May 2009

GREETINGS! First, Here is an update from Washington, D.C. The Obama Administration announced last Thursday that it will create a mediation team to immediately address the FAA/NATCA contract dispute and NATCA President Patrick Forrey was quick to respond with praise. Controllers have been dissatisfied with work conditions since contract negotiations broke down and the FAA imposed non-negotiated work rules on the union nearly three years ago. NATCA understood the President’s comments and action to indicate that the Administration’s resolve to stabilize the controller workforce and restore a collaborative work environment is a top priority. Said Forrey, “With this step, President Obama is fulfilling his commitment to the safety and modernization of the air traffic control system, and to the dedicated men and women safety professionals who run the system each day.” Forrey added thanks to Transportation Secretary LaHood “for his leadership and commitment to resolving this issue.”

Secondly, President Obama has nominated Randy Babbitt to become the next Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration, a move generally welcomed by industry groups. Babbitt, former President and COO of the Air Line Pilots Association, has 40 years of aviation experience. Last year, U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Mary Peters named Babbitt to the independent review team tasked with evaluating and crafting recommendations to improve the FAA’s implementation of the aviation safety system and its culture of safety.

Comments James k. Coyne, President of the National Air Transportation Association, “There is a lot of good intent on Capitol Hill to improve a long-term (aviation funding) measure, finally. I am hopeful that with Randy filling the Administrator slot, momentum will carry us over the hump towards passage of a bill that modernizes our air traffic control system, rejects user fees, and invests in airport infrastructure.” Says Chip Barclay, President of the American Association of Airport Executives, “AAAE is very pleased that Randy has been chosen to lead FAA.”

Ed Bolen, President of the National Business Aviation Association, says, “He’s a pilot, with a thorough understanding of how our nation’s aviation system works. He also has a businessperson’s expertise, having started a successful aviation consulting company.”

Missouri House of Representatives
95th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session (2009)
Bills Indexed by Subject

HB 737 --- Sponsor: Schaaf, Robert
Decreases the percentage of an aircraft's true value in money to 7% when assessing personal property tax on certain aircraft

HB 1018 --- Sponsor: Komo, Sam --- CoSponsor: Flook, Tim
Authorizes a state and local sales and use tax exemption for purchases of aviation jet fuel by air common carriers for immediate consumption or shipment on transoceanic flights

HB 1140
--- Sponsor: Schoeller, Shane
Allows airports to retain sales taxes collected on enplanements at the airport for marketing purposes

SB 535 --- Sponsor: Days, Rita D.
Creates the crime of breach airport security

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Remember, that as members of USPA, MPA, TPA, TXAA, NMPA, NPA, IPA, EAA, AOPA, or other pilot associations of which you may be a member, we have a powerful voice, in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Texas, or whatever state you may represent. Every group of taxpayers and pilots carries a strong voice to Washington, D.C., as well as at the state and local level.
We need to learn how to use our voices, and speak up for general aviation.

So Let's not forget to exercise our privileges, and continue to make a "Difference for General Aviation."


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