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March 2003

Jack May

Our speaker coordinator, Marvin Moore, picked another winner! Jack May, Director of Aviation Weather Center of Kansas City, was our February speaker, and covered aviation weather available now and what we can expect in the future using Power Point slides. His center has a staff of 55 and 10 contractors. His interest in aviation sprung from an uncle who retired from United and his 82 hours of flight experience in college. It continues as he follows his son's adventures as a KC-135 pilot. Jack's office is one of nine national centers, each specializing in various aspects of weather such as hurricane, climate, storm, and ocean prediction centers and even one for space weather. His center is closer to serving our immediate needs for Sigmets, Airmets, and area forecasts for two-thirds of the world. Check the website WWW.AVIATIONWEATHER.GOV. A project called "Aviation Research Program" will be available in the near future, understanding how weather works in regards to turbulence, icing, and low visibilities. This office will take the research of the three teams and put it into useable products. The first one is "National Convective Weather Forecast" making five-minute updates of thunderstorm information and is available now on the web site. Also in the works is "Current Icing Potential" which is an assessment of any kind of icing possibilities right now at 3,000 foot levels. It uses PIREPs to determine which of 35 different algorithms is used to confirm whether or not icing exists. PIREPs ARE IMPORTANT! A similar program for turbulence is available under "GFAX" for above FL 20,000. Also check "ADDS" as a briefing tool using the cursor to search airport observations, PIREPs, METARs, etc. Many of these products will be available in the cockpit in the future. All will enhance safety as well as convenience…and they are free!

Al St. Germain

Congratulation to Warren Vance for receiving his Phase VII Wings.

The Nominating Committee for 2003 for the Kansas City Chapter are Theda Beningfield (816-356-4669), Herb Roberts (816-924-0461) and Chris St Germain (816-737-3286) please contact if you are interested in a board position.

2003 MPA 49th STATE CONVENTION, June 6, 7, & 8 — Gateway Chapter MPA (Deadline is May 31)

Chairman: Marvin Moore

March 26, 2003 - Jim Morris is a retired airline pilot. "50 years in aviation, almost, or one half of the Wright Brothers".


March 26, 2003 at DAV, 8787 Old Santa Fe Road.
Reservations MUST BE MADE by NO LATTER THEN SUNDAY, March 23, 2003,
Special dietary needs can be accommodated at the time of the reservation.

Please call: June Williams After Noon at 816-224-3241 or E-Mail to make your reservations.

Our menu will be: Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Mixed Vegetable, Salad, Roll and Ice Cream.

Cost is $12.00 per person. Dinner at 6:30 P.M. — Social from 6:00 to 6:30 P.M.

Chairman: Sarah McKinley

April 26 & 27, 2003 (Sat) - Lunch at 1:00, BQ, bring covered dish, $3.00 (Rebels Bluff ), R-2200x75, sod, very nice, Les Featherton 417-466-4663. N-37-06.1 min, W-93-52.2 min. (2 miles north of Mt Vernon Airport). Call Les for transportation from Mr. Vernon Airport if landing there. There will be skydiving, glider dem, acrobatic show. May stay overnight at local motels (Mt. Vernon) or in hangar at Les's airport. Breakfast next morning at Rebels Bluff.

May or June - Hangar Party and/or possible airplane plant tour

June 22, 2003 - Red Cloud, Neb.

Please RSVP to Sarah McKinley Phone: 816-320-3462 or E-Mail: Also the morning of fly-out you can call: 816-781-7194 - Roosterville Airport. Airborne Communications is 122.75. Remember that our minimums are 3000 AGL and 5 miles.

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