October 2001

GREETINGS! Here is an important Legislation Update. First break for VFR Pilots. Some of the GA 41,000 will be freed Monday.

10/13/2001 — FAA tonight issued a notam permitting VFR operations in 15 of 30 enhanced Class B areas. The notam is less restrictive than originally thought, and permits VFR operations subject to the following conditions:

» Aircraft flying inside ECB airspace must have an operating transponder and squawk VFR code (1200).
» Aircraft without a transponder must obtain a waiver for each flight from the air traffic control facility responsible for the ECB airspace.
»Aircraft must monitor the “guard” frequency of 121.5 MHz (if equipped) while flying within ECB airspace.

The notam will become effective at 0600 on Monday, October 15, for:
- Houston, Texas
- Kansas City, Missouri
- Memphis, Tennessee
- New Orleans, Louisiana
- St. Louis, Missouri

On Tuesday, October 16, the following ECB airspaces will be opened at 0600:
- Cleveland, Ohio
- Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas
- Honolulu, Hawaii
- Minneapolis, Minnesota
- Phoenix, Arizona

And on Wednesday, October 17, the following airspace will be opened to VFR operations:
- Charlotte, North Carolina
- Cincinnati, Ohio – Covington, Kentucky
- Salt Lake City, Utah
- Seattle, Washington
- Tampa, Florida

The notam will also ask pilots to operate their aircraft in a “normal” manner, avoiding circling or loitering.
(See “Don’t sabotage efforts to restore VFR flight.”)
Pilots must check the latest notams and verify airspace status prior to flight.

FAA continues to prohibit news and traffic reporting flights, sightseeing operations, banner-towing and airship/blimp operations inside enhanced Class B airspace. AOPA is continuing to push for the restoration of these flight operations.

Planning continues to restore VFR flight operations in the remaining ECBs, but there is no fixed timeline for when these areas will be opened up. AOPA will maintain its efforts at all levels to reopen all airspace to normal operations.

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Larry G. Harmon
Legislation Chairman
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