January 2013

PRESIDENT - Rich Hopkins VICE PRESIDENT - Carl Sparks
TREASURER - Jeanne Cooper SECRETARY - Lea Trimble

Ozarks Chapter will not meet in December.


The Ozarks Chapter of the Missouri Pilot's Association met January 24, 2013 at McFarlain's Restaurant at the IMAX. After the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, new members and guests were introduced:
o Bill and Caroll Knotts - Neosho, MO
o Greg and Lucas Lewis - Galena, MO (Helicopter Pilot, Plans to join our group.)
o Don Holland - Peel, AR (helicopter pilot and new member)
o Jerry Pfister - Raymondville, MO
o Bob Carnahan - Marshfield, MO

President, Rich Hopkins, reported that he had received a thank you letter from Gary Fox. He also heard from Col. David Burke who presented the remarkable program in November. Rich said that he really appreciates the work Col. Burke is doing and would like to invite Burke back for another program.

Rich, along with Jan Hoynacki, attended the state MPA meeting where he shared CAP's award to Ozarks Chapter.

The secretary's report was approved as distributed.

Jeanne Cooper reported the December 31 bank balance as $3,289.89 with $2,031.00 in the 50/50, leaving $1,258.89 available for use.


Andy Anderson suggested a few possible destinations. It is the wrong time of year for much activity. Andy reported that the Harrison benefit for Sheila and Harry Evans raised $3,629.

Joe Robbins stated that there has been no activity since October. The Safety program tonight is part of the WINGS credits. If you have anything to report, email him or give him a call. The deadline for this year is March 31.

Rich reported that training is continuing with the glass cockpit. CAP member, Lanna Fletcher has recently soloed. MO-147 now has 47 members.
Richard Cooper inquired about flight instruction at Branson West. Rich said, "No, they do not have right now as the instructor has moved." They are looking for someone to give instruction. Branson West FBO had twelve pilots trained in 2012.

Jeanne Cooper reported on the "Christmas for Children" activity in which Ozarks Chapter participated. Clothing and a toy were purchased for a family of four children. Remaining money was used for three nursing home residents and cookies for the home's Christmas party. President Hopkins thanked Lea Trimble and Jeanne Cooper for their work with the project.

Because of health issues, Bill Lee is no longer an active flight instructor so the club he was involved with is looking for a flight instructor.

- Bill and Mary Davidson reported that there is a lot of activity in the Ava area and they are trying to form a flying club.
The Davidsons invited everyone to come visit.
- Paul Bluto announced that there is now a Florentina's in Springfield.
- Rich announced that the next meeting will be held at the Ozarks Auto Show on Feb. 28. It is a potluck.

Carl Sparks introduced Joe Robbins who presented the Safety Seminar, " Preventive Maintenance: A FAA Viewpoint." The video demonstrated what maintenance you as a pilot can and cannot do to your aircraft.

Pilots are deeply concerned about the high costs associated with owning and operating general aviation aircraft. It is possible to save a substantial percentage of the annual maintenance costs associated with aircraft ownership by doing some of the maintenance on our own aircraft. By performing some routine jobs, we not only gain personal satisfaction but also become better educated about the equipment we fly, making us better and safer pilots.

Probably the most common reason for pilots not to perform their own routine maintenance is the belief that the FAA will permit only such a limited amount of work to be handled by the owner that it is not worthwhile to even attempt it. According to the FAR, there is a rather broad array of tasks that we as owners and operators can legally perform. (Thirty-two are permitted under the Privileges of Preventive Maintenance and range from washing and waxing to recording your work in your aircraft records, a must.) And, with a little additional assistance from your A&P mechanic, there is not much you can't do yourself.

John Lawler, aviation maintenance technician, was on hand at the seminar to answer any questions; however, the video was pretty comprehensive and not many questions were posed.

Andy Anderson's ticket was drawn but he did not win. He did, however, get $10 towards his meal.
Mark Trimble won the door prize, an online safety course.

Meeting adjourned,
Lea Trimble

February meeting:
Ozarks Auto Show, 134 Industrial Park Drive, Hollister
Speaker: Jack Reynolds, flight instructor from Bolivar, will tell us about a flight he made to South Africa and other interesting tales.

o 1976 Piper Cherokee Warrior 161, IFR equipped, low time since major overhaul, custom paint, located at Downtown Branson airport.
o King handheld GPS/Comm KLX 100
o Hardly used, low wing plane cover from Bruce's Custom Covers

Patty Slicer
417 231-5040

o Cessna 182 P
o Low time, factory rebuilt engine. Located at Downtown Branson Airport.


"Faster speeds during a collision can cause a bigger change in the shape of the colliding vehicles."

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