August 2000

President's Message - Bill Cheek

Pilots Have it Good! I love flying. There's a rush every time the plane leaves the runway. I thrill as I watch the landscape pass by beneath. Not always true, but I have even progressed to enjoy the challenge of a crosswind landing! One of the few regrets I have about flying is that I didn't start much sooner instead of waiting until I was age 54 to take my first lesson.

But flying isn't the only way pilots have it good. Much of what makes pilots such a lucky group is being with other pilots. How many routine flights become unique experiences as we share with friends who share our love for flying?

Missouri pilots in the Springfield Chapter have it especially good. SGF Chapter is made up of good people.

And as just a partial list -- we owe a vote of thanks to Ann Humphreys for taking time from her busy life to serve as president during the past year. Thanks, too, Ann, for agreeing to stay on as vice-president this year and to Earl Holmer for agreeing to accept the secretary's position. We need to thank Don Hinni for being secretary last term. Lynn Rodgers has provided exemplary service as treasurer to the chapter for the past several years in addition to being legal counsel for the Missouri Pilots Association. SGF is fortunate indeed to have Roger Ferguson continue as editor of KSGF News, one of the consistently finest newsletters around.

SGF Chapter is also home for continuing leadership in the Missouri Pilots Association. Larry Harmon has tirelessly advocated the cause of general aviation and Missouri pilots as MPA president for the past three years. Past SGF Chapter president, Jerry McClure, is the newly elected MPA president. Lynn continues as MPA legal counsel. Good things will continue for MPA.

We are fortunate to have many SGF pilots willing to provide leadership, but the real strength of the chapter and, maintaining the flying we love, lies with the membership.

Ann, Lynn, Earl, Roger, and I pledge to do our best to represent the interests of SGF pilots. But we need your help. We have about 80 members, yet often only a fraction of that number is in attendance. Let's change that. The chapter meets every third Tuesday. Why not mark the next several months on your calendar right now?

I'll see you August 15!


August Program

This month's meeting is August 15th, Springfield/ Branson Regional Airport, Springfield, MO. We meet at the CAFÉ SGF, Social Hour 6:30 P.M. Buffet is at 7:00 P.M. Cost is $10.00 per person. Program: "Oshkosh 2000" with Ann Humphreys, Wendell Jones & Don Hinni.

Chapter Officers

President, Bill Cheek 417-881-6787
Vice President, Ann Humphreys 417-833-1330
Secretary, Earl Holmer 417-862-2393
Treasurer, Lynn Rodgers 417-890-8700
Newsletter Editor, Roger Ferguson 417-882-1727

Calendar of Events

8/12-13 Aviation Expo 2000, Kansas City Downtown Airport, Kansas City,MO., Airshow Both Days. Free Admission.

8/13 MPA State Board Meeting. Lunch at 12 Noon, Bledsoes Restaurant, Columbia Regional Airport, Columbia, MO. Board Meeting at 1:00 P.M. All MPA Members Welcome.

8/17 EAA Chapter 821 Monthly Meeting, 7;00 P.M. General Aviation Complex, Conference Room, Springfield/Branson Regional Airport. For more information contact: Larry G. Harmon, President (417) 866- 0919. E-mail EAALHARMON@aol.com.

9/1 FAA Aviation Safety Seminar, Cox North Hospital, Fountain Plaza Room., 1423 N. Jefferson Ave., 7:00-9:30 P.M. Sponsor: Larry G. Harmon.

Logged 55 Years Ago ! . . .

As your Editor writes this on 8/3/00, my Navy Logbook shows that 55 years ago today (Aug. 3, 1945), I piloted my first flight in a fighter aircraft. It was a FM-2 (F4F) Grumman Wildcat (Bu. No. 56693) from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba NAS.


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