Flying Journal - Flying Very Low

We just planned a "see the USA" driving vacation: 5500 miles with no plans for aviation. I thought if we got done in New England and finished the second leg of our trip to Wisconsin in time, we might drop by Oshkosh.

When we visit relatives on the Florida coast, the lore of the sea is always present. On my first trip to New England I learned how much the sea is also part of the culture and environment there. I got to cruise through Boston Harbor with the Sail 2000 Tall Ships. In Fall River, Massachusetts, I got to tour a battleship, a submarine, and a PT boat. We drove the Maine Coastline and took three-hour ferry rides to Nova Scotia and back (saves 600 miles of driving!)

We drove across Canada and returned to the US at Sault Saint Marie. My daughter, Katy, is doing research on an old fishery on one of the Apostle Islands in Superior. When we visited her, we got another dose of maritime history, and another ferry ride, to Madeleine Island.

Between strong doses of maritime lore (like what really happened to the Edmund Fitzgerald!) I also enjoyed notable aviation museums, such as the Air Force Museum in Dayton, OH. We stopped at the Canadian Air force Museum, but it was not open. On the Ontario side of Sault Saint Marie we discovered The Canadian Bushplane Heritage Museum. Here the lore of water and air come together. It's a great museum.

As you can imagine, there are many stories to tell. For now I'll just end with the news that I got home from vacation to find that the new pre-rotator had been satisfactorily installed on the Twinstarr Gyroplane and I took it out for my first flight in several months. Every-thing worked great and I'll tell you all about it next month. Fly Safely,


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