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wpe10B.jpg (3461 bytes)Chapter President - - Keith Mowry





Keith began his flying career in the 1960’s; he became a Certified Flight Instructor and gave instruction for tail-wheel, tri-cycle, instrument and multi engine ratings. Keith retired after 50
years of flying which included flight instruction, aerial application, charter, private, and corporate flying. During Keith’s flying adventures he spent nearly 7 years in Mexico and Central America as a missionary pilot. His last position was flying corporate for a local company flying their King Air 200.


wpe10C.jpg (2983 bytes)Chapter Treasurer - - Marlene Mowry





Marlene is a retired Art Instructor, a mother of 3 children. She enjoys drawing, singing, cooking and traveling with her husband Keith. Marlene was introduced to aviation flying through her husband some 48 years ago and has accompanied him on many trips.


wpe10D.jpg (3133 bytes)Chapter Secretary / Editor - - Ron Wade





Ron is a retired Veterinarian from the St. Joseph area, he first received his pilot certification 1962 and was active until 1967. After a 27 year absence, Ron returned to flying in 1994 got current then achieved his instrument rating. He has been very active ever since. Ron enjoys all aspects of general aviation flying and shares his passion with all that he comes in contact with. He as been active in the Young Eagle program and participates as often as he can in the Angel Flight program.