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November 2009

OfficersPresident:   Gary Fox; Vice President:  Mitch Stafford;   Secretary: Jan Handley; Treasurer:   Terrie  Jo  Fox;   Directors: Ralph  Schmude,  Al St. Germain, Frank Taylor,  Penrod Turk,   Jeanné Willerth and  Past Presidents.  Chairpersons: Wings  Program :  open;  Safety:  Chris  St. Germain;  Membership: open; Meeting Arrangements: Terrie Jo Fox; Editor: Al St. Germain

PRESIDENTS MESSAGE - I would highly suggest that you save the October State Newsletter, and keep it in a safe place. Pages 4, 5, 6 & 7 contain everything you ever wanted to know about "sales/use tax" on airplanes. Please read it carefully and stay informed. We have two state MPA members who have requested an "administrative hearing" with the DOR, and it is set for January. Please continue to keep me informed regarding your personal stories and outcomes. *** Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks, and I would like to take this opportunity to express gratitude and appreciation to your Chapter Board member, for their continued support and work to keep our chapter going. Without their dedication we would have no chapter. *** Memorial Day honors Americans who died in wartime, Veterans Day honors all who have served, including those who are living. I have asked my grandson to accompany me this year, on Nov 11th, to lay a wreath at the WWI Memorial on Meyer Circle, and attend a luncheon saluting the top cadets in the area Junior and Senior ROTC programs and their instructors. No matter how you celebrate or remember this day please pause to remember those who have fought for our country and the freedoms we enjoy. *** Dwight D. Eisenhower said "A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both." *** Spend time with family and be forever thankful - Gary (Editor's note: Don't forget the next meeting is one week earlier on the 18 th!)

OCTOBER SPEAKER SUMMARY - Our October speaker has an impressive background, and was well qualified to cover the subject, "SAV-A-CONNIE, AKA, The Airline History Museum." After all, he came up with the idea! Dick McMahon, one of our own, was working in his office with his Richards-Gebaur Airport Manager hat on when an old friend, Larry Brown of Wilcox Electric, came in. He admired all the pictures on the wall of aircraft Dick had flown in his Air Force career. (PA-18, T-6, T-28, B-25, B-26, C-119, C-47, C-124 in the Berlin Crisis, T-29, C-131, Connie and the U-3. The C-130 was his last as he retired as Squadron Commander after 34 ½ years of active and reserve time!) He stated that the Connie was the most beautiful of all he had flown, and maybe, "they should get one and fix it up to fly to air shows." He credits Larry for picking up on his "stupid statement," not knowing how much work and money it would take. He carried the ball starting with a search for any of the 856 Connies built. A Slick Airways Connie, always a cargo carrier, was found languishing in the Arizona dessert for 11 years, tires flat, and much bird and other damage. Looking at Dick's slides, the derelict didn't look much like the beauties Dick remembered. It was bought by a Paul Presto for $4,000 and was donated to the SAV-A-CONNIE ORGANIZATION formed in 1986. It took TWA Connie and other volunteer mechanics nine weeks in the hot dessert expending 3,600 hours to make it airworthy enough to fly it to Kansas City with a Piper chase aircraft. Eighteen months and thousands more man hours of further restoration brought the aircraft into flying and show condition. TWA would not approve the use of the TWA name on the new paint job, so SAC, SAV-A- CONNIE, was used for years. It was dedicated in 1989. Slides showed the first run up. Dick let the tower know in advance that the fire and smoke belching from the stacks was normal. "Don't send the fire trucks unless we call you!" By coincidence, a cargo operator of a Connie needed window plugs, and SAC needed windows. Nose to nose, the swap was carried out. That made it possible for our SAC to star in a movie, "Voyager," as a crashed airplane, dug into the dessert. Must have looked realistic from the highway, a trucker ran to the site with his fire extinguisher. The Connie was also used to support the International Sport Jumpers Convention in Quincy Illinois…until the insurance company caught wind of it. The museum acquired a Martin 404, originally an EAA fleet bird, and more recently a former TWA DC-3 which after years of work is almost ready to fly. A Lockheed 1011 was donated as an outdoor museum piece only, awaiting FAA approval for a one-time flight to Kansas City. When at air shows, a little money is taken in from sales of memorabilia and admissions. The hangar earns funds for use for weddings, and various events. Dues and donations of time and treasure are most welcome. We have left out Dick's interesting career assignments and achievements, but suffice it to say, he paid his dues at the Pentagon, and retired as a full colonel. Thanks for a great talk and slides, Dick, for your service to our country, and for all your efforts at the Airline History Museum. Al St. Germain

DINNER RESERVATION INFO - Our next regular meeting will begin with social time at 6:00, dinner at 6:30 sharp on Wednesday, October 28th, 2009 at the Disabled American Veterans, 8787 Old Santa Fe Road, KCMO. Take I-435 to 87th Street exit, (Missouri !!) go east on 87th Street 1.1 miles, turn right on Old Santa Fe Road, 0.2 miles to DAV on your left. OR, west from Blue Ridge Boulevard onto 87th Street, immediate left on Old Santa Fe Road, 0.2 miles to DAV on your left. Our menu will be: Fried Shrimp, Au Gratin Potatoes, Vegetable, Salad, Bread/Butter, Coffee/Tea, Dessert. Terrie Jo Fox

RESERVATIONS ARE A MUST - Our next regular meeting will begin with social time at 6:00, dinner at 6:30 sharp on Wednesday, November 18th, 2009 at the Disabled American Veterans, 8787 Old Santa Fe Road, KCMO. Take I-435 to 87th Street exit, (Missouri !!) go east on 87th Street 1.1 miles, turn right on Old Santa Fe Road, 0.2 miles to DAV on your left. OR, west from Blue Ridge Boulevard onto 87th Street, immediate left on Old Santa Fe Road, 0.2 miles to DAV on your left. Our menu will be our traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Jeanné Willerth won the next dinner. RESERVATIONS ARE A MUST, so please contact Terrie Jo by noon on Monday, November 16th, 2009 by e-mail: or 795-7233. The cost is $12, including gratuity, and DAV reservations must be made and kept. Terrie Jo Fox

November 18th, Membership Meeting, (ONE WEEK EARLY DUE TO THANKSGIVING.) Speaker will be John Ohrazda, Lee's Summit Airport Manager.
December 6th.
Wright Day Dinner - See detailed information.
December 16th, Christmas/Hanukkah Party
at Jumpin Catfish, 4342 NE Antioch Rd, KCMO 64117. $22 includes tip. Cash bar. Social 5:30, Dinner 6:00. Checks to Terrie Jo, 3724 Stanton, LS, MO 64064 by Monday.

The Wright Day Dinner this year will be Sunday, December 6, at the Marriott
Muehlbach Tower, same room as last year. This is a fundraiser for the 99s (women pilots) to give flight
scholarships. The reception (cash bar) is at 6:00 PM and dinner at 7:00 PM. The cost is $40 per person.
The speaker will be one of the few surviving WASPs (women pilots who flew in WWII) and should be an
interesting program. Raffle tickets will be sold for many exciting prizes. This is a fun and entertaining
evening. For more information or to purchase tickets, call Jeanné Willerth, 816-537-8820

We have become aware of two websites that are great tools and fun that every pilot should check out and
(Editor's note: Many thanks to Mitch Stafford for this.)

Flight Plan is a great website with all of the information you would ever need in planning any length of trip (weather, sectional charts, winds aloft, fuel prices, approach plates and many more useful tools.) It is a free site that once you start using you'll use it for everything.

Fly2Lunch is a great website where you can find restaurants at airports around the country. You simply enter the three letter identifier of an airport and set a max distance away from that airport, and it will list all of the airports within that have restaurants. You can even break it down to on field, a short walk from the airport, and a short drive from the airport.

MPA CHAPTER BOARD MEETINGS - All chapter members are invited to attend board meetings.  They are normally held on the first Tuesday of the month, excluding holidays, at Executive Beechcraft, Downtown Airport, at 7 PM.  We always welcome your advice and assistance, and the coffee pot is on!

MPA STATE BOARD MEETINGS - Any MPA members may, and are invited and encouraged to, attend the state board meetings. Check the MPA News for meeting dates, times and locations. Gary Fox

CHAPTER FLYOUT INFORMATION - We will be flying to only 3 or 4 close airports in 2009 due to gas prices, and to increase our flying and members' participation.  (Non-flyers welcome!)  With a new chairperson, we hope to provide  e-mail notification the week before.  Please volunteer.  Info on flyouts can be obtained at, or the State News Letter at . Tell us where you want to go..


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