep track of all their WINGS participants. So -- please -- keep Chapter Wings Officer, Penrod Turk, informed upon the completion of any phase. (4 West 112th Street, Kansas City, MO 64114-5304)

MPA Board Meetings - This is a reminder that any member can attend our chapter board meetings . They are held on the first Tuesday of the month, excluding holidays, at Executive Beechcraft, Downtown Airport, at 7:00 P.M. We always welcome your advice and assistance, and the hospitality is great.

MPA State Board Meetings - Anyone can attend the State board meeting. Check the M.P.A. NEWS for meeting date and location. Make this your additional flyout.

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