February 2001

Presidentís Message

In an excellent presentation at our January 16 meeting of the SGF Chapter, Missouri Pilots Association president, Jerry McClure discussed the four goals he established for our state association this year. Those goals are:

1. Awareness. Increasing the visibility of the Missouri Pilots Association to the general public and public officials. Jerry asked a very good question, "How many know who we are and what we are about?"

2. Membership. According to the latest MPA News, we're five short of 1,500 members in our association. There are many more pilots and we need to include more pilots and friends of aviation.

3. Safety. Safety is a continuing theme of the organization. Missouri pilots are remarkably safe. Unfortunately, that is not always the public perception.

4. Advocacy. We are very few given the more than 5 million people in state. We need to be 1,500 strong and advocate what is needed and right for general aviation.

In the discussion that followed after Jerry's presentation, SGF Chapter members agreed that these are worthy goals for our local area as well. The question is, how do we carry out those worthy goals?
We didn't progress as much as we should have last month in answering that question, but we did offer some possibilities. I would like to list these below. We will be working on them throughout the year so keep on thinking. We did decide to:

1. Increase awareness and, hopefully, our membership, which is now 72, by organizing regular flyins, flyouts, poker flights, and other flying activities for our members. Chapter members, Wendell Jones, Don Henni, and I will work on these.

2. Flyers, posters, and other informational pieces about the chapter and the benefits of joining the SGF Chapter and MPA. Roger Ferguson and I will try to do something in this area.

3. The SGF Chapter will soon celebrate its 25th anniversary. Roger Ferguson is preparing a history of those 25 years including a look at who served as president. Roger may be asking for help from long-term members especially.

4. Encourage all chapter members to participate in the WINGS program. Be sure to give Larry Harmon a copy of your WINGS form.

We have a great program planned for our next meeting, February 20. I'll see you there!

February Meeting

This month's meeting is on Tuesday, February 20th, at the Café SGF. Springfield Branson/Regional Airport, Buffet is at 7:00 P.M. Cost is $10.00 per person. Social Hour is at 6:30 P.M. Program: "Air Traffic Control: A Pilot's Perspective" will be presented by Air Traffic Controller, CFII and SGF Chapter member, Steve Enders. Steve has arranged a tour of the SGF tower at the conclusion of the meeting.

Chapter Officers


Bill Cheek 417-881-6787

Vice President

Ann Humphreys 417-833-1330


Earl Holmer 417-862-2393


Lynn Rodgers 417-890-8700

Newsletter Editor

Roger Ferguson 417-882-1727

Calendar of Events

2/15 FAA Aviation Safety Seminar, EAA Chapter 821 Meeting. Air and Military Museum of the Ozarks. 2305 E Kearney (Lurvey Plaza) 7-9:00 p.m. Program: Aircraft Maintenance. Contact Pres. Larry G. Harmon at 417-866-0919 for info.

3/11 MPA Board Meeting, 12 Noon Lunch at Bledsoe's Restaurant, Columbia Regional Airport, Columbia, MO., Board Meets at 1:00 P.M. All MPA Members Welcome!

3/31 FAA/MPA Wings deadline for the MoKan competition. For info, contact Larry G. Harmon at 417-866-0919. E-mail MPALHARMON@aol.com

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