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June 2009

OfficersPresident:   Gary Fox; Vice President:  vacant;   Secretary: Jan Handley; Treasurer:   Terrie  Jo  Fox;   Directors: Ralph  Schmude,  Al St. Germain, Frank Taylor,  Penrod Turk,   Jeanné Willerth and  Past Presidents.  Chairpersons: Wings  Program :  open;  Safety:  Chris  St. Germain;  Membership: open; Meeting Arrangements: Terrie Jo Fox; Editor: Al St. Germain

PRESIDENTS MESSAGE - Let's talk "USE TAX" - - - each week I am hearing from or about airplane owners in Missouri receiving "the letter" from the MO Dept. of Treasury - so if you received one you are not alone. In this state's frantic search for income it is now clear that aircraft owners and pilots have been "profiled" to fill the gap. The people in Jeff City were very nice and helpful but their final decision on my Tri-Pacer was that they would forgive the penalty but I still must pay the interest. Guess which is more??? Your State MPA Board is forming a task force to delve into this issue with legislators - but I need to hear from more of you. Please contact me via email: or call anytime during the day 816-795-7233 or on my cell 816-985-5406. We need to know how many aircraft owners and pilots are affected as it will predicate how we proceed with a course of action. **** Now let's talk "WINGS" - - - after the last meeting and presentation from Doug Jackson, it has also become clear that not enough pilots are enrolling in the new program. Some have suggested that we have a training meeting to actually learn how to access the system through some sort of simulation presentation. Your board will get this arranged as soon as possible. Also - if you attended the last meeting - and signed up for Wings credit - and have not received your certificate - contact as he does have a copy of who attended but either no email or contact info to award you credit. **** Please check your NOTAMS - example: runway 18/36 is closed at LXT in reference to new east taxiway. **** Remember - a thunderstorm is never as bad on the inside as it appears on the outside - - it's worse. Gary Fox

JUNE GUEST SPEAKER - Dr. William "Bill" Rankin, Aviation Department and Associate Professor at UCM. Dr. Rankin will speak on the Aviation Program at UCM.

DINNER RESERVATION INFO - Our next regular meeting will begin with social time at 6:00, dinner at 6:30 sharp on Wednesday, June 24, 2009 the Disabled American Veterans, 8787 Old Santa Fe Road, KCMO. Take I-435 to 87th Street exit, (Missouri !!) go east on 87th Street 1.1 miles, turn right on Old Santa Fe Road, 0.2 miles to DAV on your left. OR, west from Blue Ridge Boulevard onto 87th Street, immediate left on Old Santa Fe Road, 0.2 miles to DAV on your left. Our menu will be: Salisbury Steak, Mashed Potatoes/Gravy, vegetable, Salad, Bread/Butter, Dessert, Coffee/Tea. Terrie Jo Fox

RESERVATIONS ARE A MUST so please contact Terrie Jo by noon on Monday, June 22, 2009 by e-mail: or 795-7233. The cost is $12, including gratuity, and DAV reservations must be made and kept.Terrie Jo Fox

JOE MOORE BIOGRAPHY --- It was April 11, 2009 early on a Saturday morning at the Kansas City Downtown Airport, Kansas City, Missouri, when Joe Moore took to the skies for the first time "alone". The aircraft was a 1977 Cessna 172. There was no doubt that Joe Moore enjoyed every second of his first solo flight because he had been preparing for the moment when the wheels of the aircraft left the ground and he left his instructor back at the terminal. The first takeoff was on Runway 3 and the first landing was on Runway 1. A little contrast from tower operators always helps ones confidence, especially on the first solo flight. At a very early age Joe knew he would one day take to the sky by himself just as his Father (Marvin Moore, also his instructor), Grandfather, and Great-Grandfather did many years before his time. Joe is a fourth generation pilot and proud to be a part of the general aviation world. During his childhood and early teenage years he was commonly called an "Airport Bum" because the majority of his summers were spent at an airport, specifically Lee's Summit and Grain Valley, bugging the line guys and getting to ride in all sorts of airplanes and helicopters. Joe's love for flying doesn't stop at the airport, when he has free time he usually will fly his computer with X-Plane and Flight Simulator X. He typically attends MPA meetings with his Dad. When asked what he enjoyed the most about his solo, Joe replied "The first time around the pattern was an awesome feeling because the fact that I was actually achieving my dream of flying by myself through the skies and nothing but the airplane and me…He had a grin from ear-to-ear the entire time that he was making this statement, except for the fact that when he had to taxi back to the hangar, knowing the flying was over for the day. He would have liked to been up there forever with unlimited fuel of course! Joe also trains in a helicopter and plans on taking his checkride for the rotorcraft sometime after he completes his airplane checkride. Joe is a senior at Blue Springs High School where he is on the "A" Honor Roll and is hoping to attend West Point Military Academy after graduation. Joe enjoys sharing his flying experiences at school during class presentations or at the lunch table with his friends. He is an Eagle Scout with the Boys Scouts of America and is proud to be part one of the team with Troop 332 in Blue Springs, MO.

Next membership meeting, June 24. Call another member, and offer a ride. Save cooking dinner!
Board meeting, July 7. All members are welcome. Your ideas are solicited, especially on new members.

MPA CHAPTER BOARD MEETINGS - All chapter members are invited to attend board meetings.  They are normally held on the first Tuesday of the month, excluding holidays, at Executive Beechcraft, Downtown Airport, at 7 PM.  We always welcome your advice and assistance, and the coffee pot is on!

MPA STATE BOARD MEETINGS - Any MPA members may, and are invited and encouraged to, attend the state board meetings. Check the MPA News for meeting dates, times and locations. Gary Fox

WINGS - There's been a change to the WINGS program. Participants can go on-line, go to the Wings Pilot Proficiency Program, and select Airman Profile. There is a new block at the bottom that allows entry of Superseded Wings Phase. This is a one-time opportunity to add the Phase of Wings that an airman held in the old Wings program. The options are phase 1 thru 20. Some people were issued certificates for Phases above 20, but 20 was the official highest Phase that could be held so don't enter anything higher than 20. Once an entry is made, it can't be changed. The Phase entered will appear on the My Wings page in the Superseded Wings Program box. This is just a way of acknowledging the accomplishments of airmen who qualified for Wings in the old program. If the airman allows external review for a 3rd party, the information will be available. Likewise, it provides a record that demonstrates an airman's "positive attitude about safety" which can be helpful in some situations. *** Central Region FAA Safety Team (FAASTeam)

MPA STATE BOARD MEETINGS - Any MPA members may, and are invited and encouraged to, attend the state board meetings.  Check the MPA News for meeting dates, times and locations.  Gary Fox

CHAPTER FLYOUT INFORMATION - We will be flying to only 3 or 4 close airports in 2009 due to gas prices, and to increase our flying and members' participation.  (Non-flyers welcome!)  With a new chairperson, we hope to provide  e-mail notification the week before.  Please volunteer.  Info on flyouts can be obtained at, or the State News Letter at . Tell us where you want to go..


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