November 2012

PRESIDENT - Rich Hopkins VICE PRESIDENT - Carl Sparks
TREASURER - Jeanne Cooper SECRETARY - Lea Trimble

Ozarks Chapter will not meet in December.


The Ozarks Chapter of the Missouri Pilots Association met November 15, 2012 at the Ozarks Auto Show near Hollister. The meeting was called to order by president Rich Hopkins. He introduced Col. David F. Burke and the members of Branson High School Jr. ROTC who presented the colors and led The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

o Rich introduced guests:
o Gary and Terri Jo Fox from Lees Summit, MO. Gary is President of MPA.
o Patty Slicer, pilot
o Robert and Ken Hubbard
o Darin Widrick, Flight Instructor from Branson West
o Ken Savells
o Color Guard from Branson High School Jr. ROTC: Cadet Staff Sergeant Dylan Trevathan, Cadet Technical Sergeaant Kaleb Sorensen, Cadet Senior Master Sergeant Kathryn Turpen, Cadet Airman Maxwell Duvall
o CAP Table Rock Lake Composite Squadron-MO-147: Cadet 1st Lt. Aiden Olivea, Cadet Sr. Airman Buster Sanders, Cadet Grayston Eby, 1st Lt. Mike Cooper, Capt. Lanna Fletcher, Col. Gene Hartman and wife Joan, Capt. Michael Hynes, Col. Ed Leonard, Capt. Tom Martin, (Deputy Commander), 1st Lt. Bobby Redfield, 1st Lt. Lin Redfield, Capt. Margaret Reger, Capt. Chuck Stone (Commander), 1st Lt. Vernon Warren, SR Robert Williams, Jr., Col. William Winkert, and SR Frank Yankoviz.


President Hopkins asked for a moment of silence for two pilot friends, Rick Armstrong and Deryl Edwards, who lost their lives in the recent plane crash.

The secretary's report was approved as published.

Treasurer, Jeanne Cooper, reported the bank balance as $3,545.39 with $1,913.00 in the 50/50 and $475.00 in the Christmas fund leaving $1,175.39 available for use.


Jan Hoynacki stated that the next meeting will be held in March in Wichita Falls, TX. More information will be upcoming.

The last safety meeting was held at Branson West. Joe Robbins did a nice presentation last Thursday at FWB.

The newly acquired 172 is getting a good workout. The group has recently acquired another plane with a glass cockpit that has excited the members.

Carl thanked Lea Trimble and Jeanne Cooper for their work with the annual Christmas for Children project. A motion by Richard Cooper that the chapter contribute $300 toward providing assistance for children of families needing financial assistance and that we "pass the hat" to add to the fund carried unanimously. (An additional $132 was collected. Participants will have an opportunity to add to the fund at the next meeting.)

Rich explained again about the Christmas Fund that will be used to supply clothing and a toy for some children from needy families. Envelopes are located at each table for your contribution. If you want a receipt, see Jeanne. He thanked Jeanne and Lea for taking care of the shopping. Jeanne explained that any money left over after shopping for our adopted children will be used to buy gifts for some residents at a local nursing.

Col. David Burke explained how he became a pilot through ROTC. With more than 27 years of active service in Vietnam, the United Kingdom, and other parts of the world, Col. Burke served in over 800 combat missions, over 1200 combat flying hours, and over 5,000 total flight hours in a variety of military and civilian aircraft. He retired from the U.S. Air Force in 1994, served with the Civil Air Patrol as the Liaison Officer for Kansas and Missouri. He now proudly wears his uniform every day as Instructor of Branson High Schools JR ROTC.

JROTC instructors are all retired military men and women. The cadets are from every conceivable background. All major ethnic groups are well represented. Family backgrounds vary greatly, ranging from birth parents to step parents to single parents to guardians of all types. For many, their Air Force Junior ROTC unit is their family. It is advertise it just that way: "Come Join the AFJROTC Family!" Some cadets are the stars of the school in athletics, drama, academics, and music. Some are not. For many cadets, JROTC is their only activity beyond the normal classroom, their only club, their only place to shine. For many, JROTC saves them from a very dismal high-school experience.

A high school can request an ROTC program and except for the space to conduct class and store materials, it is funded by the Air Force.
Col. Burke stated, "The Air Force JROTC units have a clear-cut mission: "Build better citizens for America."

The curriculum is two-fold:
Academic and Leadership Training. Academic Training includes: History, particularly the role of the military in our nation's history and the specific role of aviation; Science, including Meteorology, Physiology, Aeronautics, Navigation, and Space. Leadership Training includes: Citizenship; Personal Behavior and Responsibility; Self-Control; Leadership Concepts; Management Techniques; and Drill and Ceremonies. It is a rich curriculum giving the instructor multiple areas to teach young people about themselves, their country, and their role.

When asked what's in it for the kids, Col. Burke answered, "If a cadet is interested in the military, they know what the military is all about. They are not strangers to the boot camp experience and they are in the front of the line for West Point and college ROTC. However, it is not all about recruiting kids. It is about building better citizens."


Commander Chuck Stone presented Ozarks Chapter with an award for Best non-CAP sponsor of CAP. Rich Hopkins received the award for the chapter and went on to congratulate the CAP squadron for the recent award of Best Squadron in the State. (The cadets proudly displayed the huge trophy!)

Ed Leonard's ticket was drawn but he did not select the correct card. He did, however, receive $10 toward his dinner

Meeting adjourned,
Lea Trimble

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