President's Message
June 1999


To MPA Members:

GREETINGS! For this month's topic, I would like to discuss, This Past Year's MPA accomplishments. Let's take a look back at what we have accomplished.

        1. We have been working on our State Membership.

          We are growing in numbers, let's continue working on getting more new members.

        2. Maintain our Current Members.

          We are doing a great job of keeping our Current Members. Let's continue to keep every member, we need them, and they need us.

        3. Starting NEW CHAPTERS.

          We are always looking for Pilots, to start Local Chapter in their area.

        4. Making MPA a Powerful Voice, Speaking out About General Aviation Issues that affects us in Missouri.
        5. Continue working with MoDOT ( Missouri Department of Transportation) Aviation Division. We have a good working relationship, which we will continue to do so.

These Points are just to name a few. We have came a long way over the last two years, I believe MPA is the most active of State Pilot Associations across the United States.

Next, I would like to thank every Board Member, Chapter President who served this past year. Also I would like to thank our 1998-99 MPA State Officers, for a job well done this past year.

We still have more work ahead of us, to protect our flying rights, preserve our Missouri Airports. Defeat "USER FEES", open up the Airport and Airway Trust Fund.

Keep those letters going to your Senators and Congressmen. Remember General Aviation is counting on you , to do your part in keeping our rights protected for our Future Pilots of Tomorrow.

Now, in conclusion, Remember MPA will continue to protect and keep our Missouri Airports Open. Make General Aviation Safe and Protected from a lot of unnecessary Government Control.

I would like to invite every Member of MPA, to join us for the 45th Annual State Convention, June 4th -6th, 1999. I trust you will be attending this year's convention, we need your support!


Let's all work, together now to benefit General Aviation, going into the 21st Century!




 Larry G Harmon

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