November 2009

GREETINGS! First, Here is an update from Washington, D.C. In late July both Houses of Congress moved forward on FAA reauthorization, which has been subject to continuing resolutions for two years. The House passed H.R. 3288, its DOT/FAA spending bill which provides $3.515 billion for the Airport Improvement Program (AIP) and some $175 million for the Essential Air Service Program, $53 million above 2009 funding. The bill does not contain funding for the Small Community Air Service Development Program.
The Senate, meanwhile, passed S.1451, its reauthorization legislation that would increase AIP funding to $4.1 billion by 2011, but does not offer a hike in the passenger facility charge cap, now set at $4.50.
Secondly, The General Aviation industry, which each year contributes an average of $150 billion to the economy, lost 19,000 jobs over the past year, and among the industry's biggest coming challenges is the implantation of NextGen - financial incentives may help, says General Aviation Manufactures Association (GAMA). The organization last Thursday October 29, 2009 told a House Subcommittee on Aviation that steps necessary for putting NextGen in place "will be imperative in helping realize long-term safety, capacity, economic and environmental benefits, " GAMA said. But user confidence is key, meaning, in the words of GAMA Vice President of operations Jens Hennig, that "equipage will only take place when users are confident about the potential for benefits," until then, GAMA supports financial incentives for operators. Meanwhile, the industry is pushing ahead with investments in NextGen avionics like Required Navigation Performance data communications, and ADS-B. Those pieces of the puzzle not only help develop NextGen, but also stimulate economic growth and employment. There are potential bottlenecks in the future.
Missouri House of Representatives

95th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session (2009)
Bills Indexed by Subject

HB534 --- Sponsor: Schlottach, Charles --- CoSponsor: Faith, Sally A.
Changes the laws regarding the Missouri Public-Private Partnerships Transportation Act and authorizes the Governor to convey state property for the new Mississippi River Bridge project

HB 644 -- Sponsor: Wilson, Kevin
Changes the laws regarding the registration and licensing of motor vehicles and issuance of lien titles and certificates of ownership for vehicles, trailers, motors, aircraft, vessels, and manufactured homes

HB 737
--- Sponsor: Schaaf, Robert
Decreases the percentage of an aircraft's true value in money to 7% when assessing personal property tax on certain aircraft

HB 913 --- Sponsor: Jones, Kenny
Changes the laws regarding certificates of ownership and lien titles for motor vehicles, trailers, outboard motors, aircrafts, and vessels

HB 1010 --- Sponsor: Faith, Sally A. --- CoSponsor: Jones, Kenny
Changes the laws regarding the placement of liens on motor vehicles, trailers, outboard motors, aircrafts, and vessels for storage or repair fees

HB 1018 --- Sponsor: Komo, Sam --- CoSponsor: Flook, Tim
Authorizes a state and local sales and use tax exemption for purchases of aviation jet fuel by air common carriers for immediate consumption or shipment on transoceanic flights

HB 1140
--- Sponsor: Schoeller, Shane
Allows airports to retain sales taxes collected on enplanements at the airport for marketing purposes

SB 535 --- Sponsor: Days, Rita D.
Creates the crime of breach airport security

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Remember, that as members of USPA, MPA, TPA, TXAA, NMPA, NPA, IPA, EAA, AOPA, or other pilot associations of which you may be a member, we have a powerful voice, in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Texas, or whatever state you may represent. Every group of taxpayers and pilots carries a strong voice to Washington, D.C., as well as at the state and local level.
We need to learn how to use our voices, and speak up for general aviation.

So Let's not forget to exercise our privileges, and continue to make a "Difference for General Aviation."


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