April 2001

Greetings! The Missouri Airport Protection Act passed the Missouri House Of Representatives today by a vote of 106 to 4. Now our next step is every MPA Members needs to contact your State Senator ask them to vote in favor of MAPA. Tell them to look for House Bill 436.

This is very important to contact your Senators in the next few days, remember to mention you are a taxpayer from their district, as a pilot.

Remember that we will have strong opposition from the Tele-Communications Industry Lobbyists. But remember we have the power in numbers of taxpayer voices speaking out, loud and clear.

If you have trouble getting your Senator to make a Vote in Favor of this Vital Piece of Legislation. Please contact me by e-mail, I'm working close with Representative Denny Merideth.

I just had a phone conversation with Denny Merideth this evening from his home, he said he will help anyone who needs it, getting your Senator to make a Commitment.

Let's get started with the next battle in the Missouri Senate, as we will have stronger opposition on the Senate Side. But we can make a Difference, by Making Our Voices Heard, Speaking One Voice, We need the Missouri Airport Protection Act (MAPA) Passed into Law.

Until Next Time!

Larry G. Harmon
Legislation Chairman
E-mail address:

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