March 13th email from Bob Dickens

As you all know, House Bill 436 has cleared the Local Government and Related Affairs Committee by a vote of 13-2. At 9:45 PM this evening, I received a call from Representative Denny Meredith. Denny has talked with Speaker of the House Jim Kreider of Nixa. Kreider in effect has stated that if he thinks enough interest exists he will place the bill on the House calendar. It is urgent that this be done within the next few days. Let me encourage each of you to call Rep Kreider's office via phone and then folow that up with an email or FAX. Our chances of getting 436 on the calendar are good if we take the time to respond. WE CANNOT LEAVE THIS UP TO OTHERS. We are very close to success in the House.

Let me ask each of you to forward this message on to everyone you know in the Missouri aviation community. I have had probems with my compuer and am in the process of rebuilding my address book. Consequentely, there are a number of people for whom I do not have email address. Larry, please see that this message gets to Jerry McClure. I find it very encouraging that I received a call from Denny Merideth at 10:00PM from his office. He is a true friend of aviation in the state.

Don't be afraid of overkill on this issue. Stay the course....Thanks, Bob

Speaker of the House Jim Kreider:

Phone: 573-751-2956
FAX: 573-526-0507

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