May 2001

GREETINGS! Here's an update from the May 7th Senate Local Governments Committee.

Better known as the Missouri Airport Protection Act. If the number of lobbyist sent by the Telecommunications Industry is any indication as to how nervous they are about this bill passing, then we are in great shape, because they had a bunch.

They basically conceded something was needed, but that it should mirror FAA Part 77 Regs, which is interesting since two previous attempts for state regulation were made with that approach, and neither made it this far, because they argued the Federal Regs were too confusing.

Anyway, with overwhelming passage of the Bill in the House, they are definitely running scared, says Brian Weiler.

Aviation had a small but effective group to testify, including MoDOT, USPA, MPA, AOPA, and 2 Airport Managers. Representative Denny Merideth is still hopeful of our chances. But remember, TIME is our worst enemy at this point, since the session ends May 18th.

So here's what we need to do. It is Very Important that you call your Senator tell them to support HB436, and that the FAA agrees we need something governing Tall Towers/Structures from being constructed in close proximity
to our Airports.

We need every MPA Member to make those phone calls, and e-mails to your Senator. We've worked very hard to get this far, so Let's get HB436 passed out of Committee, then to the Full Senate for Vote.

Remember TIME is Short! Do this Today!

Until Next Time!

Larry G. Harmon
Legislation Chairman
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