February 2001 Update

GREETINGS! Several AOPA, USPA, EAA, MAMA, MoSAC, and MPA Members paid a visit to the Missouri Capital today, February 14th, to visit with their State Senators, and House Representatives concerning current Airport Legislation mainly the Missouri Airport Protection Act (MAPA).

Afterwards AOPA hosted a Cocktail Party at the Bones Restaurant and Lounge, thanks to Bob Dickens, our AOPA Midwest Representative, who was able to get funding for the Party. AOPA sent out personal invitations to all State Senators, and House Representatives to attend the Cocktail Party.

We had several people who stopped by during the evening; it was a very good way to meet our State Senators, and House of Representatives if you did not get a chance to visit them during the day.

Here's a Hot Update: yesterday the Missouri State Senate Transportation Committee held a Hearing on Senate Bill 324.

Here's what you need to do as Members, contact these Senate Transportation Committee Members, tell them you are in favor of SB-324. If they are your State Senator even better, because they will listen to you. Then follow up with a phone call, or e-mail, I've included all the information you need.

IMPORTANT: WE NEED TO CONTACT THESE SENATORS IN THE NEXT 5 DAYS. We need them to vote on Senate Bill 324 so it can make it out of the Senate Transportation Committee for a full Senate Vote - hopefully very soon.

Transportation Committee Members

Committee Member


Capital Phone

Morris Westfall Chairman


(573) 751-3645

John Russell
Vice Chairman


(573) 751-4166

John Cauthron


(573) 751-6858

David Klindt


(573) 751-1415

Betty Sims


(573) 751-7147

Ronnie DePasco


(573) 751-3074

Wayne Goode


(573) 751-2420

Ted House


(573) 751-8437

Danny Staples


( 573) 751-3534

For more information on the Missouri State Senate Transportation Committee here's a link to get their e-mail addresses, mailing addresses, and faxes numbers. Link to Senate Transportation Committee Members

The House Bill, HB-436, will be on the agenda of the Local Government and Related Matters Committee. We expect to to come up in the very near future. We will be asking our members to contact the committee shortly. Here is the Link to the House Committee that will hear HB 436: Click for the House Committee Members

We now have a big job ahead of us as Pilots and Taxpayers, get busy now making those phone calls and fax letters to the Transportation Committee Members.

Safe Flying!

Larry G. Harmon
Legislation Chairman
E-mail address:

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