wpeBC.jpg (3714 bytes)Angel Flight was created by a group of pilots who believe in the benefit of volunteering. We strive to keep all aspects of the organization volunteer. We are a non-profit charitable organization of pilots, volunteers, and friends. We will arrange free air transportation for any legitimate, charitable, medically related need. This service is available to individuals, and health care organizations. We will also arrange transportation of those people who are financially distressed, or who are in a time-critical, non-emergency situation due to their medical condition.

Angel Flight primarily serves patients needing transportation to or from the heartland region. As members of the Air Care Alliance, a group of organizations providing similar services throughout the United States. By coordinating with other organizations, Angel Flight can arrange transportation for patients on longer flights to other parts of the country outside of the Heartland region. Angel Flight has also flown blood products for the Oklahoma Blood Institute and Red Cross in emergency situations. Our Patients are usually traveling for surgery, chemotherapy, dialysis, and other treatments. A typical flight may carry patients requiring treatment at M.D. Anderson in Houston or the Shriner Hospital in Galveston, TX.

Angel Flight is financially supported primarily by our pilots who fly the missions (by donating the use of their airplanes and operating expenses) and by contributions from individuals, service clubs, social and religious groups and corporations. We receive no financial aid from any government entity. There is never a fee of any kind, either to the patient or the health care provider for an Angel Flight. The costs are paid by the volunteer pilots.

Patients, hospital social service workers, or friends, who desire to arrange transportation for a patient should follow the intsructions on our Patient Page for submitting the required information.

Pilots who desire to become members should follow the instructions on our Pilot Page for submitting the required information.

Friends desiring to support Angel Flight may send tax-deductible contributions to the Angel Flight office at the address below.

Please direct any additional questions about our organization to the Angel Flight office listed below.
Angel Flight, Inc.
1515 East 71st Street, Ste. 312
Tulsa, OK 74136
Phone: 918.749.8992
Fax: 918.745.0879