Springfield Chapter Missouri Pilots Association

April 2003

Presidentís Message

Well it is Spring, I think. I have mowed my yard so it must be Spring.

The plan is to show the tape I planned for February about automation in the cockpit. It should be interesting.

May program will be Drew Albert from the National Weather Service-Springfield. He will give us some pointers about weather (as if I had to mention that).

I read in the AOPA magazine that there is a Safety Seminar coming to Springfield on the 28th (APR) about "ups and downs". Hopefully we all can fit that into our schedule. Hopefully there will be more information at the meeting.

For those of you that rent aircraft to enjoy your passion for flying, do you give much thought to the maintenance of the aircraft? I am fortunate to fly an airplane that I oversee the maintenance and monitor what is needed and done. Do you ask to see the maintenance logbooks and decipher what has been done? Do you know what to look for, what questions to ask? Although you trust the airplane ("It flew ok last time"), are you sure? In addition to the thorough preflight and cockpit checks (including an engine/mag check), is there any other way to know more about the airplane?

Take the time to look at the engine and airframe logbooks. See when the 100 hour was done. Look at the compression test on each cylinder (go back 2 or 3 tests to see if there is a trend). It should be ??/70. Has the airplane had any damage and if so, what were the repairs?

These are things I take for granted because I am the only pilot that flies my airplane but we should all think about when we prepare to fly.

Happy landings and see you at the meeting.
Tom Holmer

April Meeting

The Monthly meeting will be on 4/15/03 at Springfield /Branson Airport Cafe SGF
Social Hour 6:30 Buffet dinner at 7PM . $10.00 per person.

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Calendar of Events

EAA Chapter 821 meets at the Air and Military Museum of the Ozarks
2305 E Kearney
7P.M. Sharp

MPA Board Meeting
Columbia Regional Airport
Columbia, MO
Board Meets at 1:00 P.M.
All MPA Members Welcome!