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May 2008

OfficersPresident:   Gary Fox; Vice President:  vacant;   Secretary: Jan Handley; Treasurer:   Terrie  Jo  Fox;   Directors: Ralph  Schmude,  Al St. Germain, Frank Taylor,  Penrod Turk,   Jeanné Willerth and  Past Presidents.  Chairpersons: Wings  Program :  Penrod Turk;  Safety:  Chris  St. Germain;  Membership: Open; Meeting Arrangements: Terrie Jo Fox; Temporary Editor: Penrod Turk

PRESIDENTS MESSAGE - At the time of this writing (5/6/08) the Senate is expected to finish it's version of an FAA funding bill by the end of the week. The unclear part is why the President's advisors are strongly advising him to veto any FAA funding legislation that does not include user fees even when there seems to be continued support for "no user fees" from both parties. As Phil Boyer put it - "For the administration to put that all at risk at this point is incomprehensible". **** In May 1945 the last of 18,188 B-24 Liberators and Liberator variants were delivered. This workhorse was produced in larger quantities than any other American aircraft and was employed in more operational fronts than any other Allied or enemy bomber during WWII. The B-17 Flying Fortress called the "Aluminum Overcast" will once again grace our area at LXT Fri thru Sun, July 4-6, 2008. Don't miss this unique opportunity to see or ride in one of only 14 remaining in flight. **** Just another reminder that a TFA can be announced at anytime 24/7 - don't be caught unaware. **** Forget all that stuff about thrust and drag, lift and gravity - - - an airplane flies because of money. **** PS - my plane is in for it's annual. **** Gary Fox

PROGRAM FOR April 23rd was FAA Appreciation Night. Guests - Ron Meyers, Doug Jackson, Greg Shetterly and Marvin Moore (see photo below). Also present was active MPA member Randy Robinson, who works for the FAA. Ron being the senior member shared his experiences in industry as well and his current duties with the FAA. He also introduced the new boys to the group. Doug conducts air carrier certifications and inspections plus works on investigations. Greg has had to ban himself from Miami County on the weekends, as he just can't seem to take a day off or tell himself "he's not on duty". Marvin shared the little known history of his flight training, beginning with the use of his father's Cherokee to his first solo flight and obtaining his pilots license in the middle 70's. We owe a debt of thanks and are very lucky to have such outstanding employees in the FAA who are totally dedicated to excellence and safety in the air where we cherish our time and on the ground where we live.

PROGRAM FOR MAY 28th - Our next regular meeting will begin with social time at 6:00, dinner at 6:30 sharp on Wednesday, May 28, 2008 at the Disabled American Veterans, 8787 Old Santa Fe Road, KCMO. Take I-435 to 87th Street exit, (Missouri !!) go east on 87th Street 1.1 miles, turn right on Old Santa Fe Road, 0.2 miles to DAV on your left. OR, west from Blue Ridge Boulevard onto 87th Street, immediate left on Old Santa Fe Road, 0.2 miles to DAV on your left. Our menu will be: Orange Roughy, Wild Rice, Creamed Peas, Tarter Sauce, Salad, Bread/Butter, Dessert, Coffee/Tea.

RESERVATIONS ARE A MUST so please contact Terrie Jo by noon on Monday, May 26, 2008 by e-mail: or 795-7233. The cost is $11, including gratuity, and DAV reservations must be made and kept. Terrie Jo Fox.

MEETING DATES FOR 2008:  Please mark your calendars now so you won't forget any meetings.
May 28 -- John Ohrazda - Airport improvements
June 21 -- Chapter picnic at Warrensburg.

MPA CHAPTER BOARD MEETINGS - All chapter members are invited to attend board meetings.  They are normally held on the first Tuesday of the month, excluding holidays, at Executive Beechcraft, Downtown Airport, at 7 PM.  We always welcome your advice and assistance, and the coffee pot is on!


MPA STATE BOARD MEETINGS - Any MPA members may, and are invited and encouraged to, attend the state board meetings.  Check the MPA News for meeting dates, times and locations.  Gary Fox   

JOINT PROJECT - We are tentatively planning a joint project with the 99s on May 17th. We will paint a compass rose at LXT. MPA is funding the materials and the 99s are supplying the woman power. All will be invited to help. That is on the day of a Young Eagles program and pancake breakfast. Jeanné

There's been a change to the WINGS program. Participants can go on-line, go to the Wings Pilot Proficiency Program, and select Airman Profile. There is a new block at the bottom that allows entry of Superseded Wings Phase. This is a one-time opportunity to add the Phase of Wings that an airman held in the old Wings program. The options are phase 1 thru 20. Some people were issued certificates for Phases above 20, but 20 was the official highest Phase that could be held so don't enter anything higher than 20.

Once an entry is made, it can't be changed. The Phase entered will appear on the My Wings page in the Superseded Wings Program box. This is just a way of acknowledging the accomplishments of airmen who qualified for Wings in the old program. If the airman allows external review for a 3rd party, the information will be available. Likewise, it provides a record that demonstrates an airman's "positive attitude about safety" which can be helpful in some situations. ** Fred P. Harms, Central Region FAA Safety Team (FAASTeam) **

is now in effect! It is the responsibility of each chapter WINGS Chair to keep track of all their WINGS participants. So -please- keep Chapter Wings Officer, Penrod Turk, informed upon the completion of any phase. (4 West 112th Street, Kansas City, MO 64114-5304) Questions?

CHAPTER FLYOUT INFORMATION - We will be flying to only 3 or 4 close airports in 2008 due to gas prices, and to increase our flying and members' participation.  (Non-flyers welcome!)  With a new chairperson, we hope to provide  e-mail notification the week before.  Please volunteer.  Info on flyouts can be obtained at, or the State News Letter at . Tell us where you want to go..


SAFETY SEMINAR  - No current schedules

EAA Chapter 91 hosts a pancake breakfast @ LXT on the 3rd Saturday of May.


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