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John Whitford, Editor June, 2000

President: Rich Staley -Vice-president: Tim McDermott -Secretary: June Williams-Treasurer: Marty Young
Directors: Peter Baas, Paul Broome, Pam Ratliff, Jim Root, Al St. Germain, Penrod Turk, and Past Presidents.

President's Corner

I hope that everyone who can, will attend this month's Chapter meeting at the DAV Hall on June 28. I have worked hard to get Mr. Charles Gray, former radio and television newsman to speak to us. I have known Charles for many years and can assure all who attend that you will have a very interesting evening listening to Mr. Gray tell of his experiences with another Kansas City notable, John Wagner. John was Kansas City's first "Spy in the Sky". Charles has written a book, soon to be published, about Mr. Wagner and some of his antics. I know John Wagner and can tell you that he is a character who's life as a flyer should make for good reading. But I'll let Charles tell you that story. Be sure to be there. Then, in July, I have been able to get Mr. Jim Ruse of the KC Flyer to speak to us. I have heard Mr. Ruse when he spoke to the KC Marine Aero Club. He also will be very interesting to listen to, I guarantee. In August, I hope to have Mr. Ron Albertson who I'm sure a lot of you know. Ron is a CFII and stunt pilot who has an interesting story to tell. He is not firm yet but I have my fingers crossed. Hopefully by that time we will have a new Program Chairman in place and I can at last become ex-president for life and program chairman. See you at the meeting. Herb

May 24 Meeting - Just about anyone who lives in the Kansas City area recognizes the unique drone of a four-engine propeller-driven aircraft as it wings its way to another airshow. Sav-A-Connie, (now Airline History Museum), proudly flies and displays its showpiece Lockheed Constellation Model 1049H, the product of thousands of dollars and volunteer man-hours, to bring living history to those who might never have known about her. And, it probably brings back great memories and nostalgia to those who did. Dick McMahon, A. F. retiree, Connie pilot, R-G airport manager, past president and co-founder of Sav-A-Connie, not to mention MPA member, spoke to us in May about the history of this flying museum piece. Just by chance in the summer of 1985, Dick, or Larry Brown, chief pilot for the then Wilcox Electric, gazing at some aircraft pictures, remarked, "why don't we get one of those Connies and fix it up and fly it to airshows?" That "stupid" remark lead to the search for a Connie, ending in Mesa, AZ. Nine weeks, two days and 3600 man-hours resulted in a one-time ferry flight for the patched up bird to Kansas City on July 15, 1986. Eighteen months of intense restoration work produced a product that brings glory to all the volunteers, to Kansas City, and to TWA whose colors the Connie proudly wears. Always a cargo aircraft, and one of the last Connies built, this plane picked up bullet holes from numerous trips to Vietnam. A horse going berserk in-flight was put out of its misery with a round of .45 slugs, explaining the bullet holes coming out of the airplane! Dick's talk, highlighted by a slide show, told also of the newer acquisitions, the Martin 404, Douglas DC-3 and the forthcoming Douglas DC-7B. Only missing from the picture was Bob McClure, but surely he smiled down on us with pride and satisfaction at his part in the resurrection of this beautiful Connie. Al St. Germain

MARION JAYNE AIR RACE- June 3 thru 9 was an exciting week for MPA. Several of our chapter members volunteered for and participated in the Lee's Summit 300 and the Marion Jayne air races held at LXT. The racers enjoyed their week in Lee's Summit and were very appreciative of the great job performed by MPA volunteers. Congratulations to Jeanné Willerth and Cathie Bordner who finished 8th in the Marion Jayne and to Paul Broome and Pen Turk for their 5th place finish in the Lee's Summit 300.

Please note!

June 28, 2000 - at DAV, 8787 Old Santa Fe Road. Reservations MUST BE MADE by SATURDAY, June 24 ,2000, if not on the permanent reservation list. Our menu will be: Salad, Stuffed Pork Chop, mashed potatoes, gravy, vegetable, roll and butter, coffee/tea, and dessert. Special dietary needs can be accommodated at the time of the reservation. Please call : JUNE WILLIAMS AFTER NOON AT 816-224-3241 to make your reservations.

Remember - Meeting time: Social from 6:00 to 6:30 P.M.. Dinner at 6:30. Cost is $12.00 per person.

Put This On Your Calendar!

Programs: Program committee chair: Herb Roberts

June 28, 2000: Mr Charles Gray will be our guest speaker. See President's Corner.

Flyouts: Flyout committee chair: Bob Williams

If the weather looks marginal, or if anyone needs a ride (Don't forget to share expenses) or has an extra seat, please call Bob at 224-3241. A Go/No Go decision will be made and information on "Ride Central" will be available. Unless otherwise indicated, all flyouts will be at noon. Remember that our minimums are 3000 and 5.

DON'T BE SHY! Seats were available for past flyouts.

If weather cancels a flyout, our alternate will be International House of Pancakes, 8932 Hillcrest Rd, (Benjamin Plaza) at 10:00 a.m.

I would like to setup a flyout e-mail response list to notify you of last minute flyout changes or cancellation. If you would send me a short message ( just say hi). I can copy your e-mail address to my address book then I can send you updates. I have learned how to Blind Carbon Copy this way your e-mail address will be confidential. My address is You can use e-mail to let me know if you are planning to go on a flyout or not. Bob Williams

June 23,24,25
State Annual Convention at St Joseph, Mo.
July 30
Lamoni, Ia meet for Lunch
Chapter Picnic
August 12 & 13
Aviation Expo 2000

W hy
I nstruction
N ever
G oes
S outh
In 1996 there were 1,907 General Aviation (GA) accidents. Of all these accidents, only 2 involved pilots who had participated in the WINGS program during the previous 12 months! Each accident had an average cost of $30,000 dollars. Just looking at this information, isn't it worth the 3 flying hours and a safety meeting to avoid a costly accident? Participate in the WINGS program. It's better than a BFR

WINGS - Congratulation to anyone completing their WINGS in the last month. Remember, send a copy of your certificate to WINGS Officer Penrod Turk at 4 West 112th Street, K.C., MO 64114-5304.

MPA Board Meetings - This is a reminder that any member can attend our chapter board meetings. They are held on the first Tuesday of the month, excluding holidays, at Executive Beechcraft, Downtown Airport, at 7:00 P.M. We always welcome your advice and assistance, and the hospitality is great.

MPA State Board Meetings - Anyone can attend the State board meeting. Check the M.P.A. News for meeting date and location. Make this your additional flyout.

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