airport2.jpg (52002 bytes)The Missouri Pilot's Association is a nonprofit group founded in 1953 by pilots for pilots and those interested in General Aviation.

There are over 1400 members (over 100 in the Pony Express Chapter) which come from many different backgrounds and professions, all with a common interest - General Aviation.  We welcome anyone from student, recreational, instructors, military, and professional pilots.  The fact is you don't even have to own an airplane or be a pilot to benefit from our membership.

We offer regular opportunities to interact with knowledgeable and interesting people who have a passion for flight.  Joining us brings you in to the largest aviation organization in Missouri, one dedicated to safety and preserving our privileges to fly.

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Why Join The Missouri Pilot's Assn ?

For the Love of Flying
For the Desire to Continue Aviation Safety & Education
For the Promotion of a Positive Image for General Aviation
To Perpetuate Our Rights and Freedoms as Pilots, and Owners of Aircraft

To Join, Click on the Membership Application link:

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