June 2001

GREETINGS! Let's Start with Some National Legislation Issues. Pilot Tom Daschle (D-S.D.) was recognized as the Senate Majority Leader for the first time Wednesday, June 6th. Daschle took the post as a result of Vermont Sen. James Jeffords' decision to become an independent. A major issue still being negotiated by Daschle and now Minority Leader Trent Lott (R-Miss.) is the reorganization of the Senate Committees.

Currently the Senate Commerce Committee, which has jurisdiction over Aviation Issues, contains seven Democrats and seven Republicans. Republicans have suggested increasing the size of the committees to create a one-vote Democratic Majority.

However, according to congressional aides, incoming Commerce Chairman Fritz Hollings (D-S.C.) is pushing to reduce the size of his committee by bumping a Republican. The Republican with the least seniority on the Commerce Committee is Senator George Allen of Virginia.

Now, Here's an update on our Missouri House of Representatives, 2001 Session, 91st General Assembly, and First Regular Session. Currently the House of Representatives are adjourned from Session as of May 18th.

House Bill 436 passed the before the Full House of Representatives, then went to the Senate Committee and passed, but time ran out to place it on the Agenda for a Full Vote before Missouri Senate. We have came farther than we did during last years 90th General Assembly. MPA has become a powerful voice in Jefferson City, MO., speaking out and protecting our Airports in Missouri.

Now, we have to regroup, and get ready for the next Regular Session. Two Aviation Items upcoming are as follows:
1. Jet Fuel Tax. Which ends in 2003.
2. Missouri Airport Protection Act (MAPA).
Everyone must get involved, if you want to protect your Flying Rights, Privileges, and Keep our Airports from being closed. Because some Local City Councilman, or Councilwoman wants to close the Local Airport, and build a Shopping Center where the Airport now is.

We have to educate our Local Mayors, City Council, and others, as to how important our Missouri Airports are to the Community. And what a valuable impact they have on the Local Community with the revenues that the Airport generates.

So we have many more issues ahead of us, but remember we all must work together, to make a difference for Missouri Aviation.

Until Next Time!

Larry G. Harmon
Legislation Chairman
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