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 September 2002


Tom Genovese

What's in a name? It's hard to tell these days with the acquisition of King Radio by Bendix, and then by Honeywell, maker of electronics for puddle jumpers and big iron, spark plugs for cars and the familiar round-dial thermostat! Our August speaker, Tom Genovese, Area Sales Manager for Aerospace Electronics Systems, explained that being a part of a big company means sharing ideas of other divisions. High tech electronics, once affordable and available only for airliners, then corporate jets, now can be found in light airplanes. The end result and benefit is convenience and safer flying. Using a PowerPoint presentation, Tom showed us a multi-functional display known as the KMD 55 which makes situation awareness much easier than arguing with the right seater as to where the aircraft actually is. Pressing various buttons will present the weather ahead including Xs where lighting has recently struck (if radar is installed,) traffic advisories, presentation of terrain and obstacles, and a moving display of airways, terrain elevation in different colors, VOR or GPS way points, etc. All of this can be seen in close-in or long range. Tom also mentioned a VHF data weather uplink system that receives NEXRAD, METAR, terminal area forecasts and even pilot reports. A joystick allows selection of areas that may be preferable for the route of flight and landing. Textual weather information is coming soon as well. These are fantastic innovations and will certainly enhance flight safety. However, our FAA Aviation Safety Inspectors found on airliners with this newly installed equipment, that there was a lack of attention to flying the aircraft and watching out for other aircraft in visual meteorological conditions. An autopilot would certainly help. A far cry from needle, ball and airspeed! Thanks for a great presentation, Tom, and to you, Herb Roberts, for all your time and effort providing us with great speakers these past years!

Al St. Germain

Program Committee Chair: Marvin Moore

Marvin Moore is are new Program Committee Chairman.
If you have any suggestion for a program please let him know



September 25, Wednesday - Dinner Meeting will be at EAA Hangar in Lee's Summit. There is NO Permanent List for this night so all please RSVP to June Williams Phone: 224-3241 or E-Mail: by September 18, so food can be ordered. (Catered Dinner By: The Flame Throwers Barbecue)

Our menu will be: Beef, Ham, Turkey, Ribs, with two side dishes. Bring a favorite dessert if you want to.
Meeting time: Social from 6:00 to 7:00 P.M. (Open Bar) Dinner at 7:00 P.M. Cost is $12.00 per person.
(There will be no Dinner Meeting at the DAV in September)

Up-Coming Dinner Meeting Dates:

October 23, Wednesday - Dinner Meeting will be at the DAV, 8787 Old Santa Fe Road.
November 20, Wednesday - Thanksgiving Dinner Meeting will be at the DAV, 8787 Old Santa Fe Road. December 18, Wednesday - Christmas Dinner Meeting will be at the DAV, 8787 Old Santa Fe Road.

Leonard Troeller passed away Sunday, August 11, 2002. Leonard was MPA President 1989-90 and 1990-91. Leonard made his final flight at St. Luke's Hospital in St. Louis MO. Cards and letters may be sent to Shirley Troeller, 1116 Weidman Rd., Town & Country, MO 63017.

Congratulations to Jeanne' Willerth on her multi-engine rating and the Commercial multi-engine rating.

Flyout Committee Chair: Sarah McKinley

Put these dates on YOUR Calendar!

Please RSVP to Sarah McKinley Phone: 816-320-3462 or E-Mail: Also the morning of fly-out you can call: 816-781-7194 Roosterville Airport. Airborne Communications is 122.75. Remember that our minimums are 3000 and 5.

September 21, Saturday - Lee's Summit, Mo. (LXT), Pancake breakfast, flyin or drive-in.
September 25, Wednesday - Hangar Party Fly-in or Drive-in, At EAA hangar, Lee's Summit MO. Airport.

Taking the place of the regular DAV dinner meeting.

September 28, Saturday - State wide poker run: starting at Sedalia (Depart Time 10:00 am), Columbia, Lebanon (lunch compliments of Lebanon FBO), Bolivar and then back to Sedalia. Open to ALL Pilots

Poker Run CASH PRIZES - Best Hand 1st, 2nd, 3rd - Flour Drop 1st, 2nd - Tach Time 1st

For Details Contact Ron Wade 816-233-4525 or Carolyn Morris 573-348-5614

October 13, Sunday - Madison County Covered Bridge Festival, Winterset, Iowa. Landing at 9:00AM. RSVP for transportation. Home of John Wayne, and the fall colors should be nice!! Crafts, Food and Fun!!!

October 27, Sunday - Emma Chase Resturant, Cottonwood Falls, Ks. (9K0), Landiing at 9:00AM.

NOTE: When you see RSVP, Sarah MUST know to arrange transportation to the restaurant.
(Needing a ride to a Flyout or have space available Please Call Sarah McKinley for the information.)
Anyone desiring to be on Sarah E-Mail list, please let her know.
Sarah's new E-Mail is now at

MO-KAN Wings Contest - Remember - Get ready for next year. All non-pilot members should attend a safety meeting and have a WINGS card signed. These are needed for our inter-state rivalry with the Kansas Pilots Association (KPA). The KPA is very serious about this contest and won the trophy (furnished by Ed Duckworth) last year. All non-pilot members should send their signed wings card to Penrod Turk

The State Wings Contest runs from April 1st thru March 31st each year. Let's make the WINGS year WINGS Safe. All it takes is one hour of air work, one hour of takeoffs and landings, one hour of instrument and a safety meeting. It is the responsibility of each chapter WINGS Chair to keep track of all their WINGS participants. So please keep Chapter Wings Officer, Penrod Turk, informed upon the completion of any phase. (4 West 112th Street, Kansas City, MO 64114-5304)

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MPA Board Meetings - This is a reminder that any member can attend our chapter board meetings . They are held on the first Tuesday of the month, excluding holidays, at Executive Beechcraft, Downtown Airport, at 7:00 P.M. We always welcome your advice and assistance, and the hospitality is great.

MPA State Board Meetings - Anyone can attend the State board meeting. Check the M.P.A. NEWS for meeting date and location. Make this your additional flyout.

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