January 2001 Update

GREETINGS! Here's an Update for the Missouri House of Representatives, we now
Have Three Aircraft and Airports Bills.

They are as follows:

1. HB 93

2. HB 436

3. SB 324

I have included the links, please view these 2 House Bills, and 1 Senate Bill. Please note that HB 436 is the "Missouri Airport Protection Act" and the SB 324 is the Senate Side Companion Bill.
Click here for the link which will open in a new window.

Also here are the House of Representatives Newly Appointed Transportation Committee Members.
Click here for the link which will open in a new window.

Now, that we have the new Transportation Committee Members, everyone needs to contact these Members asking them to support the HB 436 and SB 324.
Click here for the Missouri State Transportation Committee Members.

Every MPA Member needs to us the word "SAFETY" when contacting the Tansportation Committee Members. Safety is the most important item concerning the Tall Towers being built around our Airports.

One key point to keep in mind, when writing letters, making phone calls, and sending E-mails, is make sure you stress that you're a concerned taxpayer, as well as a Pilot.

We now have our Work Ahead, for Passage of the Missouri Airport Protection Act." Every Member needs to write letters, and follow up with a phone call.

I'll keep you updated with more important Missouri Legislation when it becomes available.

Safe Flying!

Larry G. Harmon
Legislation Chairman
E-mail address:

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