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March, 2007

OfficersPresident: Gary Fox;  Vice President: vacant;   Secretary: Jan Handley;
Treasurer: Terrie Jo Fox;
Directors: Mike Douglas, Ralph Schmude, Al St. Germain, Penrod Turk, Jeanné Willerth, and Past Presidents.
Chairpersons: Wings Program ; Penrod Turk; Safety: Chris St. Germain; Membership: Charles Wright; Meeting Arrangements: Terrie Jo Fox.
Editor: Al St. Germain 

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE - It seems Spring is finally arriving. There should be more aviation activity as most of us have gotten cabin fever by now. Maybe we can do some flyouts. Would anybody like to take the leadership on? At our executive meeting, we discussed the future speaker schedule. See item below. Please note that some flight service stations will be closing and other areas will be further consolidated. Other important items of concern were the forthcoming legislation to charge user fees. See item below. We would also like to repeat our request for your participation in Aviation Day on April 25th. Please see that item below and the February MPA News, as well. "Now is the time for all good men (and women…!") Gary Fox.
KANSAS CITY CHAPTER OF THE MISSOURI PILOTS ASSOCIATION PRESENTS USER FEES "USER FEES" are the biggest issue facing all aspects of General Aviation. This isn't about whether individual pilots pay enough - it's about creating a radical new way to pay for government safety services and turning control of this safety over to private industry. It's about cost, safety, freedom and "preserving general aviation and the freedom of average citizens to fly for business and pleasure". All stakeholders in General Aviation are invited and encouraged to attend the KC Chapter Meeting, Wednesday, March 28th for a special presentation on "USER FEES". Bob Dickens, AOPA Midwest Regional Representative, will be presenting. As an Army Aviation veteran, former NTSB aircraft accident investigator and safety program manager for FAA"s Kansas City Flight Standards District Office in Kansas City, Bob brings a tremendous amount of experience to the table. Bob will make his presentation at the next regular KC Chapter meeting at D.A.V., 8787 Old Santa Fe Rd., Kansas City, MO 64138. Social at 6 PM with dinner served at 6:30 PM sharp. Let's give Bob a great welcome to our area. Please see details below. Gary Fox.

STATE AVIATION DAY - State Aviation Day" is scheduled for Wednesday, April 25th in Jefferson City. In preparation for this first-ever event, we are asking that every MPA member sign up to visit at least one of the 114 paved, public-use airports in the State System Plan prior to the event. If you are interested, please contact me ASAP and your name will be submitted to Les Featherston who is assigning airports. He will send you a packet of information to leave at each location with the airport manager. Please read your State Newsletter for more detailed information. We are assigned Lexington, Higginsville, Lee's Summit, Grain Valley, Liberty, KC Downtown, KC MCI, Moseley-Clay County. Already covered are, Excelsior Springs, Roosterville. and Mosley-Clay County. Gary Fox..

DINNER RESERVATION INFORMATION – Our next regular meeting will begin with social time at 6:00, dinner at 6:30 sharp on Wednesday, March 28, at the Disabled American Veterans, 8787 Old Santa Fe Road, KCMO. As mentioned, our speaker will be Bob Dickens. If you can't make it for dinner, come at 7:15. (I-435, go east on 87th Street OR west from Blue Ridge Boulevard, to Old Santa Fe Road, one block west of Blue Ridge then south on .) The menu will consist of Salisbury Steak, Mashed Potatoes/Gravy, Vegetable, Salad, Bread/Butter, Coffee/Tea, Dessert. Please make your reservations with Terrie Jo by Monday noon, March 26 by e-mail, or 795-7233. Cost is $11 including gratuity, and DAV reservations must be made and kept. Terrie Jo Fox.

NEW OFFICERS - The present board stayed on from last year except for Marvin Moore who has joined FAA. It is time to start thinking about a new slate of officers. New officers bring new ideas and enthusiasm. Please consider volunteering. The old board will be glad to offer any assistance to get started. Elections will be in March, swearing in April, and the new board takes over in May.

Please mark your calendars now so you won't forget any meetings.
March 28th - Bob Dickens
April 25 - FAA Appreciation Night
May 23 - "Tall Towers" Kathy Randolph. FAA
June 27 - State Convention at St. Joseph
July 25 - .July to December To be announced

SPEAKER SUMMARY - When trying to summarize a 41-year flying career, one has to be brief! I'll try. Our February speaker, Gene Snyder, spent 23 years in the Army Air Corps, Army Air Forces and finally the U. S. Air Force starting in 1942 as a new 18 year-old high school grad. But, I get ahead of myself, as Gene began his talk recounting his first flight at two months old. Gene had been born in his grandmother's home in Pennsylvania where his parents lived, a two story with narrow, steep, dark stairs, where she launched him into space when she caught her heel in her long dress, and went tumbling down. He was momentarily lost when he landed, having been buried in a pile of laundry at the bottom of the stairs, but was found and uncovered smiling without a whimper! Unfortunately, the landing and flying time were not recorded! After swearing in, there were many moves for aptitude testing; primary training in the PT-17, the famous Stearman in which 45% of the class washed out; further training in the BT-13, Vultee "Vibrator;" and lastly the AT-6, the venerable Texan, still flying now, to get his wings and "brown bars." With the great expansion of flight training, Gene was tapped to instruct in almost every airplane he ever flew in the Air Force, something he never wanted to do. After a stint in the Air Inspectors Office catching people doing what they shouldn't, Gene headed for South Korea to assist the Army in establishing a military government by way of Tokyo where the view from the train ride was limited to chimneys for miles. Later, he worked in Military Flight Service, and as an Air Defense Command Aircraft Identification Officer. This lead to his desire to fly with SAC which he did as a B-45 Tornado pilot. On his first flight as the copilot, and flying with a seasoned pilot and a navigator on his "finny flight," a wing broke off, a fire broke out, the canopy popped off and Gene was blown out of the airplane by an explosion. Finding himself floating down in the seat which he unstrapped, he deployed his chute and landed successfully with burned hands, and missing part of his nose and flight suit. This was supposed to be the navigator's last flight…and it was. The details were riveting. Gene retired as a B-47 Stratojet pilot, having gone through navigator, radar operator, bombardier and observer training as well as pilot check out, a hedge against one crew member being incapacitated. He got to do a lot of recon flying watching the growth of the missile build-up in Cuba. Gene retired as a Lt. Col. with 23 years experience and plenty of memories. He did not have time to cover his 18 years in civilian aviation, but I would like to mention he flew for Comet Aviation owned by Kansas City Southern flying execs, many of the flights to rail accidents. He flew execs for Farmland Industries, and later for Langley Aviation before his long stint as Beech Executive chief pilot. He also flew many charters for Bond, Danforth, Ashcroft, Kissenger, Dole, Finney, McGovern, Tom Watson and Paul Newman. He checked out many pilots including our own Loretta Jones in the KingAir. She, of course, was Director of Flight Operations. I hesitate to list the airplanes he flew for fear of forgetting some, but his logs show Cessna 150/152/172/ 182/ 310/337/402, Beech Bonanza, Baron and Duke, QueenAirs and KingAirs, F-90, 200, 1900 and the Beechcraft Starship pusher, Aero Commander, MU2, Lear 23/24 as well as the DC-7B. If he didn't fly it, it probably didn't exist! He retired in 1998, but continued to fly charters part time bringing his log book close to 25,000 hours. I'm sure Dan and Diana Meisinger still miss Loretta and Gene. One personal memory of Gene was returning a beautifully-kept A-36 after a trip for FAA checking airports. Gene accepted the compliment noting it was on lease-back, and that he used it to train the owner, Marty Schottenheimer! Al St. Germain.

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All chapter members are invited to attend board meetings. They are normally held on the first Tuesday of the month, excluding holidays, at Executive Beechcraft, Downtown Airport, at 7 PM. We always welcome your advice and assistance, and the coffee pot is on! MPA STATE BOARD MEETINGS - Any MPA members may and are invited to attend the state board meetings. Check the MPA News for meeting dates, times and locations. Gary Fox

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