The Flyer

June 2010

Officers: President: Mitchell Stafford, Vice President: Tom Eagle; Secretary: Open; Treasurer: Terrie Jo Fox; Directors: Penrod Turk, Ralph Schmude, Jeanné Willerth, Frank Taylor, Al St. Germain and Past Presidents. Chairpersons: Wings Program : Open; Safety: Chris St. Germain,
Open; Meeting Arrangements: Terrie Jo Fox;
Al St. Germain

Very Important! See changes in meeting date and place for June!!

Setting goals is an important task in all of our lives. Goals give us direction and focus, as well as something we are trying to achieve. Our chapter is no different. Increasing membership, awareness of our organization and activity within our chapter are a few areas we can work on. First off is increasing our membership. It would be great to add one new member every month. How many people do you know who are pilots or share an interest in aviation? I bet there are more than you think. You could be that person who introduces someone to aviation. Secondly is increasing the awareness of our organization. Surprisingly enough, not that many pilots in our area know about our organization or our chapter. Coming to meetings, going on fly-outs, and many other activities are some we can participate in as a group. All three of these areas are tied to one another. The more we get out in the community, the more people will know about us, and the more members we will gain. I look forward to seeing you all at our next meeting which will be at Hy-Vee at 40 Highway and Noland Road on the FIFTH Wednesday, June 30, at 6 PM. Mitch

SPEAKER SUMMARY - Our new president, Mitch Stafford, was looking for a May speaker, when it occurred to him that since Gary Fox is now retired, maybe he could talk His e-mail was responded to with a "yes" in ten minutes. Gary chose to mention "stuff he got away with" in his 20-year career beginning on December 31, 1954, and some equipment he worked on. He says only an idiot would report in on New Year's Eve, but maybe some general had to meet a year-end recruiting quota. Or, maybe it was a good time to leave Buffalo with its notorious snow storms, and head for now-closed Sampson AFB in mid-NY for basic training. Gary used slides of missiles, but they don't reproduce well on paper. He indicated most of his career was in missiles starting with our copy of the German V-1 up to the Minute Man with Circular Error Probability (how close to the target) improving all the time. He was sent to Lowery AFB in Denver for "Pilotless Aircraft and Guidance Systems" training (what, aircraft without pilots!?) and was assigned KP the first day, followed by "firing" the furnaces in the WAF barracks for awhile. Went to tech school, stayed as an electronics instructor, so he decided to become an officer, whatever that was, took the test and failed it having just finished high school. Someone told him he could sit around drinking Scotch and not do anything. Got his third stripe in two and a half years. The Matador looks like a V-1 shot by the Germans into London. It had an old analog computer. Very crude and was replaced in 1961. The Rascal, GAM-63, carried 18,000 pounds of red fuming nitric acid and lots of kerosene. Mixed together was OK, but a small pellet of hydrazine would set it off. Launched off right wing of a B-47. Two interim assignments, then to Amarillo AFB testing Snark missiles guided by the stars. (Delivered a number of these from Boeing/Seattle to Presque Isle, Maine, returning with many orders of lobsters! Ed.) Worked on GF-80 Firebee drones and unmanned B-47s. Gary took the officer candidate school test three times, got 100% on the last one graded by another SSgt Gary Fox. Six months at OCS, 2nd Lt. in June 1960. Started pilot school, but washed out of the T-34, didn't want to be a navigator, so was assigned to Titan I missile wing at Lowry AFB, Denver Colorado. Being underground should be a safe assignment until concrete doors fell during construction and killed many civilian contractors during shift change. Spent three months "in the hole" training six crews to combat ready status during the Cuban Missile crisis. Made regular officer status while a Lt. Made Captain and went to Keesler AFB, MS by the seashore (no oil slicks) followed by a three-year stint as Chief of Maintenance, Spanish Communications Region, Torrejon AB, Spain. Flew with "Silk Purse" Airborne Command Post, in Tripoli, North Africa where the camels smelled better than the people! Unpleasant hot winds, rock washing machine, armpit location. Made Major while in Spain, but due to numbers ahead of him, did not get to wear leaves for two years. On to Cheyenne, Wyoming, Chief of Maintenance in charge of among other things, the base telephone system where the manholes would fill up with storm water, and he would catch it from the general's wife! Then, off to Offutt AFB, SAC headquarters in charge of KC-135 "Looking Glass" communication crews as a non rated officer on full flying status with the extra pay. U of Omaha on the side getting BS in basket weaving. Taking care of a large family with health problems forced him to cut a successful career short. A general tore up his resignation, but a bottle of Crown Royal to an E-9 and one for the personnel type got the papers approved, and he retired February 1, 1975 in the grade of Major. After a long round of applause, President Mitch noted that the speakers normally received an MPA ball cap, but to acknowledge Gary's long, faithful service to MPA and our chapter, he presented him with a plaque, and a cake with Gary's Tri-Pacer in frosting. And, of course, how could we forget the great woman behind a great guy? Mitch presented Terrie Jo with a bouquet of roses and our thanks for her time and effort for the chapter. Great talk, Gary, and many thanks for your time, effort and leadership! Editor.

DINNER RESERVATION INFORMATION - VERY IMPORTANT!! Our regular meeting venue this month has been changed to Hy-Vee at the northeast corner of Noland Road and 40 Highway. As usual, we will have time to socialize at 6 PM, followed by dinner at 6:30 PM sharp on the FIFTH Wednesday, JUNE 30th. Our menu will be Fried Chicken, Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, and Cheesecake or Apple Crisp for Dessert. Price still $12.00. Joe Pestka, MODOT Aviation Director will be our guest speaker covering State Aviation in Missouri. There is only a limited number of seats, so make your reservation early, but not later than Monday, June 28th. Reservations are a must, so please call Terrie Jo during the day at 816-795-7233. Let's have a great turnout for Joe coming from Jeff City.Terrie Jo Fox.

MPA CHAPTER BOARD MEETINGS -- All chapter members are invited to attend board meetings. They are normally held on the first Tuesday of the month, excluding holidays, at Executive Beechcraft, Downtown Airport, at 7 PM. We always welcome your advice and assistance, and the coffee pot is on! Remember, next meeting is at 6 PM, one hour earlier, Tuesday, June 1st, 2010. Mitch

MPA STATE BOARD MEETINGS - Any MPA member may, and are invited and encouraged to, attend the State Board meetings. Check the MPA News for meeting dates, times and locations. Mitch

June 19th, Saturday, Pancake Breakfast, Young Eagle Flights, EAA Hangar, Lee's Summit Airport
June 30th, Wednesday,
Membership meeting at HY-VEE at Noland Road and 40 Highway, 6 PM
July 6th, Tuesday,
MPA Chapter Board Meeting, 7 PM, Executive Beech Hangar, Downtown Airport.
All members are welcome. Your ideas and input are valuable. Contact Mitch at 739-7011.
July 28th,
Wednesday, Membership Meeting, location to be announced. Editor.

Two websites that are great tools and fun that every pilot should check out are: and (Editor's note: Many thanks to Mitch Stafford for this.)

Flight Plan is a great website with all of the information you would ever need in planning any length of trip (weather, sectional charts, winds aloft, fuel prices, approach plates and many more useful tools.) It is a free site that once you start using you'll use it for everything.

Fly2Lunch is a great website where you can find restaurants at airports around the country. You simply enter the three letter identifier of an airport and set a max distance away from that airport, and it will list all of the airports within that have restaurants. You can even break it down to on field, a short walk from the airport, and a short drive from the airport.

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