Springfield Chapter Missouri Pilots Association

December 2002

Vice Presidentís Message

As I was driving on 65 this afternoon en-route to the doctor for my physical, I thought about how I debrief a flight. Here I was cruising along at 70 MPH, thinking about my latest flight. I tried to remember the take-offs, climbs, letdowns, and landings. I fly more than most of you (about 400 hours/year) but we all think about how fly.
Can you remember if you were prepared to "take the runway" for takeoff? What as your state of mind? Did you go through the motions or really concentrate on applying power smoothly? The takeoff was uneventful. The climb was gentle, no steep turns. Go through the checklist (done list) to make sure all items are complete. Start the decent at the right time to minimize the time in the turbulence. Find the airport and setup the approach in your mind. Gentle turns, good speed control, flare, touchdown, roll out, turn off, taxi to the ramp. Gee whiz that was easy.
It always helps to be rested and alert for the task at hand, be it driving on the concrete airway or victor airway. Fatigue plays a large part in most accidents. The reflexes are slower, concentration more difficult. We have all flown when we were tired or "not all there" sometimes and have survived. I know I have. Fortunately, I have a copilot and we help each other when one of us is kind of dragging. We all strive for professionalism. All the practice in the world is of little use if we are behind the airplane. So start your next flight with a good nights rest to help having a fun and successful experience.

See you in Ozark
Happy Landings

Tom Holmer

December Meeting

12/12 Christmas Party at Riverside Inn at 7:00 P. M.
Buffet Price $17.00 a person.
Call Nancy for Reservation.
Chinese Gift Exchange Bring a gift recieve a gift.

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Calendar of Events

12/12 The annual Christmas Dinner
Ozarks and KSGF Chapters
Riverside Inn 7:00 P.M. Buffet Dinner.

1/12 MPA Board Meeting, Columbia Regional Airport, Columbia, MO
Board Meets at 1:00 P.M.
All MPA Members Welcome!

1/16 FAA Safety Seminar
Cox North Hospital Fountain Plaza Room
7:00 to 9:30 P.M.
Sponsored by EAA Chapter 821

I recieved a email from Roger and Naomi Ferguson. They are Proud Grandparents of TRIPLETS . Mother and Father are doing fine. Triples are doing fine at this time. Roger said they will have to stay in the hospital for a while. We hope they have a short stay at the hospital. GOOD LUCK Parents AND GRANDPARENTS . He also added that they had a couple inches of snow.

Robin Harmon Newsletter Editor