September 2012

PRESIDENT - Rich Hopkins VICE PRESIDENT - Carl Sparks
TREASURER - Jeanne Cooper SECRETARY - Lea Trimble

Folk who don't know why America is the Land of Promise should be here during an election campaign. Milton Berle

The Ozarks Chapter of the Missouri Pilots Association met Sept 27, 2012 at McFarlain's Restaurant at the IMA for the monthly dinner and meeting.


Past president, Bill Hendricks, called the meeting to order. (President and Vice President are both out of town.) Bill introduced the Civil Air Patrol group who lead the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

New members and guests were introduced: Gene Hartman, Frank Yankoviz, Elizabeth Satchellm Mike cooper, Steve Skinner, Tom Martin, Chuck Stone, Lin Redfield, Bob Redfield, and Johnie Groves.

After his very funny "joke of the month," Mr. Hendricks distributed the "New Pilots Bill of Rights." He also encouraged members to outreach to potential members and point them toward our new web page.

Mark Trimble informed members concerning Richard Cooper's recent malady. Richard experienced a detached retina, cause unknown, and must spend the next two weeks lying face down. Prognosis for partial retention of vision is good.

The secretary's report was approved as distributed. Lea Trimble reported for Jeanne Cooper that the August bank balance was $3,264.14, with $1,729.00 in the 50/50, leaving $1,472.14 available for use.


Jan Hoynacki reported that she attended the USPA meeting last weekend in Cedar Rapids. The activities were fun. There were some minor bylaws changes at the general meeting.

Joe Robbins reported that there has been no flight activity since last meeting. Three of our members attended the Safety Seminar in Springfield. Credit will be awarded to all who are attending this evening's program.

Andy Anderson stated that there are lots of opportunities to fly this fall. He pointed out several of interest. He now has 190 names on his list. If you would like to receive notice of upcoming Fly-Ins, please give Andy your email address.

Mark Trimble added one additional meet. A seaplane group is meeting in Grove, OK and those flying amphibians will stop by Mark's hanger on Friday.

CAP group will be meeting in Jefferson City for their annual MO Wing Conference and Awards Banquet. More information coming next meeting.

The Web site information was sent to the state MPA.

Our new web site is completed - up and running. Simply Google Missouri Pilots Association, click on our logo. Newsletters will be available also.

Lea Trimble announced that we usually decide at our October meeting if we want to collect money to support the annual Christmas for Children through the Public School Social Work Office as we have in the past.

Joe Robbins presented the program: Human Factors during Approaches, Maneuvering & Landings. Statistics show that most accidents occur during these phases of flight with the maneuvering accidents having deadly outcomes at an alarmingly high rate. The DVD offered strategies to help avoid accidents during these phases of flight.

Those who signed the attendance sheet will receive 1 credit for Basic Knowledge, Topic 1, in the FAA Safety Program. A drawing was held for a free WINGS Safety Course. Elizabeth Satchell won the certificate!

Joe announced that a Safety Seminar, Cold Weather Limitations, will be held at Branson West on October 18.

Bill Hendrick's ticket was drawn in the 50/50 but he did not win. He did, however, get $10 towards his meal.

Meeting adjourned,
Lea Trimble

Next meeting will be held at McFarlain's Restaurant at the IMAX on October 25. One of our own, Wayne Miller, will discuss the Apollo Program.

Due to Thanksgiving, the November meeting will be held one week early, Nov. 15. The Ozarks Auto Show is the venue, potluck is the menu. Col. David Burke (Ret) will present the program about the Air Force Junior ROTC with the Branson High School Color Guard.

August Meeting Minutes

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